Bullet Proof Sleeving by Justin Miller

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Justin Miller is back with the definitive guide to sleeving, combining over 30 years of self-taught experience and knowledge. Justin Miller brings you the tools to becoming a master sleever, packing in three decades of tried and tested tips, tricks, and ideas into an extensive two-hour tutorial.

“It’s a secret assailant to murder your audience. That’s what sleeving is.

– Justin Miller.

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John Cornelius – The FISM Act

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John Cornelius is one of the most creative magicians in the world and the first American to win a F.I.S.M. World Championship of Magic competition (First Place in Close-Up, 1979). In 1985 he decided to enter the card division and once again won first place. For that competition, he designed a very special act titled “Every Card Trick In The World In Under Ten minutes.”

The video begins with John performing his award-winning act at the Magic Castle and then going to a studio where he teaches the multiphase act that is full of startling and visual card magic. You will learn the entire act in great detail as he teaches you how to construct the props, setup the act and perform all the effects and techniques. The video ends with an interview with John where he discusses how he ended up entering and winning his first FISM award.

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Poco podemos decir de Toni Cachadiña que no se sepa ya, un referente en la magia y el pensamiento magico Español.

Toni ha querido compartir un material muy especial con todos los magos y nunca se podrá decir mejor la palabra compartir que ahora, ya que está a un precio realmente reducido.

En esta ocasión presenta un DVD con una charla que estuvo dando en Madrid en Mayo del 2010 donde presenta efectos con cuerdas, billetes, cartas monedas etc…

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Spheras Volume 1 by Miguel Muñoz

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“A fantastic work!!.  Slydinis techniques taken to the stage in a very personal and creative way ” Hector Mancha.

“From Slydini to Miguel Muñoz, a journey full of magic, imposible, power and beauty.”  Gea

“Miguel is a world class magician and a juggler. He approaches ball manipulation in a way never seen before. A truly inspiring work” Pipo Villanueva.

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Doc Eason – Bar Magic (3 DVD)

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Your front row seat is reserved for this rare, in-depth look at the working repertoire of the master bar magician of our time. Peppered with lines, bar bits and jokes, this “Doc”umentary features guarded, highly commercial secrets which bring celebrities and locals back again and again. Twenty years of non-stop performing at the Tower have turned Doc Eason into a pro at the top of his form. You’ll watch these tapes over and over for the sheer joy of seeing how much fun magic can be.

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3G Trick by Kyle Littleton

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3G is about to become your go-to pocket effect. We say “pocket effect” because it was created specifically to be performed in impromptu settings. It uses the most casual of props: a pack of gum. You show the gum clearly between your otherwise empty fingers and shake. The gum VISIBLY transforms into a different brand and color. You shake again. AND AGAIN it visually transforms brand and color. At this point, you can HAND OUT the package of gum for examination, and invite your spectators to help themselves to a piece.

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