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Patricio Teran – The Vault – Card Animations

“This is insane! Patricio just changed the game!”
– Hanson Chien

“I can’t tell what l saw is fantasy or reality, maybe both?”
– Hondo Chen

Four ingenious close-up magic animations!

Patricio Teran teaches you step by step how to build your own special cards by applying the concept of the animated card one of the most original animation concepts in magic.

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Tangled Web by Eric Mead

In this first major book by one of the United States’ most respected professionals, Eric Mead covers a wide range of magic and mentalism, drawn completely from his professional repertoire and fine-tuned by performance after performance to its present form.

Bar Magic, Close-up Magic, Strolling Magic, Mentalism, Stage–even two pieces for kids (we’re serious)

In addition, there are seven instructive and challenging essays, and two chapters devoted to work with a memorized deck and a systematic approach to Vernon’s “Trick That Cannot Be Explained”–a professional approach to these topics that is stunning in its depth, intelligence and originality.

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Andrus Card Control 6 by Jerry Andrus Taught by John Redmon

Andrus Card Control 6 by Jerry Andrus Taught by John Redmon DRM Protected  Video Download

Vol 6 of Andrus Card Control teaches the Ginza Shift for controlling multiple cards to the top, bottom or into a palm position. In the words of Jerry Andrus himself, “This is one of the most potent moves I created.” Additionally, you will learn how to sleeve from one to four cards with the Ginza Shift. John will also teach techniques for palming a card directly from an insertion; how to create a double on top of the deck from a card insertion, and a powerful reversal technique for a selected card. He will then teach four of Jerry’s techniques for sleeving one to four cards from the insertion into the deck. Finally, John will show some different ways you can combine or execute some of the moves you have already learned in this series.

Ginza Shift

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The Whisper Tapes Vol 1: The Intuition Effect by Lewis Le Val

The Whisper Tapes is a collection of exclusive mentalism video downloads by Lewis Le Val that are only available for customers of

VOL 1 – The Intuition Effect

In this download, Le Val shares a routine from his professional performances.
Using a deck of cards, your spectator manages to not once, but twice use their intuition to find a particular card from a shuffled deck.
This routine uses NO GIMMICKS, minimal setup and can be performed with a borrowed deck.

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Oil and WHAT THE by Takeshi Taniguchi

Takeshi Taniguchi - Oil & What The… - MagicTut

Oil and WHAT THE… is a stunning update to a classic of card magic. Red and black cards are clearly interlaced one by one, and with not even the hint of a suspicious move, the blacks VISUALLY melt through the reds. There are no gimmicks, no extra cards, and what’s even more amazing is that this beautiful routine can be done with ZERO difficult sleights. Both the sleight-of-hand and semi-automatic versions have the same mind-bending visual finale, and the fine points of both are taught in expert detail. And since it uses regular cards it can be incorporated into any existing  Oil and Water routine you currently do.

Takeshi Taniguchi has long been considered one of Japan’s greatest cardicians, and in his first international release you get the chance to find out why.

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