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Portal by Luke Oseland (only Premium)

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Science just photographed It’s first ever black hole. But they’ve yet to discover a Portal… until now.

** RECORD SCRATCH ** Let’s agree to drop the cliche copy here…

At Ellusionist we believe in nurturing the younger generation of magic. Creator Luke Oseland even had his work experience here

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Big Brother by Brian Connor (only Premium)

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Your phone will be able to name any playing card the spectator chooses. NO FORCES. NO SWITCHES.


A deck is brought into play. Borrowed it doesn’t matter. No one sees the faces. The spectator chooses any playing card and keeps it face down. You now ask your Google assistant what card the spectator has chosen.

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Miracle Method by John Carey (only Premium)

Miracle Method by John Carey is a unique take on the prediction plot that would leave Nostradamus quaking in his boots.

Even though there is only ONE prediction (which remains in full view at all times), it will hit every single time thanks to this beautifully structured system.

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BULLET CATCH V by Mikhail Shmidt (only Premium)

Looking for excitement in your magic? You found it!

Produced by Mikhail Shmidt and Bond Lee, Bullet Catch V is one of the most dangerous tricks on Earth! Bullet catching is a classic trick with a fascinating history. Many have practiced this routine and spent years to master it.

This is a close-up version of this trick, which minimizes your risk and practicing hours.

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Thetalia by Ian Rowland

“I’ve been performing it for 25 years” -Ian Rowland

A card trick with NO EXPLANATION.

1. Grab a borrowed, shuffled deck and WITHOUT LOOKING AT A SINGLE CARD, you’re ready to begin.

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Blake Vogt – Envelock (Video+PDF) (only Premium)

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Make anything appear inside a sealed and LOCKED envelope.

Your spectator can sign the sealed envelope BEFORE the routine starts. Perform an effect for your audience with any small object and then… as your big finish… invite them to tear open the envelope from the beginning and they will find their signed object inside. They get to keep everything.

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Level One by Christian Grace (only Premium)

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This is a slow-motion, visual vanish of a deck of cards.

What does it look like?

You have a card chosen and replaced in the pack. The cards, in clear view, are gently waved, and half the pack slowly disappears. Another wave of the remaining cards and all the cards vanish. Except one. The selection.

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