Penguin Live Magic

Jan Forster LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) (only Premium)

“Jan is the epitome of the classic mentalist persona. His ACAAN is one of the best I’ve seen and his knowledge and skills are world class.”– Bob Cassidy

“Jan’s billet work is simply exceptional!”– Peter Turner

“Just the lecture of Jan was worth the entire convention. There is probably no other German mentalist, who tunes and works out his routines with so much subtlety and deep thinking. Simply great!”– Erich Hammann-Boretti, Magic Circle Germany

“Jan, you’re the best!”Paul Vigil

“Jan is one of the cleverest guys around, his thinking is simply brilliant!”– Michael Murray

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Cyril LIVE – Penguin LIVE (R Upload Nitroflare)

As you may know, Cyril has appeared in over 16 prime-time television specials in Japan and two television series reaching audiences in over 26 countries. Considered one of the pioneers of street magic and known for his ability to be an effective storyteller, Cyril continues to create exciting new magic and discover new ways of surprising his fans while pushing the boundaries of magic on television and on the live stage.

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Mike Powers LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

“Mike Powers, author of Power Plays, followed with the slickest sleight-of-hand in the bunch.” – Lou Harry – Indianapolis Business Journal

“I’m speaking of Mike Powers, whose new tome Power Plays/High Voltage Magic is bristling with new card magic along with a fine sampling of magic with coins and other small objects.”  – Steve Bryant (Little Egypt Gazette)

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