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Split Gum by Arif Illusionist

Now you can perform a major magic illusion in a close-up setting. Your audience watches as a package of gum visually splits into two separate packages! It’s truly amazing. You can double the amount of gum and share it with the audience — it’s real!

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O’ztack by Gabbo

Remember the times when your parents wouldn’t let you play with food? Well, sorry to say, that time is no longer….


Gives you the skill to balance three Oreos on top of one another!

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Intrusion by SOFL

Intrusion allows you to perform the Coin Through Can trick anywhere, anytime with super quick and simple preparation.

Fantastic features:
– Signed, borrowed coin.
– Borrowed can.
– No slits.
– No holes.
– No magnets.
– No thread.
– Fully examinable.

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Five Card Box by Bill Abbott

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“The 5 Card Box in combination with the 5 Card Opener gets extra laughs, magical transformations & a kick finish of all the cards disappearing at the end!  I’ve been doing for that last 2 years and wouldn’t do the a Card Opener without it. It’s just so much stronger. It was thanks to performer Eric Myers who introduced me to a creation by Jeff Hobson that I started to work on the 5 Card Box. Two years and hundreds of shows later, the 5 Card Box is now a permanent fixture in the opening of my show. Reactions in both laughter and amazement surpass anything I experienced before using the 5 Card Opener. The 5 Card Box adds multiple effects and new impact to the already powerful 5 Card Opener. A surprise transformation of the box, a complete disappearance of all the cards at the end, plus the box emphasizes and strengthens the story that’s so integral to the overall routine.” -Bill Abbott

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