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PLM (Pretty Little Men) by Vincent Roca and Magic Dream

Easy to do and very visual, this trick is suitable for both adults and children! PLM (Prety Little Men) is a new kind of card trick. Created by Vincent Roca, you will immediately see the potential when you have the deck in your hand!

The magician introduces a rather special set of cards because each card represents a little man with the first letter of the word below (G for Guitarist, P for Painter, C for Clown, etc.).

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SINK HOLE by Arnel Renegado

SINK HOLE is a gimmick that allows you to penetrate a Sharpie right into the face of the card visually.

Imagine this. You ask your spectator to select a card. After that, you introduce a Sharpie and stab it into the card. The Sharpie now penetrates the card. You then ask your spectator to please pull out the Sharpie, and they see the hole heal by itself visually. Looks amazing!

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Split Gum by Arif Illusionist

Now you can perform a major magic illusion in a close-up setting. Your audience watches as a package of gum visually splits into two separate packages! It’s truly amazing. You can double the amount of gum and share it with the audience — it’s real!

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Incrypto by Haim Goldenberg

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INCRYPTO By Haim Goldenberg
Brand new innovation from Haim Goldenberg!

From the creative mind that brought to you “Cryptext – the essential Mentalist working tool of every professional mentalist around the world”, comes a new and revolutionary font – Incrypto!
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Free by Think Nguyen (CAAN)

If you’re a pro, listen up.

1) Whatever you think the secret is, you’re wrong.

2) Free ACAAN is a worker’s dream. Any deck. No setup. Instant reset. A genuinely free choice of both the card and the number. The deck is really shuffled by THE SPECTATOR, and when you count down, it’s genuinely there.

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