The Whisper Tapes by Lewis Le Val (12 DVD)


The Whisper Tapes Vol 3: Pocket Psychic by Lewis Le Val (Video Downloa – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol 4 Aura by Lewis Le Val (Video Download) – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol 1: The Intuition Effect by Lewis Le Val (Video D – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol 2: The Thought Seer by Lewis Le Val (Video Downl – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol. 5 The Dreamer by Lewis Le Val (Video Download) – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol. 6 Blind Choice by Lewis Le Val (Video Download) – e-Mentalism


The Whisper Tapes Vol. 11 Third Eye by Lewis Le Val (Video Download) – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol. 9 The New ESP by Lewis Le Val (Video Download) – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol.7 Pack of Wolves by Lewis Le Val (Video Download – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol.8 - Psych Forces 01 by Lewis Le Val (Video Downl – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol. 10 Expert Witness by Lewis Le Val (Video Downlo – e-MentalismThe Whisper Tapes Vol.12: Starlight by Lewis Le Val (Video Download) – e-Mentalism

You take out one business card for every person in the group. You then turn to the first of them and ask them to think of their star sign. Before they even say ANYTHING, you write down your prediction on a card. Then, moving on to the next person you repeat this process, again writing your prediction before they say anything out loud.

Once you’ve written a prediction for everyone involved, the stack of predictions are passed around so that everyone can take the card you wrote for them. On the count of three, everyone turns their card face up and sees that not only did you correctly predict their star sign, but everyone else’s star sign too! 

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In & of Itself by Derek DelGaudio

In & of Itself (2020)

A story reveals the illusion of one’s identity in Derek DelGaudio’s modern allegory, IN & OF ITSELF. New ways of seeing the unseeable are explored, as memories from yesterday, inexplicable events witnessed today and secrets imagined for tomorrow all blend together, creating a perpetual paradox of a show. The writer and producers of NOTHING TO HIDE reunite with executive producer Neil Patrick Harris to present this theatrical experience, directed by Frank Oz.

Have you seen the brick?

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Vision Deck Tutorial by W.Eston, Manolo & Anthony Stan

All the way from France, Vision Deck will allow you to perform real miracles that your spectators won’t forget!

The deck is shuffled and then spread face up to show that all the cards are different. Then the spectator thinks of a card without naming it and without writing it down somewhere, he just thinks of his card.

After trying to guess the card, you put a single card under your hand. You then ask the spectator to name his card for the first time, you raise your hand and it is exactly the spectator’s card! But the

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Folie A Deux by Luke Jermay – Jermays PK Touch

Luke Jermay – Folie à Deux – Jermays PK Touch (Original pdf) – erdnasemagicstore

Folie à Deux – Jermay’s PK Touch

* Please note – for the first 48 hour this instant download is being offered at the discounted rate of £60.00.  After the first 48 hours the price will increase to £75.00 and it will not be offered at a low price again.  Get yours now! *

“Folie à Deux” takes the neoclassical “PK Touch” premise and expands it to a new staggering depth, in the most direct manner imaginable.  It typical Jermay style a radically new way of looking at

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Celebrity Scorch by Stephen Macrow (Video+PDF)

Mathew Knight & Stephen Macrow – Celebrity Scorch Instructions (Gimmick not  included) – erdnasemagicstore

Make a scorched image of a celebrity appear in a burst of flames on the back of ANY blank, signed card!

A project more than half a decade in the making, Celebrity Scorched is a signature effect in the working set of one of the UK’s top magicians Mathew Kight. Released in collaboration with Stephen Macrow, this powerful piece of visual magic has been refined over 100’s of performances for live audiences.

Celebrity Scorched is one of the most unique ways to hand out a business card. This one-of-a-kind souvenir will leave every audience speechless and ensure they will always remember you

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Luke Jermay – Heavy – Utterly Convincing Demonstrations Of Supernatural Powers

Please note: Jermay “Pro-Line” products will not be available anywhere else, ever.

Heavy is the first in the “Pro-Line” series of releases. It is a collection of 3 professional performance pieces as well as a utilitarian theatrical framing to performing in close up settings that transforms the experinece into a miracle for your audience and a special bonus item!

The manuscript focuses on demonstrations that produce an utterly convincing experience of a bold supernatural claims. This is material that could be used to create a following of true believers. In

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13 Escalones del Mentalismo

13 escalones del mentalismo | Bar Mágico

El manual por excelencia del mundo del mentalismo. Descubre junto a Tony Corinda los métodos y técnicas más efectivos en el arte de leer la mente.


Tony Corinda, uno de los genios de la magia mental de nuestro tiempo, descubre paso a paso, los métodos y técnicas más efectivos del arte de leer la mente. En los Trece Escalones del Mentalismo descubrirás y aprenderás a:

Leer el pensamiento de miembros del público.

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