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The Greater Video Library Vol 39 – Bill Boley

The Greater Magic Video Library Volume 39 - Bill Boley - DVD - Wholesale  Magic

Discover the pleasure of one of magic’s most popular allied arts. In more than 90 minutes, highly acclaimed magician and ventriloquist Bill Boley makes learning easy. Shown in two parts: Part I-Six Fun-filled performances and Part II-Learn how to entertain with ventriloquism in six detailed lessons.

“It took me years to learn these ventriloquism secrets. I only wish I had this video when I got started.” – Bill Boley

Discover the pleasure of one of magic’s most popular allied arts. In more than 90 minutes, highly acclaimed magician and ventriloquist Bill Boley makes learning easy.

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The Greater Video Library Vol 4 – Eugene Burger

DVD GMVL Vol.4 Eugene Burger | UGMオンラインショップ

FINALLY AVAILABLE ON DVD FROM THE GREATER MAGIC VIDEO LIBRARY! THESE ARE IN-STOCK AND READY TO SHIP! You’ll be baffled as never before by this professional and his special collection of wonder works. Eugene Burger intertwines dramatic storytelling and penetrating magic to delight laypersons and magic devotees alike. His unique repertoire will charm your intellect, imagination and emotions. As skilled a teacher as performer, Eugene guides you through his routines with uncompromising clarity-a few shown are: • Diamond Jack • Card Sleight • Dracula and the Sorority Girl • Coins Through Table

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Haim Goldenberg, Guy Bavli & Amir Lustig – TOTAL

Haim Goldenberg, Guy Bavli & Amir Lustig – TOTAL (app not included) – erdnasemagicstore

It’s finally here. Bakore MAGIC brings you TOTAL, the ultimate calculator solution for your Virtual Show.

A calculator app that will change the way you can perform predictions, add a number effects and much more in the out-most clean way.

There are many effects you can do with this tool and the possibilities of routines are nearly limitless.

TOTAL is great for both Virtual and Live in Person Shows allowing you to interact with one or many members of the audience… your choice.

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B2 For Those Who Dare (A Billet Routine) by Philipp Ganglberger

Philipp Ganglberger has earned his living with performing mentalism for over twenty years by now. Besides having multiple TV-Specials with his friends as a group called “Magic Mushrooms”, he has appeared on nearly every stage in Austria. B2 is the name of the billet routine he used to do (and still does) in his act. It is suited for stage and parlor. Within the routine two thoughts are read. The routine itself is directed at advanced mentalists. You will have to p**k, s***ch, and mis***l. Did wer mention there is a du**y as well. But if you dare to practice you have something really marvelous at your fingertips. Mentalism done the Old School – no electronics, just you, yourmind, your fingers and your audience.

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Magia en la Calle

Magic Street by Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card has the distinction of having swept both the Hugo and Nebula awards in two consecutive years with his amazing novels Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead. For a body of work that ranges from science fiction to nonfiction to plays, Card has been recognized as an author who provides vivid, colorful glimpses between the world we know and worlds we can only imagine.

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ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz (Chapter 02)

The Impossible ACAAN – With 2 Decks

In lesson 2 of the ACAAN Project, Dani Daortiz begins to take you inside his pillars of magic that allow you to mold your spectator’s mind as though it were clay in your hands. Not only do you learn a two-deck ACAAN routine that can be performed completely impromptu using borrowed decks, but Dani teaches you the important work of spectator management. In the effect this lesson focuses on a small number of cards is taken from the deck and hidden away by one spectator. Another spectator shuffles another deck, selects a card, and it is then thoroughly lost in the pack. The

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