MXL Margarita XL by Sean Scott

MXL Margarita XL by Sean Scott... MagicWorld Magic Shop

Performer walks to a table or group of spectators, introduces himself and unfurls an attractive scarf he has been holding in the palm of his right hand. The silk is approximately 36″ square with an attractive fine art print of an outdoor restaurant. The scene includes buildings, streets, chairs, tables, people dining and a waiter. A spectator is asked to choose the table from the scene, which has a glass resting upon it. After a moment of the spectator searching, the magician asks the spectator to just touch any table for the sake of timeliness. The spectator touches their finger to a table. The magician looks over the scarf to see the location and pinches the selected area of cloth, while saying, “Lets take a closer look”. He then pulls the scarf straight up off of his hand to reveal a giant

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IMS Platinum Collection (35 DVD)

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Terry Seabrooke, Greg Gleason, Steve Cohen, Al Schneider, Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Harry Lorayne, Rocco, Murray, Gary Darwin, Duane Laflin, Father Cyprian, Lee Grabel, Dave Hamner, Joe Stevens, Tony Hassini, Kirby Van Burch, Joe Shiek, Robin Chantawan, Paul Draper, and more!

Volume 1: Impromptu Card Magic 1, by Harry Lorayne

Volume 2: Impromptu Card Magic 2, by Harry Lorayne

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Michael Finney – Live At Lake Tahoe Vol 1

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Filmed in front of a live audience in Lake Tahoe, these three DVDs show a comedy magic master at work. You then get the inner workings of the magic in Michael Finney’s repertoire; the tricks that made him a star. And, though you’ll learn the secrets behind the tricks, there’s much more here than that.

You’ll learn the real secrets of what makes magic entertaining to real-life audiences and even if you choose not to perform these specific pieces, the information that Michael so generously shares has the power to transform and empower the magic you already do.

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The Greater Magic Video Library Vol 27 – Richard Ross

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Stage Magic Teaching Greater Magic Video Library 27 – Richard Ross

“To the audience, magic is an illusion To the performer, magic is a reality..” – Richard Ross

Witness the spellbinding stage magic of the world’s only three-time FISM winner. He needs no bravado to mesmerize spectators. His cool elegance and exacting skill enchant thousands who see him yearly.

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The Greater Magic Video Library Vol 33 – Paul Daniels

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Master magic show Greater Magic Video Library 33 – Paul Daniels

Many people will perform magic , but few can magic show so interesting. Appreciate Paul Daniels magic show.
I’ve seen Paul Daniels captivate an audience just by reading birthday wishes on stage. That’s because the audience cares about Paul Daniels. “-David Copperfield

Anyone can do a trick. But Paul Daniels entertains.

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Lunes by Mario Lopez

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Mario is one of the most awarded magicians of the moment, with a different, fun and powerful magic.

Here he presents six of his best creations in great detail.

Coins, sponges, cigarettes …

It also includes a very special gimmick with which Mario has traveled half the world.

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Oblivion by Tom Wright and World Magic Shop

OBLIVION is the most incredible floating effect your spectators will ever witness.

A borrowed, signed coin hovers between your hands, completely under your control. Your hand moves over and above the floating, spinning coin, proving that there is no means of support.


It hovers millimeters from the floor before it takes off once again, travelling vertically for five feet, back into your waiting hand. The signed coin is handed back to the spectator and you are totally

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