10S Star Sign Divination by Olivier Boes (PDF) (only Premium)

Using just two lines of script, you can divine a person’s star sign.

No language restrictions;

No anagrams;

No dual reality;

Easy and direct;

This principle can be used for colours, cities, names…

“I absolutely love this method. It falls into the category of simple and natural methods I look for. The fact that this is a conversational piece makes this a perfect fit for my style and approach to close up performance. I will be working on other uses for this as I’m sure this principle has a lot more potential. If you are into prop less, then get it.” – Fraser Parker

“Just read it and I like it. The method is simple and direct and can easily be expanded to other concepts too. Good luck with this, bravo!” – Luca Volpe “The Italian Mentalist”

“Just read the PDF and it’s an amazingly clever idea.” – Michael Murray

“I’ve been using this for around one week now, and it is very clever. When used right, it is undetected by spectators. It seems so innocent! I really like this and will be using it a lot! 10S Star Sign should be in every mentalist’s toolkit. I love how this can be done so fast and that it can be built into a conversation. It’s sneaky, and that is the best part! You don’t appear to be performing anything (until you choose to) so their guard is down whilst you’re gaining the information. Fantastic! I highly recommend this! You won’t be disappointed!” – Lewis Le Val

“This technique is epic!” – Ben Allen

“It’s a wonderful idea, and really only takes about 10 seconds to perform and know their star sign. I’m not a fan of long, drawn out procedures when it comes to prop-less mentalism, so this was perfect for me. At first read, I was a little skeptical but tested it out and it worked consistently every time! Excellent work Olivier!” – Dustin Dean

“I just got this. Really love it- it is exactly the type of effect I like. Direct, no sleight of hand and if you put a little work into your script, you perform the impossible. Well done! Highly recommended.” – Brehaut

“The method is very direct and genius. It can be used for a lot of things… a new propless way to do a Pr* S**w, why not! Bravo!” – Alex Le Fanu

“Sometimes a performer stumbles upon something that has been right before our noses our entire lives and then uses it to achieve a powerful moment of mind-reading. Olivier has done so, and I am royally peeved I didn’t think of it myself. You will use this principle, I guarantee it.” – RW (RedDevil) Cosley

“This is so simple and soooooooo smart!!! I love it!!! I already have a few ideas spinning in my mind! Thank you so much, man!” – Adrien Lochon

10S Star Sign Divination by Olivier Boes (PDF) (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


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