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AeroStatic by Ritchy Flo presented by Dan Harlan

“Great Idea! This is a very smart effect that can fit into anyone’s act because the possibilities are endless.” – Tony Clark

“Genius Idea!” – Doc Docherty

“A delightful interlude. Pure entertainment!” – Jack Carpenter

“This is a really cool idea. It would be an awesome trick to add to any “frozen time” routine.” – Michael Kent

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FLIP BOOK (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by JOTA

One of the most original ring illusions!

You can clearly make a spectator’s ring disappear and make it reappear inside a box drawn on a Flipbook as the final part of the story!

And the best part, the spectator shake the box, hear until the last moment his ring moving inside, and finally takes it himself from the Flipbook.

  • It fits in a pocket

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Refill for Animinimals by Billy Damon

Animinimals - Billy Damon - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Have you noticed the look on spectators’ faces when you perform Animinimals? Delight. Amazement. Surprise. Now you can afford to make that feeling last because you can give away your Animinimal each time your perform that magical “Balloon to Animal” transformation.

Get a bag of 100 Animinimals. These are magical giveaways that will pay for themselves in tips you’ll get.

You get a random assortment of the seven different Animinimals in six different colors. If you’ve been enjoying transforming balloons into these “smallest balloon animals in the world,” order a

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Ben Salinas – Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic

Encyclopedia Of Sponge Balls with Ben Salinas - Master Magic Tricks by Magic  Makers

Ben Salinas presents the most comprehensive collection of sponge ball moves and routines. Never before has there be such an essential and available resource for the art of sponge ball mastery been accumulated. You’ll learn all the secrets, mechanics and important tips necessary to become a sponge ball expert. You’ll have an exciting new close-up routine ready to go in no time.

Course Includes:
Introduction to Sponge Ball Vanishes

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Ben Salinas – HotShots with RubberBands

Hotshot With Rubberbands / Ben Salinas (dvd) | Mercado Libre

HOTSHOT is a Sure Shot!

Rubber bands! They’re everywhere you are. At work. In school. In your desk. In the car. In your pocket! Now you can perform miracles with the ultimate everyday object!

Ben Salinas shows you how to make rubber bands vanish, re-appear, penetrate your finger, join together, pass through a ring, jump, melt thru a spectator’s arm, and most of all, amaze!

No preparation! No advance setup! No gimmicks!

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Super Multi Ball by Gabriel Gascon

Its not just a new magic trick, it is a new super multi functional tool to create magic with sponge balls. Its about a triple color change; red, green and blue with the same sponge ball, but at the same time allows you to grab extra balls, to performance multiplies, split colors, change from secondary colors to primary colors, you can add multiple objects as SILKS and dices. A new gimmick ball that opens a new world of visual possibilities, empty hands color changes, no extra loads, multiply objects with empty hands and all this on high visual impact.

It comes with an explanation video that’s goes deep into all the possibilities that this ball gives to you, also how to use it, cares, ways to show it and it relations with the spectators. Indeed, a super

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