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Gazzo LIVE ACT (only Premium)

“In all art and performance its the singer not the song and you are the best singer we have ever seen.” Penn of Penn & Teller.

“When you are watching Gazzo you feel like you are watching a show biz Legend” Teller of Penn & Teller

“Gazzo is an incredible performer and a great influence on modern magic.” David Blaine

“Gazzo is so funny he scares me.”– Amazing Jonathon

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Eric Evans LIVE ACT (only Premium)

“Forget how much you think you know. When you see Eric Evans perform, he will remind you very quickly how much you don’t know.” – Gazzo

“A small bag of tricks goes a long way in the hands of Eric Evans.” – Birdie Mcclaine (legendary street performer)
Have you seen his coin work? You’ll never see anything like it again.” – Rikki ‘Mr. Toot” Palmer
“Eric Evans is one of my top 3 lecturers of all time.” – Jamie Grant (former writer for MAGIC Magazine, Creator of Trick of the Year, and Book of the Year)

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Paul Voodini LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

“Paul Voodini is my kind of mind-reader, and his books are the kind of books I love to read. I feel Paul’s thinking elevates him into the Greats instantly.” – Luke Jermay

“I have one word for Paul’s work – brilliant! Paul and I think along very similar wavelengths, and maybe that is why I love his work so much.” – Neal Scryer

“It is my belief that Paul Voodini from the UK is the acting ring-leader and current champion of the new genre and generation of mentalism.” – Jerome Finley

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Sal Piacente LIVE ACT (only Premium)

“Sal Piacente is best known as an outstanding magician and respected security consultant to casinos around the world. But his passion is the art of memory, for which he is an extraordinarily gifted wizard! His new show, “Rain Man,” is the culmination of decades of dedicated study and practice, and it offers a spectacular and entertaining exhibition of super-human skills that is guaranteed to blow you away!”– Steve Forte

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Reynold Alexander LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) (only Premium)

“Reynold Alexander is a wonderful magician and has an eye for detail.” – David Copperfield

“Reynold is a hidden gem from Puerto Rico whose lecture has a little something for everyone.
Plus, everything he shares (Close-Up to Stand-Up) is thoroughly audience-tested from his
professional repertoire!”
 – Gregory Wilson

“Reynold is a very resourceful magician whose effects are well thought out and highly commercial.”  -Levent

“I can always rely on my pal Reynold Alexander for a clever, deceptive, new trick. He always amazes me and he will amaze you.” -Joshua Jay

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Gregory Wilson LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

“Gregory Wilson delivers the full package—world class talent, charm and enough performance chops to stand out in any line up!” -Michael Ammar

“Gregory Wilson is one of the very best when it comes to hard-core, knuckle-busting sleight of hand. He can do it all. Clearly, one of the most talented performers anytime, anywhere.” -Dean Dill

“Gregory Wilson is a bottomless well of ideas, lines and tricks. I love the way he thinks about his magic. His enthusiasm when performing is absolutely infectious. He is one of magic’s treasures.” -Doc Eason

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Sebastian LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) (only Premium)

“A confident performance style and powerful magic” -Kostya Kimlat

“Sebastian is one of Orlando’s best kept secrets” -Ryan Schlutz

“A brilliant thinker with great ideas” -Erik Casey

What will he teach?

Mental Card Act:

Shake Change- Sebastian’s updated handling for a classic sleight which has blown away some of the biggest names in magic.

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