Ultramodern II by Ryan Matney (PDF) (only Premium)

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The anthology series continues. Inside this volume of Ultramodern, you will find magic with cards, coins, bills, and mentalism. Every item has been selected for its practical and commercial potential. Expand your arsenal and become even more proficient with your magic!

Featuring new magic from Marty Kane, Pablo Amira, Jozsef Kovacs, Edward Oschmann, Al Bach, Chastain Criswell, Jonathan Friedman, Francis

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Target Number: The Manual – Ted Karmilovic (PDF) (only Premium)

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“If you are unfamiliar with this effect – you won’t have any post-purchase remorse – this is a very strong piece” –Christian Painter

Semi-Exclusive! Stevens Magic Emporium is proud to continue our association with Ted K (Ted Karmilovich), and be selected as only one of two authorized dealers in the world to represent this product.  Ted’s incredibly

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New York Lecture Notes by Peter Turner (PDF) (only Premium)

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Peter Turner was due to lecture at New York back in 2017 but due to ill health, hospital visits and the loss of his Father, it was put on the back burner.

After talking with several of the people who had intended to attend the lecture they asked if Peter had prepared notes. The answer is YES! Peter had planned something special for his trip to New York and thought he would make the notes available for anyone who was interested.

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