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Stone Purse by Nathan Kranzo (only Premium)

“The one trick I’ve performed more than any other” –Nathan Kranzo

If you’re an amateur, you may not immediately understand why this is Nathan Kranzo’s signature trick. In fact, while watching the video you may even “figure it out” and decide it’s probably not that good. Big mistake. This is a miracle that fries EVERYONE, and not just a little bit, it completely turns their world upside down. The “remember you forever” kind of frying.

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The Intrepid Rogue’s Manual of Deception by Atlas Brookings (PDF) (only Premium)

“The Intrepid Rogue’s Manual of Deception” is the groundbreaking new book by performing mentalist Atlas Brookings and represents his first major work since his innovative smash hit, Train Tracking, which garnered instant attention and international acclaim.

As anyone who has seen Atlas’s Penguin Live Lecture can attest, his material is hard hitting, road tested, and actually looks like real mind reading – a compelling combination that made his the best reviewed Penguin lecture of 2015.

His newest book, The Manual of Deception, is a handsomely presented gold and green hardback volume from the prestigious Haresign Press. It runs to 224 pages long, comprising 8 essays, one switch technique, and 14 effects. While he is known for his propless work, much of the material within encompasses his work with props, and the Hollywood Squares prop also ships with the book.

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NO BOX by Gonçalo Gil and MacGimmick (only Premium)

Bildergebnis für NO BOX by Gonçalo Gil and MacGimmick

No Box revolutionizes the “Card to Impossible Location” plot. No Box is Gonçalo Gil’s magnificent co-invention along with (and developed by) MacGimmick. This special gimmick will allow you to make a signed card appear anywhere, limited only by your imagination.

The magician introduces two cards by saying that they will be important in a few moments – he can put them on the table. Then he says that there are two ways to pick cards: one of them by chance (cards are placed face down on the table), and the other can be selected (this second card is signed). The signed card is given to the spectator and magically vanishes. The magician picks up one of the cards and it matches the first card, selected by chance. The final climax is that the other card, the one in full view since the beginning, is the spectator’s signed card!

Download Link »

Ring Pin by Gogo Requiem

Image result for Gogo Requiem Ring Pin

A new method/handling for the linking safety pins routine. Now the heads of the pins are visible all the time and you can show both sides of the pins right after the linking and unlinking.

Download Link »

Whiplash by Josh Janousky (R Upload Nitroflare)

Image result for Whiplash+by+Josh+Janousky

Whiplash is a hyper-visual utility gimmick that will let you vanish, transpose, and transform cards. Learn Josh Janousky’s signature routine with the Whiplash gimmick: Whipped Across, his take on the cards across plot. Cards visibly vanish and reappear one by one at the fingertips, the final occurring in a spectator’s hands.

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Cyril LIVE – Penguin LIVE (R Upload Nitroflare)

As you may know, Cyril has appeared in over 16 prime-time television specials in Japan and two television series reaching audiences in over 26 countries. Considered one of the pioneers of street magic and known for his ability to be an effective storyteller, Cyril continues to create exciting new magic and discover new ways of surprising his fans while pushing the boundaries of magic on television and on the live stage.

Download Link »

Out of My Mind by Spidey (R Upload Nitroflare)

Imagine being able to identify the color of face down cards. In the spectator’s hands. After the cards are cut – and shuffled. From a normal deck.

Based on a concept originally published in 1958. A spectator holds 10 cards face down. You’ve never seen the cards, yet you can identify the color of each one with COMPLETE accuracy. EVERY time.

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