Tangled Web by Eric Mead

In this first major book by one of the United States’ most respected professionals, Eric Mead covers a wide range of magic and mentalism, drawn completely from his professional repertoire and fine-tuned by performance after performance to its present form.

Bar Magic, Close-up Magic, Strolling Magic, Mentalism, Stage–even two pieces for kids (we’re serious)

In addition, there are seven instructive and challenging essays, and two chapters devoted to work with a memorized deck and a systematic approach to Vernon’s “Trick That Cannot Be Explained”–a professional approach to these topics that is stunning in its depth, intelligence and originality.

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An interesting experiment of PRECOGNITION, this is NUMERICAL ORACLE by Andreu

Four  spectators  are  invited  to  participate  in  an  interesting  experiment  of precognition.


Two of them are asked to say out loud personal numbers, while the other  two choose  numbers

completely  unknown  to  the  mentalist  or  the audience.


The mind reader hands out a sealed  envelope  to someone in the audience that will be the judge of the experiment.

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Six Envelope Test by Gidon Sagher

Six Envelope Test by Gidon Sagher eBook DOWNLOAD - Murphy's Magic Supplies,  Inc. - Wholesale Magic

One of the best mind-reading routines ever created is the classics “Fourth Dimensional Telepathy” or the “3 envelope test”.

From Annemann throw Cassidy, from Jermay to Mark – this routine stood in the test of time on stages around the world.

This download brings THE breakthrough for this classic plot in terms of method.

You will smile to yourself reading it and will cause your future crowd to smile and experience mind reading live.

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Truly Visual Card Magic by Ben Harris

Truly Visual Card Magic by (Benny) Ben Harris :

A fabulous collection of effects all featuring cards performed with a VISUAL impact. Best-seller, Zoom is featured along with Ben’s popular rendition of Oil & Water with it’s glorious three phase routining. Learn to perform a version of Daryl’s famous Ultimate Ambition with any deck. Also featured is the odd and visual Madman’s Card to Pocket and a full work out with the world-famous Super-Flip Move.

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Proyecto Mara by Willy Tidona

Proyecto Mara by Willy Tidona - $3.00 :

Un valioso trabajo del mago argentino Willy Tidona para que personas ciegas y disminuidas visuales puedan disfrutar de la Magia.

Una recopilacion de juegos de magia adaptados para invidentes que, ademas de integrar el sistema Braile en la magia, se emplean muchos elementos cotidianos y con los que los magos estan familiarizados como, monedas, dados, fichas de domino, etc.

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Sachs Sleight of Hand First Edition

Sleight of Hand: Practical Manual of Legerdemain for Amateurs and Others  Dover Magic Books: Sachs, Edwin: Fremdsprachige Bücher

One of the classic introductions to the art, the material runs the gamut with many interesting sleights and routines in addition to a plethora of magical wisdom.

While the merits of this book are well known, and it is consistently on the “must read” lists of the most astute conjurers, we made an extra effort to get this title in our catalog thanks to some cajoling and some interesting perspective on the book courtesy of Ron Bauer.

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