Code Breaker by Michael Murray and Gregory Wilson

“You will learn how to get into somebody’s LOCKED iPhone” -Gregory Wilson

“This scares the $#@! out of people.”

You know that warning label you sometimes see? “For entertainment purposes only”? This trick needs that ALL over it… cause in the wrong hands.. not good.

No apps to install. This is the real deal.

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Sherlockian (2 DVD Set) by Ben Cardall and Titanas

Today’s audiences crave for something modern and current. That is precisely what you get with this dvd set Ben Cardall, being a cross between Sherlock Holmes, Dr house and a cousin we all wish we had, can provide you with exactly that! From knowing the contents of your spectators pockets, to what they do for a living, to becoming a human lie detector.

In age where the ability to read people is king, Ben provides you with the material to show your audiences that you can!

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You can read their mind!

While your back is turned, your spectator selects an object out of many and then mixes them. When you turn around, you know exactly which object she has chosen.

Note: This trick requires you to perform it with a friend.

Download the video and learn how to perform this mindreading effect!

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Psypher PRO by Robert Smith

“By far, best impression device I’ve ever used.” – Platt

“This thing is freakin awesome.” – Cameron Francis

“This is the last impression device you will ever need.” – Dan Harlan

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DEVIL IN DISGUISE 2 BY PETER TURNER (only Premium) (Re Upload)

Bildergebnis für Devil In Disguise 2 by Peter Turner

Note: “Devil in Disguise 2” will be limited to 250 copies for worldwide sale.  

“This is the project that I’ve always wanted to capture and I am happy to say that I have! It took more than 12 months but we got there in the end. I’ve been very quiet on the details so apologies for the radio silence to all that have messaged me about this project”. – Peter Turner

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Escalators By Peter Turner (2 DVD)

A few years ago Peter filmed a project which showed his take on Annemann (and friends) work that was titled ‘Jinxed’ – A project which contained updated variants and effects inspired by effects that Peter felt were overlooked gems (From PME).

In the last few months, Peter has tackled (In video form) Corinda’s 13 Steps in which is being titled ‘Escalators’.

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