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The Whisper Tapes by Lewis Le Val (12 DVD)


The Whisper Tapes Vol 3: Pocket Psychic by Lewis Le Val (Video Downloa – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol 4 Aura by Lewis Le Val (Video Download) – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol 1: The Intuition Effect by Lewis Le Val (Video D – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol 2: The Thought Seer by Lewis Le Val (Video Downl – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol. 5 The Dreamer by Lewis Le Val (Video Download) – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol. 6 Blind Choice by Lewis Le Val (Video Download) – e-Mentalism


The Whisper Tapes Vol. 11 Third Eye by Lewis Le Val (Video Download) – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol. 9 The New ESP by Lewis Le Val (Video Download) – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol.7 Pack of Wolves by Lewis Le Val (Video Download – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol.8 - Psych Forces 01 by Lewis Le Val (Video Downl – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol. 10 Expert Witness by Lewis Le Val (Video Downlo – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol.12: Starlight by Lewis Le Val (Video Download) – e-Mentalism

You take out one business card for every person in the group. You then turn to the first of them and ask them to think of their star sign. Before they even say ANYTHING, you write down your prediction on a card. Then, moving on to the next person you repeat this process, again writing your prediction before they say anything out loud.

Once you’ve written a prediction for everyone involved, the stack of predictions are passed around so that everyone can take the card you wrote for them. On the count of three, everyone turns their card face up and sees that not only did you correctly predict their star sign, but everyone else’s star sign too! 

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In & of Itself by Derek DelGaudio

In & of Itself (2020)

A story reveals the illusion of one’s identity in Derek DelGaudio’s modern allegory, IN & OF ITSELF. New ways of seeing the unseeable are explored, as memories from yesterday, inexplicable events witnessed today and secrets imagined for tomorrow all blend together, creating a perpetual paradox of a show. The writer and producers of NOTHING TO HIDE reunite with executive producer Neil Patrick Harris to present this theatrical experience, directed by Frank Oz.

Have you seen the brick?

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Vision Deck Tutorial by W.Eston, Manolo & Anthony Stan

All the way from France, Vision Deck will allow you to perform real miracles that your spectators won’t forget!

The deck is shuffled and then spread face up to show that all the cards are different. Then the spectator thinks of a card without naming it and without writing it down somewhere, he just thinks of his card.

After trying to guess the card, you put a single card under your hand. You then ask the spectator to name his card for the first time, you raise your hand and it is exactly the spectator’s card! But the

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Manifest by Vortex and Danny Weiser

Manifest by Vortex and Danny Weiser • Pinkybreak

IDEAL für den modernen Darsteller, der nach Magie sucht, bei der der Zuschauer nichts berühren muss. Indem du Fragen stellst, kannst du ein Reiseziel, einen Namen und eine Telefonnummer IN einem versiegelten Gepäckanhänger preisgeben.

Dies ist eine der innovativsten Anwendungen der Confabulation und eine, die bei einem modernen Thema tatsächlich Sinn macht.

Du bist nicht durch das, was sie herausrufen, eingeschränkt. Du kannst deine eigenen Kofferanhänger drucken und sie mit verschiedenen Vorhersagen versehen.

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Completely Impromptu Book Test by Michael O´Brien

Completely Impromptu Book Test by Michael O´Brien : newdlmagicstore

Imagine this… You are at a friend’s house. They ask you to do a magic trick that will blow their minds! You reach into your pocket only to realize YOU FORGOT YOUR CARDS AT HOME!

You ask your friend to grab a random novel off their bookshelf. You flip through the pages, stopping at any page they choose. You ask them to read the first line on the page an can immediately tell them which word(s) they are looking at.

The spectator can change their mind and choose a different page if they wish. It is so fair. You don’t even need to look at the book during the entire selection process and even while revealing the

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Joaquin Matas – A fuego Lento (2 Vols)

Lunes de Libros: A Fuego Lento Volumen I y II

Bienvenido al primer trabajo en gran formato de Joaquín Matas: A Fuego Lento. En este primer volumen descubrirás su sesión formal de magia de cerca, incluidos todos los entresijos, estructuras y preparaciones con tal detalle que sentirás que estás recibiendo una clase maestra del propio Joaquín. ¡No se ha dejado nada en el tintero! La segunda parte está dedicada a magia informal, la que todo mago debe tener en su arsenal preparada para dejar atónitos a propios y extraños cuando menos se lo esperen. Magia de Alto Voltaje para ocasiones especiales.
El último capítulo del libro es un regalo a la comunidad mágica: Los cubiletes de Vernon tuneados. Un estudio en profundidad de uno de los grandes clásicos de la magia, renovado y pulido hasta

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