Card Tricks

Groove Electric 2.0 by Doc Docherty

“I watched the video half a dozen times and I still did not have a clue. I was totally fooled.” – Allan Ackerman

“Groove Electric combines a clean mechanical action with an optical swindle, and the result is something beautiful to behold” – David Regal

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Movable by Mario Tarasini

In this download, the creator of ‘QuickSilver’ brings you a new “Moving X” effect. A card is selected freely by your spectator. You draw an X on the back of the card, and the X moves to another location on the back.

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Median by Eric Stevens

We here at Sansminds are happy to bring you Median from Eric Stevens; a classic torn and restored effect with a surprise twist.

Imagine yourself tearing a card and visually restoring it in an unlikely way.

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Prime Shadow Spring by Ben Prime

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Gets our vote for sickest move of the year.

Ben Prime has taken a flourish we use every day when handling a deck of cards and transformed it into an outrageous sleight that can turn up the visual appeal to 11, or fly completely under the radar. Either way, it’s stunning in its clarity.

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Mirror Transpo by Bogdan Voicu

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Quick, simple, and direct. Transpose 2 cards in the blink of an eye!
Bogdan Voicu brings you his direct and visual 2-card transposition, The Mirror Transpo. You display 2 different cards to your audience and place them face-to-face; slightly askew so that both cards are still visible. With a gentle wave, the cards inexplicably change places.

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Bodden Bag Vanish by Felix Bodden

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A card in a ziplock bag vanishes, and everything can be shown.Our great friend from the Dominican Republic, Felix Bodden, has given us an opportunity to play with real magic again!

The Bodden Bag Vanish is an extremely visual and clean way of vanishing virtually any small object.

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