Penguin Live Magic

Patrik Kuffs LIVE

“Kuffs is a genius, his tossed out cube went right into my act after his lecture and never left. It is always great when performers and thinkers as talented as Patrik are willing to share their ideas.” – Jon Armstrong

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Ryan Schlutz LIVE ACT

“Ryan Schlutz annoys me. Despite the fact that I’ve been heavily into magic for longer than he’s been alive, he constantly fools me. I never see any moves or anything suspicious, yet somehow amazing things keep happening. I don’t get it. But you should.” -Ken Weber

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Jay Sankey LIVE ACT

“Jay Sankey has established a strong reputation as one of the top creators of innovative close-up magic.” -Max Maven

“Jay will go down in history as one of the funniest, ground breaking, and most creative magicians of all time.” –Nathan Kranzo

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Cyril LIVE 2

What will he teach?

A mix of stage, street and party magic using affordable props.

Coin in Can (Street Magic)- A borrowed quarter instantly penetrates into a sealed soda can chosen moments before. Cyril’s method looks incredibly clean and he shows you exactly how to make it.

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Bizzaro and The Shocker LIVE ACT

“So Good!”– Penn & Teller

Bizzaro is Brilliant! One of the top creators in modern magic” – Jeff McBride

“Amazing!” – Drew Carry

“Throughly Entertaining!” – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

“All around clever mother f*&@er” – Dan Sperry

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Jonathan Levit LIVE

“A graduate course in the construction of magic, audience management – and connection – as well as performance art.” – Dustin Stinett Genii Magazine

“Applying the concepts he teaches to our own shows will put us all ahead of the game.” – Francis Menotti Magic Magazine

“More magicians need to think this way.” – Dan Garrett

“A master class in entertainment!” – David Penn

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