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Labelled Evolution By Ben Williams (only Premium)

Labelled Evolution is all of Ben Williams’ best work to date on the label inside bottle illusion.

‘Ben Williams is a genius! Labelled is a rare miracle with no explanation for the spectator. You are not just buying a trick here, you are buying a brilliant and passionate man’s “life work” on an impossible effect.’
– Richard Sanders

‘This is really f***ing cool! I can’t wait to make one up!’
– Wayne Houchin

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Confabagram By Alex Pandrea & Beau Cremer (only Premium)

“Fooled me! I love the method” – Shin Lim

7 different routines included, this isn’t limited to playing cards! Predict anything on your Instagram using THEIR PHONE. No Apps needed, and it’s 100% Customizable.

Confabagram allows you to make predictions on your Instagram days, weeks, or even months ahead of time. In this package you will receive SEVEN of our favorites.
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The Vault – THE BOX by Mickael Chatelain (only Premium)

Take a Tic-Tac dispenser from your pocket. As it’s transparent, it’s obvious to all that there’s just one piece of candy inside. This is no illusion, there really is just one dispenser with one piece of candy inside.

Open the dispenser and dump the Tic-Tac into your spectator’s hand. The dispenser is now empty and you show it from all sides. The spectator can look inside the opening and can see that it’s just an empty Tic-Tac dispenser and nothing more.

Close the dispenser and hold it horizontally between your thumb and forefinger in front of the spectator.

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Tie Knot by Lee Ang-Hsuan

Tie Knot is derived from the classic magic “Cut and Restored Rope”. Lee adapts the techniques used in Cut and Restored Rope for the handling of the tie, and make it possible to be performed both in close-up and on the stage, resulting in better and more interesting effects.

Every Tie Knot includes: A set of gimmick and tie, instruction DVD, and booklet.

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E-Rase by Cody Nottingham (only Premium)

Resultado de imagem para E-Rase by Cody Nottingham

E-Rase from Cody Nottingham

Would you ever let someone draw on your phone with a permanent marker?… Only a magician would.

Cody Nottingham is back with E-RASE, a devastating permanent ink manipulation effect.

E-Rase is wildly visual, a spectator takes a permanent marker and draws an X directly on the screen of your phone. The performer is then able to slide that across the screen leaving it locked in place in a new location. Don’t worry, by this point you’re 100% clean.

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Horizon by Joe Rindfleisch and Gregor Mann (only Premium)

Joe Rindfleisch and Gregor Mann have come up with a monster of a rubber effect.

One awesome move makes so many awesome effects possible.

-Toss a rubber band and instantly the rubber band is wrapped around your hand.
-Change the color of a rubber band in a flash.
-Pull one rubber band and make it split into two bands.

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