Coin Tricks

Coin Patriot Reed by McClintock

Despite all the dice, moving tattoos and twisting cards, Reed McClintock’s loyalty will forever remain with coins. His Knuckle Buster series embodied Reed’s philosophy that magicians shouldn’t
just do coin tricks, but rather should perform what looks like real

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Perfect Cents by Cosmo Solano (only Premium)

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ou won’t leave home without this.

Developed over 10 years – Perfect Cents gives you the ability to make a perfect prediction using ANY currency.

You ask someone to name any number. You immediately show your hands empty and reach into your pocket. Everything is pulled out, and every coin is placed into their hands. Your pocket is shown to be empty – it’s that fair. They slowly count the coins to find the number they named is the EXACT amount of change in your pocket. To the penny. Every. Single. Time.

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Real Coin Magic by Benjamin Earl (only Premium)

Real Coin Magic introduces a completely new approach to coin magic. For the first time on video, learn five brand new coin tricks from Ben Earl. These effects feel raw and dig down to the bare bones of coin magic. The idea behind this DVD set is that coin magic can be direct, clear, and just like real magic. All five routines use normal pocket change, and rely on the use of clever psychological ploys instead of difficult sleight of hand.

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Coin X Project by Zolo

Elevate your coin magic! Learn these amazing effects!

Imagine the following:

  • Toss a coin into the air – catch it – it vanishes!
  • Hand a spectator a copper coin, while you hold onto a silver coin. Your silver coin turns into a copper coin. The spectator opens their hand – they now have the silver coin!
  • Toss a silver coin in the air – it turns into a copper coin!
  • Show a coin. Remove a ring from your finger. Instantly, your hand is now full of coins!

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ReTURNtion by Moritz Mueller (only Premium)

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At 18, Moritz Mueller is a coin magic phenom and already one of the most experienced coin workers in the world.

No one person has ever made such an impact with a single coin.

Mueller introduces you to the ingenious world of ‘ReTURNtion’, a cutting-edge technique that will perfect your retention vanish in one simple step.

Haven’t learned the retention vanish yet? That’s actually better, you’ll have no bad habits to get over.

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Spray Vanish + Coin from ?!? by Amazo Magic

SPRaY vANish by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo) it is an alternative way to vanish a coin or other small objects, as for example: rings, keys, gaming chips. It can be performed without the use of sleeves. You can also use to change a coin with a key as explained in the video explanation. Suitable for the close up-magic. 100% total vanish!

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