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GLOBULE by TAKAHIRO and French Drop (only Premium)

Resultado de imagem para GLOBULE by TAKAHIRO

The second collection of TAKAHIRO’s coin magic work. This time it is sleight of hand.

Although a gimmick was mainly used in his previous work, “Worlds End,” basically any of the effects can be accomplished with sleight of hand – and this generates huge satisfaction from the audience.

This is a collection of works that demonstrate creativity. All the effects are masterpieces, showing both impossibility and artistry.

Although sleight of hand is involved, it is designed not to be difficult, but to distribute the load reasonably and to allow smooth handling. Not only do the routines work together beautifully as a whole, but each part plays well on its own.

Please enjoy the beautiful coin magic that reveals the genius of Takahiro.

Download Link »

Isolation by Michael Murray (PDF+Self Test+Props Scanned+All Bonus Videos) (only Premium)

Resultado de imagem para Isolation by Michael Murray

*This product is designed for an English speaking audience. Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish variants are planned for the future.

“Isolation has done with cards what Train Tracking did with words.” – Atlas Brookings

“Michael, you are truly a GENIUS. This is incredibly good in every way, shape, and form. Thank you for pouring your heart and sole into the project. I promise your effort has paid off. This is the Bible of “The Thought of Card” – Madison Adams Hagler

“I think he is talking ******** and there is no method he can just BLOODY READ MINDS” – Mike Donoghue

“Michael performed this for me over the phone earlier in the week and he nailed my thought of card twice in a row. The process was fast, engaging and mysterious. I really enjoyed it.” – Séamus Maguire

Download Link »

SHY 2.0 (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Smagic Productions (only Premium)

From SMAGIC PRODUCTIONS, we bring you SHY 2.0!

This is the second version of SHY by Smagic. With SHY 2.0 you can perform killer effects with a spectator’s ring, signed coin, card corner, etc. SHY 2.0 is what you need to have with you anywhere, anytime. Imagine borrowing a ring or coin from your spectator. The spectator has full control over everything they are watching. You can make their ring (or coin with their signature) disappear and then reappear back INSIDE the card with help from their own hand. When we say “inside,” we literally mean inside the card. The spectator has to TEAR THE CARD APART in order to get their signed coin or ring back. This is done without any cover; easy to set up and perform immediately.

You will fall in love with SHY 2.0!

Download Link »

Magneto By Andrew Salas

A spectator chooses a card; that card is then shuffled into the deck by the magician. The magician tells them to focus on the cards and then balances the entire deck of 52 cards on his/her index finger! The spectator then names the cards and as the card is named the magician throws the cards in the air only to grab one!! It’s their selected card!

This effect is super simple to do and amazingly fun! Only takes minutes to learn how to impress and wow your audience!
Download Link »

Bulldog by Joel Dickinson (only Premium)

“I am super impressed by the thinking here. Wish I had thought of it!” –Matt Johnson

“Joel always comes up with practical, direct methods for strong effects and Bulldog is no exception.” –Ben Williams

“The second I saw this, I knew I would be using it! It’s simple, versatile and soo damn clever! I absolutely love it, and so will everyone else! Get it! It’s GOLD!” –Jamie Daws

Download Link »

Max Maven LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) (only Premium)

Resultado de imagem para Max Maven LIVE ACT

“I have never seen a mentalist to compare with him.” –Dai Vernon

“The most creative mind in magic.” –Orson Welles

“This man is dangerous.” -Muhammad Ali

What will he teach?

Max Maven teaches VOYANCE
A Complete Act of Stand-Up Mentalism

A CHOICE INTRODUCTION- What is the true purpose of an opening routine? How does it address important issues in setting up optimal conditions for the rest of the act? This routine does just that, while also secretly establishing the theme for the show. It also makes use of a valuable force—a practical new take on a forgotten technique that can be applied to a host of effects.

Download Link »

Bound by Joel Dickinson (only Premium)

If you only have time to do ONE card trick at your tables, BOUND should be a top contender for that spot.

All you need is an unprepared deck and some rubber bands around your wrist – Staple items for the close up magician.

With the tiniest bit of set up (it literally takes seconds as they’re reacting to your last trick, or joke) you will be ready to perform an incredible, hard-hitting piece of pasteboard wizardry!

Download Link »