Card Tricks

Big Brother by Brian Connor (only Premium)

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Your phone will be able to name any playing card the spectator chooses. NO FORCES. NO SWITCHES.


A deck is brought into play. Borrowed it doesn’t matter. No one sees the faces. The spectator chooses any playing card and keeps it face down. You now ask your Google assistant what card the spectator has chosen.

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Thetalia by Ian Rowland

“I’ve been performing it for 25 years” -Ian Rowland

A card trick with NO EXPLANATION.

1. Grab a borrowed, shuffled deck and WITHOUT LOOKING AT A SINGLE CARD, you’re ready to begin.

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Level One by Christian Grace (only Premium)

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This is a slow-motion, visual vanish of a deck of cards.

What does it look like?

You have a card chosen and replaced in the pack. The cards, in clear view, are gently waved, and half the pack slowly disappears. Another wave of the remaining cards and all the cards vanish. Except one. The selection.

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The Monte by Alan Rorrison (CARDS INCLUDED) (only Premium)

“A monte that lets you use a freely selected signed card and does all the work for you? Sign me up!” –Nick Marshall

“This routine is a perfect example of Alan’s approach to magic. A fantastic concept brought together in a clean and stylish routine that’s hard hitting and mystifying.” –Mat Parrott

This is everything you’ve wanted in a monte. Your spectator CAN CHOOSE ANY CARD. Then, they CAN SIGN THE CARD. And then you… with ONE HAND can do more monte-magic than anyone ever thought possible, and in the end, even make their card vanish entirely!

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Seamless by Glenn West (only Premium)

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In collaboration with Lost Art Magic, we bring you Seamless by Glenn West.

Glenn has spent years developing an impromptu handling to tear up a playing card, and restore it piece by piece leaving no creases or folds… just one solid seamless playing card.

In Seamless the magician takes a spectators selection and tears it into four individual pieces, all without pre folding the card into quarters. This is exactly how it should look when you ask someone to tear a card.

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Zen by Luke Dancy

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There are tricks and then there are the moves that make them happen. In Zen Luke Dancy breaks down 2 new utility moves that can be used together or stand on their own as part of your other routines.

In this demonstration of Zen Luke has a card selected which then incredibly finds its way back to the top of the deck and is seen to correctly match a prediction that’s been sitting out in the open all along.

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MEMORY AT THE CARD TABLE by Joseph Barry (only Premium)

In this video download Joseph Barry teaches his prized routine ‘Memory at the card table’. You’ll be able to memorise a shuffled deck and instantly deal winning hands of blackjack and poker – all using minimum actual memory skill!

“Some of the best card work I’ve ever seen; absolutely mesmerising, bewildering and above all inspiring.” – Daniel Madison

“Joseph barry is an exciting new talent on the card scene, combining original moves and bold methods with an insight into how lay people really think. You never know quite what to expect and you will be fooled.” – Justin Higham

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