Overboard by Timothy Krass

“This is my kind of mentalism: simple, pure, personal and fun to perform. The routine is absolutely solid and works under almost any circumstances, on stage or in casual settings. You basically cannot fail with this one!” – Nico Heinrich

“Timothy’s demonstrations of Overboard worked beautifully in my last show ‘Insanity’. As a matter of fact, it was the highlight of every night. He has taken some principles that have been around for a few years and added his modern twists to it. I, Keith Barry, wholeheartedly endorse this project. Not only that, but I think this will drive people…overboard.” – Keith Barry

“Timothy’s Overboard routine is a masterpiece of entertaining mentalism. With nothing other than a business card and a pen (and you don’t even need those!) you can create a show anytime

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Mythology Codex by Phill Smith

Mythology Codex

Mythology Codex is the remarkable new work from UK mentalist, author and artist Phill Smith. This powerful, vivid book is an updated collection of his notable works to date, along with a whole range of brand new, never before seen material. Within its pages are updated contents from his revolutionary books Mitox, Yokai and Mokele, including the full work on the amazing utility methods Quinta and Interl8ced, plus the smash hit effect Stegosaurus.

Mythology is a luxurious 372 page full colour hardbound book packed with colour illustrations and over 80 hard hitting real-world effects and in-depth essays exploring the art of mentalism.

For a complete breakdown of the contents of the book, click here

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Manhattan Transfer by Max Maven

“A cunningly simple yet deceptive method for a hands-off miracle. This could also be presented as a long-distance “Card At Number” that’s strong enough to close your show.” – Michael Weber

“Manhattan Transfer is a lie detector test complete with free choices and real magic spells. Max’s placement procedure has me fooled even after watching the explanation.” – Jared Kopf

“I love it, finally a very straight version of a “Lie Speller” routine which is easy to perform and to follow for your participant. You receive also a PDF which makes any sort of “jazzing” (which I enjoy a lot!) a piece of cake.” – Jan Forster

In these strange new times, magicians and mentalists are exploring new conditions. Shows are performed from afar, using Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and other technologies. Creating amazement

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Mental Cookies by Hanson Chien

Mental Cookies by Hanson Chien - Trick - Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc. -  Wholesale Magic

Mental Cookies from Hanson Chien combine Oreos and Mentalism to create unique and memorable routines. Your audiences will literally get to see their thoughts transmitted into an Oreo, providing a visual moment that is sure to leave a lasting impression on every audience.

While the possibilities of Mental Cookies are seemingly endless, you’ll also receive in-depth tutorials for 5 mind-blowing effects that allow you to take full advantage of these high-quality gimmicks:

Photo Prediction

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Checkmates by Max Maven

“I like everything about this. Max’s method for allowing the spectator to use a handful of coins as if they were dice is diabolical and worth the price of admission.” – Michael Weber

“Checkmates proves that choice and fate don’t stand a chance against Max Maven. The performance is a lesson in itself on how to deliver concise instructions with clarity and wit. The look on Michael Weber’s face when the second pair of cards matched is the same one I had on mine. Best of all the method employs mathematics pioneered by one of my favorite geniuses and early mathemagicians, Carl Friederich Gauss.” – Jared Kopf

“A wonderful routine that will fool also people knowing the principle behind Max’s “Redivider”. And you learn an approach using coins that you can use in other contexts. I couldn’t stop

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Thought Theatre by Lewis Le Val

One of Lewis Le Val’s best releases yet is finally here! This, is Thought Theatre.

Why is it so good? Because everything you do in these routines is completely real.

Yes, real!

There is zero deception involved, yet you can perform this material without fear of failure.

What is Thought Theatre?

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Two-Headed Prediction by Christopher Barnes

Two-Headed Prediction by Christopher T. Magician

Two heads are better than one! Especially when they’re attached at the neck! Check out the pictures and the video trailer! Christopher T. Magician’s Two-Headed Prediction, from his best selling book “Just For Fun,” is now available at AmazeKids.

What’s in the box?

  • A Two-Headed Zebra/Giraffe that stands 10″ high
  • A Hilarious Double-butt Zebra/Giraffe that stands 4″ high

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