3G Trick by Kyle Littleton

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3G is about to become your go-to pocket effect. We say “pocket effect” because it was created specifically to be performed in impromptu settings. It uses the most casual of props: a pack of gum. You show the gum clearly between your otherwise empty fingers and shake. The gum VISIBLY transforms into a different brand and color. You shake again. AND AGAIN it visually transforms brand and color. At this point, you can HAND OUT the package of gum for examination, and invite your spectators to help themselves to a piece.

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Bojan Barisic – Double Silk Production

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A fantastic production of 2 silks (60×60 cm). This gimmick was designed to give you freedom of movement and there is no body movement restriction before or after silk productions. All metal parts of the gimmick have been cut on a CNC machine and tested to make sure they will serve you for years. Same gimmick could be used to produce card fans, bills and other small objects from bare hands. A beautiful effect that will enhance any manipulation routine. Comes in a set for left and right hand with 2 silks, flasher, 2 card fans and a DVD.

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Jump Cube by Syouma

A Rubik’s cube puzzle that is thoroughly mixed is placed on the palm of the hand. Just tossing it over from the right hand to the left with the pom-poms a couple of times, you’ll get the whole picture – it is completely solved! The complete cube can then be handed over to the audience. Very easy and amazing! It is also recommended for beginners.

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