XIDD by Chris Rawlins (Video+PDF)

Demonstrate with undoubtable proof that you knew and understood an image only thought of – not drawn, not written, not selected from a list.

Learn how to draw potential clients in with a virtual, fully interactive and exciting demonstration of mind reading.

Duplicate an image over digital media and under test conditions. Cleanly predict people’s actions and choices.

Know and reveal thought of names, destinations and drawings. This is an in depth exploration of a concept that Chris first shared back in 2015.

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Prose and Cons by Thaddius Barker

As mystery performers, we all aspire to engage our audience in demonstrations that appear miraculous and instill them with awe. Prose & Cons was inspired by legendary stories and events and will aid you in accomplishing just that in the eyes of your audience, making you appear to be a borderline miracle worker for which the impossible is possible. Herein you will learn a variety of hypnotricks that can be used by themselves or, more appropriately, in conjunction with the hypnosis routine of your choosing. You will also learn my approach to the incorporation of DR and the inclusion of wonder words as a method.

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Think Nguyen – The Coffee Series Episode 3

A serie of booklets to share with you Think’s creative process through original and hard-hitting materials. Mostly based on card magic. Follow his journey into the deep and meaningful understanding of Magic.

Content :

CARRE : probably the cleanest version of touch four cards and they are the 4 aces.

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The Trojan Horse Project By Manos Kartsakis

The Trojan Horse Project (Pre-Order) – MindFX

“This is one of the best pieces of impromptu mind reading I’ve ever seen” – Christian Grace

When Manos first showed me his routine, I wanted to reach through the computer screen and punch him in the face.  It really is that good! – Mark Chandaue

“Please let me know when this is ready to purchase, this is one of your best effects yet!” – David Diamond

“I am lost for words, this fooled me completely!” – Mike Sullivan

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Architect of the Mind by Drew Backentoss

This is a 326 page hardback printed in beautiful quality by Haresign Press. The contents cover 18 fully scripted routines and 10 essays ranging from stagecraft to best business practices.


You demonstrate a unique process wherein a participant subconsciously guides you to her thought of card only to discover that it never really existed. Everything seemingly happens in the mind and hands of the participant. The explanation is rounded out by the inclusion of three brief essays promoting the merits of giving proper attention to scripting, audience management, and stage directions.

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Smooth Operations by Kevin Ho

Introducing the card magic and flourishes of Kevin Ho, Smooth Operations is a 60 page book explaining an array of new material for both the curious student and seasoned pro with over a hundred photo illustrations for an enjoyable learning experience.

Kevin is a rising young Singapore-based magician with some serious talent. As a flourisher, he’s already earned a reputation as one of the best. His style is fresh, ultra smooth, and extremely visual. And his magic is no different. Learn 5 effects, 4 sleights, 3 productions and 2 flourishes in 1 kick ass manual on card magic.

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John Carey – Crafted with Carey

John Carey has a great reputation for coming up with practical, well constructed routines, and this hard backed book collects together about 70 effects from John and some of his friends in magic.

Running to almost 200 pages, hard backed and with photo illustrations, this book is a treasure trove of to-the-point card effects, plus a little coin magic included for good measure. There are premium effects chosen from John’s DVDs and earlier booklets, as well as new material and effects from some of John’s friends including Peter Duffie and John Bannon. In fact, in his Foreword to the book, John Bannon said of John Carey’s creations: “I pay attention to his work, follow it, enjoy it, and often find bits of inspired thinking I’ll incorporate in my own work.

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