Pop Change by Julio Montoro and SansMinds

Color Changing Drink has been a popular magic plot for decades; mostly involves changing the content or the packaging with a cover. For the very first time, our friend all the way from Spain, Julio Montoro, brings you a revolutionary way to perform the classic plot in the most visual fashion. Imagine holding a can between your bare hands, sleeves up, with a simple gesture and it visually changes to another beverage.

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LOOPS Unseen Forces


Make objects move by Unseen Forces…Imagine making a spoon move across a table without touching it…Or how about make a lemon wedge float from one glass to another…This amazing product comes with 20 invisible elastic bands and a DVD that shows you all of the popular tricks! Magic Makers is greatful to bring you Unseen Forces thanks to Marty Grams… “Thanks Marty!”

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