Card Tricks

Gabriel Lavoie – Survivor Change

Welcome to the Survivor Change, a beautiful, very natural looking, super visual and angle-friendly change of one playing card into another. In this tutorial, you will learn all the moves and subtleties you need to perform this stunning one-handed color change. Sit back and enjoy the Survivor Change.

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Anthony Owen – Miracle Monte

What starts as a simple game of three-card monte takes a hard left turn when the money card vanishes only to reappear in your pocket. Anthony Owen has taken a classic in magic and updated it with some simple gaffs and clever thinking. Miracle monte combines a classic gambling effect with a stunning transposition.

Here’s what happens: Three blank cards and one money card are introduced to the audience. After demonstrating the simple game of find the money card one of the blank cards is openly and fairly placed into the performer’s pocket. The money card is mixed into the remaining blank cards and what follows is a series of increasingly impossible transpositions leading to the money card vanishing altogether and reappearing in the performer’s pocket.

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Luke Dancy – Under Control

Under Control by Luke Dancy | Ellusionist online Magic Shop

Luke Dancy is back with a piece of mischief that allows you to control or switch a card out in the open. When Luke showed this to us we were all doing a double take because the move happens in the open, right under your eyes – but flies right past, undetected.

The performer casually places a single card, sight unseen, in his pocket and has the spectator name any card. ‘Mis-hearing’ their choice, the wrong card, the ‘pseudo mate’, is removed and cleanly left sticking out of the deck.

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Nicolas Robeste — Le Tour Impossible

Le tour impossible - Nicolas ROBESTE Arteco - boutique de magie et ...

Ce tour fera le bonheur de tous les cartomanes débutants. Vous n’avez rien à faire tout le paquet travaille pour vous. Très simple à réaliser et surtout, quand on est débutant on fait toujours les tours aux mêmes spectateurs (famille, amis…) et beaucoup de tours ne peuvent pas être présentés plusieurs fois. Ici aucune inquiétude, le résultat sera toujours différent. Bref si vous êtes débutant foncez…

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Shrink, Fall, Squeeze presented by Dan Harlan

Tommy Wonder was an incredible performer, well-known for his smooth sleight-of-hand, masterful misdirection, and devious devices. And now, a modern master of magical creativity shares his favorite Tommy Wonder creations with you as Dan Harlan presents “The Best of the Books of Wonder.” Lesson five is Shrink, Fall, Squeeze. This highly visual card routine is the fifth of ten lessons that Dan Harlan brings off the page and into your hands.

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Myth by Mark Gray

A thought of card, a random number and an impossible double revelation!

Mark Gray has finally released the effect that he’s been slaying both magicians and lay people with for the past few years.

Myth unique plot combined with an ultra-clean handling makes for an incredible effect that hits them right between the eyes! Imagine the following…

Two decks of cards are introduced, One deck is opened and spread showing that the cards are in a random shuffled order, the other deck is left untouched for the time being.

Your spectator is asked to name a card as they cut the open deck, thus changing the position of every card in that deck.

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