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Imagination Box by Olivier Pont

“Probably your best creation.”
– Jerome Canolle

What could be better than being able to make things appear and disappear at any given time? Transform an object into another, change the value of a bill, restore a torn card or picture… or even better: TURN A SIMPLE DRAWING INTO REALITY!

With this gimmick, everything is possible, and YOUR IMAGINATION is the limit!

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Wesley James – It’s Your Deal

Wesley James – It's Your Deal – erdnasemagicstore

The most comprehensive book on False Deals ever conceived is now available. Written by one of the greatest living False Deal experts and performers; Wesley James is also one of the most detail focused writers in magic’s long history.

This is the third book in the Wesley James “Technique Mastery” series, which currently includes A Call to PalmsNeo-Shufflogica and, now, It’s Your Deal. Planned future volumes include I’ll Pass and Cooler than Ever.

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Daryl – Essentials in Magic Stripper Deck

Fabiolus Magic Store - Ihr Zauberladen in Berlin - Essentials in ...

The Stripper Deck is one of the most popular and versatile trick decks of cards. If you want to perform miracles with virtually no skill, look no further than the Stripper Deck. Imagine finding selected cards, immediately producing 4 aces, making selected cards appear at the top of the deck, and having uncanny control over every card in the deck. Look like a sleight of hand expert – like a true magician – all without years of practice.

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Alex Pandrea – Prisoners

Prisoners by Alex Pandrea and The Blue Crown

Slow, Deliberate, Miraculous

The Sandwich Plot is a classic of magic. Most modern sandwich effects have one thing in common – they happen quickly, in the blink of an eye. Prisoners explores the other end of the spectrum, where every move is slow, clear, and deliberate.

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Michael O’Brien – The Manga Book Test

Divine any word using these powerful mind reading methods. Michael O’Brien is proud to introduce Manga Book Test, an incredibly fun and powerful mentalism tool that capitalizes on the unique benefits of Japanese graphic novels and comic books known as Manga.

Whether you’re a fan of Anime, Pokémon or any other Manga, this book test has it all. It is 100% impromptu and can be used with ANY book at ANY time. That’s right, if Manga isn’t your thing, you can customize the Manga Book Test to work with any book on your shelf.

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Creative Magic by Adam Wilber

Creative Magic has the formula YOU need to kick start your Magic Creativity AND Career. This book is for the magician who wants to create magic and make money while doing it.

You are going to learn 16 effects that Adam uses at EVERY paying show he does. These are tricks that pay the bills AND book shows over and over again.

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