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James Brown LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

“James Brown is a cutting edge performer who is not afraid to push the boundary of what is and what’s not possible. By combining his knowledge of traditional magic, mentalism and pickpocketing with reality shifting suggestion he is able to create unique effects that stun his audiences. James has a lot to share, take the time to listen to what he has to say.” – Marc Paul

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The Wine Control by Alexandre Wilmes

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A very natural control card , without any extra action , it is very easy to learn . Do not discount card or Jog Break or the like .

We’ve met Alex almost two years ago and he fooled us all with his card control, once he kindly shared with us the inner working of this little card magic gem we knew that we had to have it on our website.

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CAANDY By Chris Mayhew

Image result for CANDY By Chris Mayhew

We first saw Chris perform this amazing Any Card at Any Number at The Session 2010 where he fooled a room full of 100 magicians. Nobody had a clue how this clever routine worked and it became the hit of the convention.

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Zodiac Prediction by Liam Montier

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An incredible, three phase routine that allows you to predict your spectator’s star sign AND selected card… and then turn the rest of the playing cards blank. All with NO moves or sleight of hand. This is mega commercial magic that anyone can do. It’s a keeper!!!

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MOVE by Marc Smith

“I’ve seen them ALL; but MOVE is the best haunted deck solution I’ve ever learnt for workability, flexibility and impact – The fact you can FEEL the cards move really takes this amazing effect to the next level!” Dee Christopher

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Genie by Kevin Parker

When you uncover the mouth of the bottle, the bottle starts moving as if you stirred up a genie inside. Must-see video.

  • No use of thread, loops, ITRs, wires, or anything similar
  • Ideal for closeup, street or anywhere there’s a surface
  • No special environmental or surface requirements
  • No magnets
  • Extremely easy
  • Can use borrowed bottle

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