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ShuffleOut by Biz

shuffleOUT by Biz - A Killer Tabled False Shuffle —

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD – This KILLER tabled false shuffle will allow you to perform all kinds of insanely fooling triumph routines. With Biz’s clear, concise tuition you’ll have this clever sleight down in minutes.

Master it in minutes * Very natural looking * Super deceptive
The exclusive download runs for over 20mins and features:

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Anthem and Aria LIVE

“Q&A is not just an effect, but a full act and experience for your audience that combines telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition in unique ways. We can truly tap the fabric of the archetype of the original delphic oracle with a powerful Q&A experience. Anthem & Aria are natural intuitives that can share with you important principles and wisdom from their deep study and experience. Thanks for this amazing new source of inspiration and insights!” -Pablo Amira

“I’ve known Anthem and Aria for a long time. Their teachings on mentalism and especially Q&A is something that you don’t want to miss! Fresh and powerful ideas that packs a punch!” -Luca

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Don England – Gaffed To The Hilt Lecture

Gaffed to the Hilt by Don England - $3.00 :

Many magicians still know me best for my gaffed cards and the tricks I created using them. This is a video record of the lecture I gave at Abbotts where I taught everything you need to know to master the art of making your own gaffed cards — without having to make all the mistakes I made as I figured things out.

With the knowledge on this DVD, any gaff you can imagine, you can make. And there is nothing like tossing in the occasional devious gaff to fry laymen and magicians alike.

Included are seven of the most popular effects from myGaffed to the Hiltbook.

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Ophiuchus by Mark Chandaue

Mark Chandaue’s Ophiuchus is a new tool for revealing a participant’s star sign and date of birth, or one could call it an old tool used in a new and deceptive way.

Ophiuchus comes with three effects:

Basic effect:
After testing the participant’s intuition, the performer gives a reading and correctly reveals the participant’s star sign.

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PENDANT by Yuji Enei

A stylish new card effect that ends with the spectator getting a souvenir that will cement your performance in their memory for a lifetime. A card is selected (possibly signed), and then becomes inexplicably fixed to a chain sandwiched between two Jokers.This never-before seen sandwich effect canbe performed fairly in front of even your most suspicious spectators. The Pendant is suitable for a wide range of situations from close up to parlor magic.


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Dude as I Do by Liam Montier

COMES WITH – Special deck of cards (BICYCLE STOCK) & Download Video Instructions

Liam Montier’s Dude As I Do is an impossible full deck coincidence routine that will cause your spectators a lifetime of sleepless nights. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? The more they think about it, the more inexplicable it seems. <br.
DUDE AS I DO comes in two ‘versions’. Pick the one that suits your style better:

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