Card Tricks

Boom by Fernando Mier (Video+PDF)

“Visual and flash that will bring life to your act”
– Dani Daortiz

“The most impressive card transformation I even seen…”
– Ayala 

“In times where we have to reinvent and adapt to new ways of performing, Fernando Mier comes with a powerful, visual and brilliant effect that feels like true magic”

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Skymember Presents ELIXIR RED by Lyndon Jugalbot

Introduce Elixir, a MASTERFULLY CRAFTED ROUTINE that was precisely designed to PROMISE GREAT REACTIONS.

Elixir kickstarts our very first “Worker Series.” Created by our in-house artist Lyndon Jugalbot, well known for his worker effect “Unwritten.”

The restore is highly visual, and your spectator can feel and does the magic. Words cannot describe how magical Elixir is. You need to check out the trailer.

  • Sure-fire method.

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InstaCAAN By Joel Dickinson

After placing a prediction card face-down, you introduce a deck of cards and a participant or two decide on a number between one and fifty two.

The cards are freely counted down to your spectators decided number, arriving at one card. AMAZINGLY their selection matches your prediction PERFECTLY.

The effect doesn’t stop there, you have now set up your audience for the unexpected finale. You spread the deck of cards face up, revealing EVERY card is completely blank. Leaving your audiences astounded.

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Dani DaOrtiz – Trinity ACAAN

Welcome to TrinityDani DaOrtiz’s masterclass on control by making it look like you have absolutely no control. It is the perfect blend of chaos, “free choice,” and psychology.

In Trinity, cards are randomly handed out and shuffled. One person memorizes a card and then all the cards are returned to the table. Now you take another borrowed deck and have the spectators choose 3 random cards to create a number. With only one finger, you then count down to that number in the original deck and miraculously, it’s the spectator’s card.

This is as clean as it gets, if it were a window your finger would be squeaking.

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A really sneaky method that will fool you!
ACAAD is an effect I created a long time ago and I have performed it for laymans and magicians always getting great reactions.
The theme of the effect immediately catches the attention for its originality.
This is a Magician fooler!

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CATCH ( I catch the card you think )by Joseph B

Catch is a truly amazing effect! The spectator thinks of a card and the magician is able to catch it on the fly! There is no way! IT IS ALSO AN IMPOSSIBILE LOCATION!
With this routine you can fool many many magician! The method is subtle, as always with JB’s effects. A great impact!
YOU END CLEAN! You can contruct the gimmick at home, you have all the material at home!

No short cards!

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