False Messiah By Fraser Parker (PDF)

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From False Messiah:

False Messiah is my first limited edition hard bound book containing some of my greatest work to date. Only 200 copies of this book will ever be printed. Effects include:

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True Mysteries 2 by Fraser Parker (PDF)

True Mysteries 2 is the sequel to the groundbreaking and highly acclaimed first True Mysteries book and DVD by Fraser Parker. In this book you will learn the real work Fraser and co author Gavin O Rourke- Soccorso use to create the illusion of hypnotic trance and feats of seeming hypnosis, without the use of such states or the need for actual hypnosis.
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Memoria by Fraser Parker (PDF)

Following on from the tremendous success of our premier book release, Isabella’s Star, Magicbox is proud to announce the release of our second book titled MemoriaMemoria is the brainchild of Fraser Parker and details the complete work on his most powerful close-up mentalism creation to date. In this book, you will find the full history of Memoria, including additional thoughts by Dee Chrstopher. It also contains an incredible variation from the one and only Pete Turner.

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AOK 2 by Lewis Le Val (Video+PDF)

“AOK2 is a wonderful close-up Q&A act you can do with just a few blank business cards. This refinement of his popular and best-selling routine is worth every penny. Both the handling and presentational aspects are exhausting covered by Lewis as well as every variation possible. Nothing is lacking here. Get this download, study and practice it and you will have a top-notch routine you will use for the rest of your career.” – Richard Osterlind

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