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“I’m glad I published this move.

When Fuki first showed the ‘Air Toss’ to us for the first time, this is what I thought.

Air Toss is the perfect combination of the impossible and the beautiful.

In order to achieve these two elements in a physical phenomenon, it must be a ‘reasonable action’.

It is well worth it just to learn these details.”

– Mott-sun


“This is the best coin vanish out there in my opinion!

It’s the cleanest and most direct!

This is exactly how a coin vanish should look like!

The explanation from Fuki is clear and precise.

But in like all of his projects, the real gem doesn’t lie in the trick itself, but in all the finesse that comes along with it!”

– Aviyap




‘Vanish a single coin beautifully and very cleanly make it appear.’

Achieving this with NO GIMMICKS is the goal and also the desire of those who love coin magic.

The peak of One-Coin Routines!

Here is my answer. Enjoy!!

Fuki (CoinLudens)

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