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A Single Needle by Wayne Houchin

“Wow. This is sure to be a modern classic. It’s absolutely sensational and completely fooled me.” -Andy Nyman

“A Single Needle is smart, streamlined and powerful. It’s like finding a needle in a Houchin haystack” -Lee Asher

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Ben Williams – Gimmick it yourself – only Premium

Gimmick It Yourself is a project I have long thought about doing. These are all effects I have developed to solve a problem I have at one point thought about or had! The idea was to provide a multi-trick release from which everyone would benefit for the same price as a good single-trick release. This project fit the bill perfectly, as these gimmicks can complement each other and provide you with some very clean and effective routines.

So, what is Gimmick It Yourself exactly?

5 DIY gimmicks that are all cheap to make, effective, reliable, and easy to use. Trust me, these gimmicks have saved me a couple of times over the many years of performing. For example, Enveload was developed as an easy way to load sealed envelopes with borrowed items or signed cards, (basically anything that will fit in the envelope!) because I left my JOL wallet at home while working on a cruise ship for weeks. SOS was a Ring Flight I have used that is completely secure — in fact, it is secured on a Sharpie lid with Duct Tape! That’s what SOS stands for, Secured on Sharpie. Well I could bore you more but below are all the gimmick descriptions and what they do.

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Separate Trick by SMagic Productions

Separate - magic

Ready for a fresh visual effect for your bill and paper magic? Then welcome to Separate by Smagic.

Imagine a marked bill placed vertically into a window envelope, the top seen above the envelope while the bottom is seen in the window. Suddenly, and without apparent action by the performer, bottom half of the bill begins to slide back and forth while the top remains stationary.

The bill, of course, can be returned immediately and unharmed to the waiting spectator. It’s like having a paper magic superpower!

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Hundred Dollar Miracles by Jay Sankey


Jay Sankey has been creating original and exciting applications with Mike Kozlowski’s bill switch for years, and now here in one amazing volume Jay includes all his classic bill switch effects along with many other routines he is revealing for the very first time!

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