A Magical Vision by Eugene Burger (Re-Upload)

A Magical Vision - Theory and Art of Magic

A Magical Vision: The World of Eugene Burger is a feature documentary that spotlights Eugene Burger, a far-sighted philosopher and magician who is considered one of the great teachers of the magical arts. Advocating an approach to magic that explores its larger significance in human life, Eugene’s “magic tricks” seek to evoke feelings of awe and transcendence, and reconnection to mystery.

Director-Writer-Producer Michael Caplan traveled across the country to interview Eugene about his long, distinguished, and globetrotting career and to interview some of his colleagues and kindred spirits who think about the deep place of magic in human life. Among them is Jeff McBride, a recognized innovator of contemporary magic, Max Maven, who performs a unique brand of “mind magic” to audiences all over the world, and Lawrence Hass, Ph.D., who created the world’s first magic program in a liberal arts collegiate setting, where his programs and classes have attracted an impressive cast of magic’s great living performers and thinkers.


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