Killer Konceptions 2010 by Kenton Knepper

Killer Konceptions 2010 by Kenton Knepper eBook DOWNLOAD

You already know how great Kolossal Killer is…Now imagine OVER 100 PAGES of new ways to use, set up and perform Killer…Add in over a decade of research and you get KILLER KONCEPTIONS 2010 (The Original Kolossal Killer is NOT a part of this release. You need to have the Original Kolossal Killer manuscript to use the material in this ebook.)

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Whisper by Ken Dyne

Whisper by Ken Dyne - $5.99 :

Ken Dyne – Whisper
Published in stunning hard back, ‘Whisper’ is an underground marvel of mentalism. For just over 2 years now Ken and some of his closest friends have used Whisper to dumbfound audiences and generate mind blowing reactions.

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Daydreamer by Ken Dyne

Daydreamer by Ken Dyne | Mentalistry

Daydreamer is Ken Dyne’s most exclusive release in more than a decade.

An impossible, layered performance piece that builds with each of the 6 phases, climaxing in a surprise twist that comes over the audience like a tidal wave.

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Paul Brook – Around The Table

Around the Table - He Knows

Paul Brook Around the Table‘Around the Table’ is a collection of my three most used direct mentalism effects when performing to a table of people.

These effects are all 100% real world ‘hit the ground running’ friendly.

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