A Piece Of My Mind by Michael Murray (PDF)

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“A Piece Of My Mind” is collection of mentalism routines, discussions and principles by Michael Murray developed over a ten year period. Known the world over for his unique approach to mentalism plots this is sure to become a classic text upon this subject.

This book will contain all of the following and more…


  • Springboard (Principle and Routines) – Teach your spectators a skill that will allow them to read minds.
  • ATM (Routine) – Seemingly discern the PIN number of a random spectator and then wipe all traces of it from their memory.
  • Tattle Tailed (Routine) – Possibly the greatest ESP routine ever devised.

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Goats Grimoire by Jose Prager (PDF)

“Goat’s Grimoire contains nine great mentalism effects that will totally fool any audience, but it’s Jose’s outstanding and emotionally transforming scripts that are the real gem…study them carefully.” -Marc Paul

“I am a fan of Jose’s organic ingenuity. While not as macabre as the title would suggest, Mr. Prager’s new work is full of simple (and what I am sure would be) powerful routines. What I like most is the well composed structure which underlies the combined work of Jose and his friends. There are plenty of jewels to be mined in (and between) these pages.” -Sean Waters

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Mental Rubik by Pablo Amira (PDF)

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The Rubik’s Cube is known in the world as a game for genius minds, a puzzle for those who really invest time and effort.

Now with “MentalRubik”, you can create fantastic Mentalism for close up, parlor or stage with an ungimmicked cube!5 professional routines and one reading system that you can add to your repertoire.

Yes, it is cool to “solve it” in a quick and magical manner, but there is a LOT more that you can do, and I will show you!

Table of Contents

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Pure Mentalism by Nico Heinrich (PDF)

“Time and time again, Nico and the groundbreaking new material which he has lovingly crafted and skillfully presented to me in return turned out just as beautiful, empowering and impressive. Mr. Heinrich has proven himself, his talents and his credentials as one of mentalism’s new rising stars; I’ve found him to be a gifted artist, unique and original creator and one of the top performers in the new genre of minimalist mind reading and propless or near-propless mentalism.” – Jerome Finley

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The Doors of Deception by Paul Vigil (PDF)

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Paul Vigil is the talked about name on the underground scene. A student of Johnny Thompson, Paul is your favorite magician’s favorite magician. All of his material is entirely worked through, and he creates and performs with an intensity that is almost electric. He favors powerful, multi-phased routines that are classical in nature and nearly every trick he does could be classified as a closer.

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Roleplayer by Benjamin Earl (PDF)

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When Benjamin Earl tells us that he’s ready to publish his strongest card effect, we listen! In effect, a spectator freely names a card, they shuffle the deck multiple times and then find that card … and its three mates. Best of all, it happens in their hands, and apparently without the performer touching the deck!

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