Effective Card Magic by Bill Simon (PDF)

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Martin Gardner had the following to say:

“Bill Simon has achieved an astonishing mastery of the medium. His mind is constantly probing for new and subtler moves, and bold effects which break fresh paths in the card jungle. In this book he has given generously the fruits of his thinking and experience. The result is a book almost certain to become one of the basic texts of modem card conjuring.”

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Mavoch by Ori Ascher (PDF)

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“Ori Ascher was a name I was not familiar with a few months back. After chatting with him and seeing his ‘Mavoch’, I predict he’s someone who will fast become known for his forward thinking. As many of you may know, I’m a fan of the pin divination plot and what Ori has created here is awesome. Casual, cool and straight to the point. Love it. Ori, you created something awesome! I love the way that they create the numbers and wish I’d come up with it!” – Peter Turner on Mavoch 2.0

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Anima by Fraser Parker (PDF)

The ANIMA Deck is a utility and principle that allows you to retain a small stack of cards in order, no matter how many times a deck of playing cards is shuffled overhand by either yourself or your participants.

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Cryptext by Haim Goldenberg (PDF)

Double Meaning never had a Better Meaning 


“…Haim is a great performer and thinker, with an idea being born every day. You are fotunate today to experience one of his simplest yet most brilliant creations: CRYPTEXT.”
– JB, Pro-Magic Inc

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Switch by Benjamin Earl (PDF)

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Switch contains two amazing transpositions; one with playing cards and the other with coins. There are no duplicate items, just pure sleight of hand. Both routines simply look like magic and can be performed in any environment.

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