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David Regal – Masterclass Live Week 2

David Regal – Masterclass Live Week 3 – Magic22

We’re pleased to announce your November 2020 Masterclass: Live instructor…David Regal. What makes David an ideal instructor is his multifaceted showbiz background. David began in the New York improv comedy scene, and transitioned into a storied career writing for stage and screen. He has written for some of the top shows and films of the last twenty years. Simultaneously, David has released four enormous book collections of original magic, a series of DVDs, and a near-constant stream of hit tricks. He is, perhaps, the most prolific creator in magic today. This confluence of comedy, writing, and magic makes him an ideal candidate to share with us the real secrets of magic.

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iDrop by Tim Ellis

iDrop is both an incredibly funny gag item AND a stage performer’s dream. You place a borrowed phone into a see-through mesh bag and zip it up to protect it. While being held by a spectator, the cell phone “accidentally” falls from the bag and breaks into pieces on the ground. You have secret control of the borrowed phone and can reveal it anywhere you like.

If you play it like a gag, you can simply remove the phone from your pocket and give it back. iDropnever fails to elicit SCREAMS when the spectator believes she has dropped and destroyed her own phone. But you can also reveal the phone in an impossible place: wrapped in a present, in a Nest of Boxes, or sealed in a jar. The place you reveal the borrowed phone is limited by only your

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Crash Course to Sleight of Hand – Episode 3 : Teleportation & Transposition By Shin Lim

Crash Course to Sleight of Hand w/ Shin Lim #3: Teleportation/Transposition - Events - Universe

Exclusive virtual magic lesson with two-time AGT winner Shin Lim!!

For this show, Shin has created a full routine that is themed around the concept of cards transpo’s and teleportation that he will be showcasing especially for this course. He will go over basic to advanced versions and teach how to create your own custom routine utilizing the methods taught from this class plus the previous two.

Want to have a more in-depth look at Episode 1 & 2? You can purchase them both as an add-on at checkout for Episode 3!

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J.B. Bobo – Magia con Monedas

Magia con monedas J.B BOBO | Bar Mágico

La Biblia de la Magia con Monedas. El Bobo es a la magia con monedas, lo que Expert Card Technique es a la magia con cartas. Una verdadera enciclopedia, traducida por Luis A. Iglesias.

Todos los grandes magos de hace cuarenta o cincuenta años aportaron alguna de sus creaciones a este libro. Marlo, Goshman y Vernon son sólo algunos de los insignes contribuyentes.

Los grandes magos de la actualidad han estudiado esta obra. Si uno rastrea en la magia de Aurelio Paviato, Joaquín Navajas o David Roth, por nombrar unos pocos, las referencias al libro de Bobo son constantes.

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DIVINE by Norberto Jansenson (Video+PDF)

Imagine that you can divine the thought-of cards from every single member of your audience, no matter how big or how small, in any live or virtual show.

Imagine that you can do this with any borrowed shuffled deck, without any manipulation, sleights, gimmicks, extra elements, or lengthy procedures.

Imagine that you could transform the effect into a playful, joyful celebration of mystery where everyone partakes, and it becomes an event onto itself.

Imagine no more… Divine by Norberto Jansenson.

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