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See Thru Psychometry By Peter McCahon Presented by Alexander Marsh

In “See-Thru Psychometry,” Alexander Marsh will teach you one of the best kept secrets from Lee Earle’s Syzygy.

In this full ten minute act , which fits in the smallest of pockets; you will learn how to divine which item belongs to each of your chosen participants, as well as provide specific details about each item. All while blindfolded.

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Silversmith by Danny Goldsmith

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All Gimmick-Free Routines by Danny Goldsmith

Danny Goldmsmith is a Buddhist. Not to be confused with religion, like magic, Buddhism is simply a way of life.

The aspiration is to reach enlightenment. A deeper connection to the magic in the world around you.

It’s this soft, smooth, karmic-thinking that puts Danny’s coin work into another dimension. Whatever it took, we had to get him to Ellusionist.

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Perfectoe by Ian Wijanarko Mixed Media (Video+PDF)

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Predict the results of a Tic-tac-toe game in advance!

Perfectoe is the most powerful Tic-tac-toe result prediction – there are 276 possibilities!

The spectator can hold your prediction from the very beginning. You can choose the player, and either play magician vs. spectator or spectator vs. spectator. Your prediction matches the results perfectly!

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Spectro Touch by Joao Miranda and Pierre Velarde

The PK touch is one of mentalism’s most powerful effects, where a spectator feels they’re being touched while the performer is some distance away.

Now the performer can perform this effect standing up, using a 100% self-contained diabolical method, at a moment’s notice, and at a distance of up to 20 meters.

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Denis Behr – Magic Lecture

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Released in 2009, this DVD contains over 50 minutes of superb card magic with detailed explanation by Denis Behr. He begins with his ‘Brute Force Opening’, a knockout that has three powerful effects all within 80 seconds. Then works through some superb material, that’s extremely effective all so practical. Excellent magic with a pack of cards.

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Dustin Baker – Stop the Presses

Dustin Baker – Stop the Presses

The newspaper shreds magician , magician wrote on a piece of paper to the audience custody prophecy , let the other volunteers came up , the blindfold , holding these papers shuffled random fragments , then the magician to him a marker make a mark in the newspaper. The goggles won the audience read out their own place marking text, magician predictions and these words just want to fit the next sentence .

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Stabbed in the Back by David Williamson

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More of a “stunt” or “display of skill” then an actual magic effect but in either case this quick little fooler will take any onlooker by surprise. A selection is lost in the pack, then the Ace is removed and tossed into the deck from afar only to land perfectly positioned next to the selection à la ninja style.

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