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The Transpo Tapes by Lost Art

The Transpo Tapes – Lost Art Magic

Each tape holds a secret… How deep does the rabbit hole go? Join Chris Mayhew and his friends Dennis H. Kim, and Ian Frisch (Author of Magic is Dead!) in their Lost Art Magic debut!!

There’s so much fun jam packed into this one project it will feel like you are there hanging and jamming with them!

Learn 3 great card transpositions of varying skill levels. Each routine with its own unique visuals to give the viewer a wide variety of magic to play with!

– You’ll learn an off balance Transpo causing two cards to swap places with a single selection.

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Passcode By Adrian Lacroix

Imagine this: The spectator is able to unlock your phone…
And then you unlock theirs too, with no apps required!!!

Adrian Lacroix found a way to perform this modern classic of mentalism at distance and with NO APPS!!!

You tell the audience that you are going to change your passcode for a number that will make sense with one of them, then you ask a spectator to think of some important numbers for him, he says

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Novus app by Teguh & Ellusionist

Novus | Ellusionist


NOVUS is an app for your iPhone that replicates Apple Notes, perfectly. Allowing you to peek any piece of information in multiple different ways. These are:

  • The Swipe Peek – (peek up to 3 different pieces of information at once)
  • Upside-down Peek – (peek up to 3 different pieces of information at once)

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Loop Up by Doan

Created for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc., Loop Up is a very simple effect that let you change the color of any rubber band in your hand.

Show a normal rubber band in your hand, and with just a shake, it’s color changed in front of your spectator’s eyes. You can also let the spectator check the band or give them as a souvenir.

Download the video and learn today!

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CLIP’S by Thinking Paradox

CLIP'S by Thinking Paradox® TRAILER on Vimeo

From the creators of PINCH, Thinking Paradox team (Manuel Leal, Edhu and Adrian Carratala) presents you this new effect inspired in a concept by Arnel Renegado. Imagine to ask someone to take some color clips, one is held at the tip of your fingers, other one is placed in your mouth by a espectator. You just blow the clip from the mouth to the hand’s one and they link in midair! Of course they are really linked so you can give away for examination inmediately. No changes or dificult handling is required. Learn to perform this completly impromoptu and highly visual clips linking in less than 5 minutes.

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Ultra Lucky Coin by Erik Tait

“This is my new favorite version of this plot, which kills me because it’s better than mine.” –Jon Armstrong

“Things I won’t leave my house without: Keys, Wallet, Phone, Cards, and now Ultra Lucky Coin.” –Robert Ramirez

“I have been lucky to play with Ultra Lucky Coin and I must say it is ultra effective! There are already several strong and practical routines you can perform with what you get and there is still room for personal ideas and variations. Well done Erik!” –Boris Wild

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Tik Tok by Mario Tarasini

Show an empty TicTac box and a coin. Visually toss the coin in to the box and the coin will melt through it!!!
Upon learning the secret, you will immediately want to rush out and perform it.

Additional Supplies Will Need To Be Purchased To Perform This Effect.

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