Fraser Parker – Mentalism Fundamentals

Fraser Parker - Mentalism Fundamentals (Video Download) | e-Mentalism


For the first time, Fraser shares, his unique side ways thinking of many of the classic principles of Mentalism.

In this video Fraser discusses his unique sideways approach to many of the classic techniques of Mentalism, covering his use of the centre tear within a close up environment under the guise of a challenge situation – explaining his Now Show principle, where thoughts are seemingly pulled out of a participant’s mind, without any visible compromise or drawn out process.

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ESP-ionage by Gary Jones

Gary Jones’ AMAZING effect, ‘ESP-ionage’ from the ‘Automata 3’ DVD is undoubtedly the most talked about effect on the disk! It’s so good and so easy, it’s criminal!

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Force-Sight by Colin McLeod

Force-Sight will provide you with the ability to pick three people at random, have them think of any question they like and not only will you reveal the exact questions they are thinking of, you will also reveal the specific answer that only they would know.

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