Penguin Live Magic

Luis Carreon LIVE 2

“What do you get you combine dangerous chops, dangerous good looks and a charming personality? Luis Carreon! One of the few card magicians that knows how to keep the action happening and audience enthralled from start to finish, and one of my favorite live performers.” -Bill Abbott

“Simply put, Luis Carreon is one of the best magicians in the world. What sets him apart, is his ability to marry technical virtuosity with an entertaining, and often hilarious, performing persona. His magic fools audiences badly, without making fools of them. His performances are an invitation into a world where anything can happen and does! I am thrilled that he has agreed

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Christopher Carter LIVE

“Christopher Carter has been performing mentalism professionally longer than pretty much anyone. His style has always ensured his shows are fresh, engaging, and truly entertaining. The methods you’re going to learn here are not pipe dreams, this is material that has been refined in front of real audiences for decades! There are very few people I would prefer didn’t do a Penguin lecture because their stuff is too good. Christopher is one of these people. In fact having to write this to tell you that he’s amazing is most infuriating.’– Colin McLeod

“Lots of Magicians give strong, creative lectures. Some magicians are busy doing shows for good fees. Only a few performers check both of those boxes. Christopher Carter, I know first-hand, is in that elite group.”– Ken Weber
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Chris Korn LIVE 2

“Chris Korn’s new lecture is a true master class of process, detail and being mindful of the audience. His experience performing these routines thousands of times for people of all ages and cultures really shines. So many cool ideas and great bits through to the very end. Honored to have known Chris for over 3 decades and proud to call him a great friend.” Homer Liwag

“Chris Korn has been inspiring magicians with his unique style of magic for decades. This latest offering is no different. His 10 coin production is worth the price of the lecture.” -Eric Jones

“I’ve seen Korn melt brains (including mine) with this material in real life. Pound for pound one of the best close up magic lectures I’ve seen in a LONG time. Just buy the damn thing. If you don’t find at least one thing to add to your working set immediately, then you probably think Nickelback is “music”. -Nick Diffatte

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Jeremiah Zuo LIVE

FINALLY! That is not just me shouting, it is the collective voices of magicians around the world who have witnessed Jeremiah’s coin magic. This is not hype or hyperbole, it is simply a fact. I have witnessed countless magicians, including some of the very best, flock to Jeremiah to learn the Drop after they have seen him perform… Jeremiah describes himself as a “magic fan.” I describe myself as a “Jeremiah fan.”– Tom Dobrowolski

[The Institutes] is the best collection of effective and intelligent coin magic you’ll ever see from a guy who refuses to call himself a coin magician. Can’t believe Jeremiah is going to tip this stuff. I thought it was going to stay hidden away from the magic world forever! – Curtis Kam

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Robert Moreland LIVE

“I’m always blown away by Robbie Moreland’s work. His methods are well thought out and pure magic. You’d be insane not to buy anything he parts ways with!” –Jordan Amystika

“Robert Moreland saved my life in Vietnam. A decision we have both pondered the sanity of.” – Anthony Miller, Leather Master 

“Robert Moreland transcends the usual inane patter that plagues this genre and emerges as a true storyteller and entertainer; one who just happens to be mindbogglingly good at magic.” – Travis Eaton,Actor/Director

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Docc Hilford LIVE 2

“If you already know how theatrically smart and methodologically devious Docc Hilford can be, I don’t have to tell you that his live lectures are “don’t miss” events. If you have never encountered the good Docc-tor before, you are in for the very best kinds of surprises.” -Michael Weber

“Docc Hilford is unique in the world of mentalism. A prolific creator and author, he’s successfully combined traditional mentalism with elements of bizarre magic and purely “psychic” presentations. He’s bold and dynamic with an imposing presence that, nonetheless, remains very approachable. He’s also a good friend and I like the way he thinks.” -Bob Cassidy

“Docc is a living legend. He has seeded the mentalism/magic world with originality, class, brilliance, linguistic finesse, and supreme cool. He cannot teach you to be Docc , that is DNA , but if he

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Mark Calabrese LIVE 2

“Mark Calabrese is the real deal. Sure, he’s been putting out clever and original commercial releases for years. Yeah, he has killer sleight-of-hand chops, particularly when it comes to card table artifice (you have to see him do false deals to truly appreciate what you won’t see). But what really impresses me about Mark is that he is a real-world working entertainer: polished and professional, charming and funny, I love watching him perform for the public. Put it all together and you see why I mean it when I say: Mark Calabrese is the real deal.” -Jamy Ian Swiss

“Mark is every bit as cleaver and skilled as he is tattooed. An Illustrated Man of Mystery. Whose work and knowledge is worth your attention.” -Jon Armstrong

“Mark Calabrese is one of my favorite creators. His ideas are fully thought out, practical, and completely ingenious. If you want magic that absolutely destroys people, Mark is your guy. I

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