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Oh So Juicy by Brandon David and Chris Turchi

From the creative minds of Brandon David and Chris Turchi comes an effect so clean and visual that you’ll fool yourself in the mirror over and over again. Imagine being able to take a normal pack of gum and make the wrapper disappear right in front of your spectators’ eyes. This is the routine you open your walk around gigs with: it’s hyper visual, easy to do, and will have your spectators chewing for more.

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The Vault – Fly by Patricio Teran

“This looks like real magic” 
– Takumi Takahashi 

“This is what levitation should look like. Magic that happens in mid air” 
– Patrick Kun 

From South America, Chile, returns Patricio Terán with his great illusions, this time focusing on levitation in a compilation of 8 ideas that you can incorporate and surprise in your routines.

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Stasis by Other Brothers and Jambor

Stasis - magic

We love the “balancing” plot, and “Stasis” is a wonderful impromptu piece in which you can impossibly balance almost anything right under the spectator’s nose. We produced “Balance” by Joshua Jay, and this makes a lovely companion piece that you can do beforehand. It also works extremely well in close-up conditions, when “Balance” wouldn’t be a good fit.

In effect, you can balance a dollar bill on a credit card, and a deck of cards on top of the bill! Balance your phone on the tip of your finger. You can modify most pocket objects so that “Stasis” can be performed with seemingly anything you find on your person.

Included in “Stasis” are two precision-made gimmicks that allow you to perform this anytime, anywhere, and with almost anything. Balance borrowed bills, bottles, pens, wallets, and even more!.

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Classic Black Watch (Turner Watch) by Nobody Knows

Image result for Classic Black Watch (Turner Watch) by Nobody Knows


Lightly Used – In perfect working condition.


Get ready to fool your friends and blow their minds. Encased inside your Turner Watch is a secret that gives you the ability to perform miracles.

Oh, and this can be used as an everyday watch, keeping perfect time down to the second. 

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Mad-Match by Dynamite

Most practical and organic Signed Card to box that you will USE.

Imagine able to show the box of match completely empty before anything happened. Spectator then holds onto the box, you never touch it anymore. They will be shocked when opening the box by themself again and find out their signed card was magically appeared inside there.

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BRETZEL by Mickael Chatelain

What would be the PERFECT effect for everything from close-up to parlor, to street magic?

I dreamt about this for months. I came up with the idea more than two years ago, and today I’m delighted to bring you this INCREDIBLE gimmick!

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Bodden Rubber Band X2 by Felix Bodden

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A single snap of the finger is enough to change the world.The Bodden Color Change Spread by our great friend, Felix Bodden, is an ultra visual “spread deck color change” that looks like CGI.No words can even begin to describe how powerful the visual is.It’s an instant, COVERLESS, spread color change that will guarantee you new fans and followers when you post it on your social media.What more needs to be said when the whole deck changes color with a snap?

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