Enchantments by Wesley James (PDF)

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Magic for Cards and Hands

With Wesley James’s Enchantments you will find yourself confronting one of the largest volumes of original card magic ever conceived by one man–500 pages of shrewd and sophisticated material by a modern creator and performer who has repeatedly shown his ability to make important and lasting contributions to the field.

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Performing Magic by Tony Middleton (PDF)

Performing Magic: A Handbook on Performance for Magicians

“I’ve been reading magic books for almost 50 years, and I can categorically state that Performing Magic by Tony Middleton is the most important magical publication of them all to date. It’s a masterpiece, and long, long overdue. Congratulations to Tony Middleton and all who made this great book possible. It’s a real treasure!”

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ATM by Michael Murray (PDF)

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ATM combines a very clever mix of principles and ideas which will allow you to seemingly determine a spectators exact PIN number.

The spectator thinks of their PIN number, you openly write four digits for the audience to see. When these numbers are shown to the spectator they react in amazement confirming for the audience that they are looking at their PIN number.

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A book* by James Went (PDF)

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These are James Went’s lecture notes, I don’t think they are available anywhere anymore, they where available through him for a limited time.

I’ll be honest with you guys, most of the notes are fine, just very well constructed magic, BUT, the last effect is a real beauty, an extremely clean and fooling acaan, hopefully you’ll enjoy it

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