Coin Tricks

FIT by Paul Carnazzo

Performed by Chris James

Imagine borrowing a coin and a ring and asking one of your spectators to push the coin through the ring…they can verify for themselves – the coin DOES NOT FIT through the ring.

With just a little imagination, the performer defies physics and visually pushes the coin through the ring directly in front of the spectators’ faces!

This is a stunningly visual penetration of solid metal through solid metal.

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Wipe by Luke Oseland

Luke Oseland’s name has been floating on the underground for quite sometime. We are so excited to debut this vanish that is being talked about by many for its simplicity and elegance!

Wipe allows you to hold a single coin at the tip of your fingers, and with one wipe of your finger the coin starts to visually vanish out of existence!

On this project Luke will teach you the quick and easy set up necessary to accomplish this move, as well as a few variations including a colour changing coin and another bonus vanish!!

This is the type of magic we love at Lost Art Magic, simple and elegant, with very little set up, and looks like visual eye candy!

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Skymember Presents Monarch by Avi Yap

One of the most anticipated project release by Avi Yap is finally here. Wait… Who is Avi? Avi is a superbly talented and young coin magician based in Singapore who had successfully fooled and entertained a lot of big name magicians such as Chris Kenner, Chris Ramsey, Wayne Houchin and the list goes on.

After 10 years of working with coins, Avi has finally agreed to share with us his coin work through a series called “Art of Coins.” Each chapter will share some of Avi’s beautifully crafted routines that was reserved for his personal working repertoire. There’s no better routine to kickstart “Art of Coins” than Monarch.

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Curtis Kam – Palms Of Steel (5 DVD)

Palms Of Steel by Curtis Kam 5 Volume set - $6.99 :

It was summer 2002 and the West was filled with brawls, bordellos and treachery. A motley crew of would-be train robbers packed a local saloon (strangely resembling the IBM convention) and called themselves “magicians”. Cards flew and coins changed hands, but it all stopped when sheriff Curtis Kam walked in. They could tell he was a professional who did miracles. But before they could thank him, he and the money were gone. Here’s what they saw:


Volume 1:

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Dean Dill – Extreme Dean (2 DVD)

Extreme Dean #2 Dean Dill, DVD

No, you’re not seeing double, Dean Dill has been extremely busy over the past four years… so busy, they had to put him on two DVDs! For two decades, Dean has been entertaining and teaching some of the finest coin magic around.
Not only is he a superb close-up artist, Dean is also a highly sought after teacher, consultant and lecturer. He has taught such people as David Copperfield and Johnny Carson.

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