Chain Gain by Rouis Yamagishi

Impossible to Win the game?

Chain Monte without Table…

Magician makes two loops with a chain, between two hands.

Now the magician asks the spectator to play the game.

The rule is very simple.
#1. Ask the spectator to insert their finger into one of the loops.

#2. If the chain is tangled up with their finger — It means the spectator WINS the game.

#3. If the chain is slipped out of their finger — It means the spectator loses the game.

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The American Sticks by Scott Alexander

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The classics are performed for decades and even centuries for a reason. Audiences love them. They are routines that fool and entertain everyone. The Chinese Sticks is one such classic. Top pros over the years have used “The Sticks” from Tommy Cooper to Roy Benson to Gaetan Bloom. The American Sticks is a combined effort of a great routine by Scott Alexander and the best set of Sticks ever made by craftsman George Millward.

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Off Side by Rizki Nanda & RN Magic Present

This is what they said about Off Side:

“Rizki’s Matchbox effects will ‘light up’ your performance, truly ‘striking’ magic!” – Dave forrest (Professional magician & Creator of new best seller effect called “LOXELY”)

“So visual, well done!!” – Finix Chan (Creator of best seller effect called “JAIL BREAK”)

Off Side is an unique solution from Rizki nanda a magic creator and performer to make a solid matchstick through a solid matchbox effect anywhere and anytime.

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