Static Levitation by Manoj Kaushal

Static Levitation - magic

Static Levitation allows for some very magical looking effects. You can suspend bills or other objects in mid air. As if they have been frozen there. There is no hand above and you hand below moves freely.

Features 5 phase theatrical routine for close-up, stand-up and stage.

Each phase has been refined to optimize the use of the Static system. Movements are minimal and simple for anyone to learn. The method is relatively easy, which help the effect to appear effortless and fluid- exactly as a levitation should look.

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Rubik’s Dream – Three Sixty Edition by Henry Harrius

Rubik's Dream - Three Sixty Edition - magic

This just might be the “holy grail” of Rubik’s Cube magic. This unbelievable shell fits over a Rubik’s Cube and locks into place, so even a spectator can hold it. Then (and this is the part that is hard to believe), you can twist the cube with the shell on it. How does it work? You need to see it to believe it.

Henry Harrius brought us “Rubik’s Dream,” the hit sensation Rubik’s Cube trick from 2017. This new shell, RD360, is the perfect companion to the original, but allows you to do many new and exciting things. The tutorial is 70 minutes long and features 8 new routines, including the Akira Solve, which is visual madness.

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Acidus Globus Billets by Millard Longman

Acidus Novus by Millard Longman Instant Download

“Acidus Novus is my absolute favorite method for peeking secret information. 100% sure fire every single time!” – Cody S. Fisher

When you talk to any of the best mentalists on the planet and ask them what the perfect billet peek is, chances are good they’ll say Acidus Novus. Millard Longman’s Acidus Novus peek has long been a coveted technique by the very best in the business.

It’s one of the very few peeks that doesn’t require a switch, or even for you to completely open the folded paper. This is Millard Longman’s Acidus Novus, presented by Richard Osterlind.

In this fully detailed instructional video, with full permission from the creator of the move, Richard Osterlind teaches you everything there is to the Acidus Novus peek.

Even if you are already familiar with this diabolically simple move, Richard teaches a few of his personal touches that make it even more deceptive.

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Paperclipped Special Edition by Jay Sankey

Paperclipped Special Edition by Jay Sankey – DVD – Discounted Magic

As performed by Keith Barry on the Ellen Degeneres Show! Experience the mind-blowing modern classic like you’ve never seen it before! Featuring TONS OF BRAND NEW MATERIAL including:

“SHROUD” – The signed card is discovered folded, paperclipped and WRAPPED IN MASKING TAPE!

“PAPERCLIPPED PREMONITION” – The completely impromptu handling! You fold the prediction in front of the audience, fry them with the classic PC routine, and then astound them with a BRAND NEW BONUS CLIMAX!

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Tokyo Magic Carnival – Secret (5 DVD)

Secret Vol. 1 5 By Tokyo Magic Carnival Ars Takeshi Taniguchi ...

Secret Vol. 1 Ars-Takeshi Taniguchi by Tokyo Magic Carnival
Secret Vol. 2 Ponta the Smith by Tokyo Magic Carnival
Secret Vol. 3 Shimpei Katsuragawa by Tokyo Magic Carnival
Secret Vol. 4 Nobuyuki Nojima by Tokyo Magic Carnival
Secret Vol. 5 Dr. Sawa by Tokyo Magic Carnival

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David Blaine – The Magic Way

David Blaine Special 2020 Airs Tonight on ABC | ABC Updates

Magician David Blaine performs reality-defying magical acts; featured celebrities include Odell Beckham Jr., Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen, Dave Chappelle, James Corden, Bryan Cranston, David Dobrik, Dr. Dre and Jamie Foxx.

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