A Cut Above by Andy Smith

“Andy’s A Cut Above is genuinely one of the strongest versions of this plot I have seen. Believe me, I’ve seen way too many. This is beautifully taught and is absolutely going in to my repertoire, it should go in to yours too!”


“Andy showed me this and it knocked me sideways, simple and direct with a knockout ending.”


The Spectator Cuts The Aces plot has always been a firm favorite with magicians everywhere, ranging in method from the knuckle busting to the self-working.

A Cut Above is Andy Smith’s take on this classic plot and although not self-working, is easy to do and very direct. Based on ideas by Larry Jennings and J.K Hartman, this version of the ace cutting effect is as straight forward as they come.

This product comes with streaming instructions breaking down all the moves necessary to perform the effect, including a neat variation.

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