The Legacy of Phantini with Richard Osterlind (only Premium)

Phantini was one of the world’s most successful performing mentalists in the 50s, 60s and 70s. His material was ahead of its time, and as devious as it was bullet-proof.

Unknown to even today’s top pros, Phantini’s mentalism has been studied, modernized and further polished by one of the most successful and influential mentalists alive today, Richard Osterlind.

With their forces combined, you’re getting underground secrets, combined with modern techniques, all presented by one of the most experienced TEACHERS of mentalism in the world.

Included in this product are SIX full-length polished routines, including a bonus book-page forcing technique that alone is worth the price of admission.

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Roasted by Iain Bailey (only Premium)

“I bloody love the way you’ve taken something that has been restricted to stage/parlour use for decades and made it practical for the close-up or even casual performer.” – Ken Dyne

Prepare to ROAST your friends with Iain Bailey’s new premium blend prediction effect!

You are sat sipping on a flat white in your favourite coffee shop and your buddy asks to see a little magic…

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Nick Lewin’s Ultimate Electric Chair and Paper Balls Over Head (only Premium)

All you need are thirteen paper napkins, an empty chair, and THIS ROUTINE! 

This routine is one of the most highly commercial and laugh-filled effects in the business. It was the centerpiece of Nick’s professional show for many years. He is now passing on the full details of this classic routine for the first time, every detail of Ken’s routine, plus the many changes, improvements and additions he developed are taught in detail.

This routine was one of the keystones of Nick’s career as a corporate magician. Thirty-six years later it is still great and timeless entertainment! Nick Lewin is one degree from Ken Brooke and he enjoyed six hours of instruction directly from Ken on the Electric Chair and Paper Balls Over Head. Ken came in on his only day off, Sunday, to teach Lewin his treasured routine.

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ROGUE – Easy to Do Mentalism with Cards by Steven Palmer (2 DVD) (only Premium)

Bildergebnis für ROGUE - Easy to Do Mentalism with Cards by Steven Palmer

Bigblindmedia presents

ROGUE – Easy to Do Mentalism with Cards by Steven Palmer (BBM186)

On ROGUE Steven Palmer teaches you how to use a pack of cards to perform absolute miracles. With Steven’s brilliant psychological chicanery and a handful of easily achievable moves you will be armed and ready to unleash what looks like REAL mindreading powers.

Central to this this project is VOID – Steven’s acclaimed ‘thought-of-card’ revelation. This is a true POWERHOUSE of a trick. It might just be the fairest ‘think a card’ you will ever do with a normal deck. ‘Void’ gives you all the power of the ‘Koran Deck’ or the ‘Mind Power Deck’ but with a (slightly tweaked) regular deck of cards!

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Out of My Mind by Spidey (R Upload Nitroflare)

Imagine being able to identify the color of face down cards. In the spectator’s hands. After the cards are cut – and shuffled. From a normal deck.

Based on a concept originally published in 1958. A spectator holds 10 cards face down. You’ve never seen the cards, yet you can identify the color of each one with COMPLETE accuracy. EVERY time.

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