Card Tricks

Fisher’s Dream by Inaki Zabaletta and Vernet

“The Lasso Card Trick” is one of the favorite classics of all time. Now imagine you can do it anytime anywhere with a freely selected card and signed by the spectator. This is the most practical, fooling and amazing version of the classic “Lasso Card Trick” you will ever see! This is the version for you!

A shuffled regular deck of cards is handed out to a spectator. A card is freely selected and signed. A regular paper bag is handed out for examination. The selected card is lost in the deck and all the cards are thrown into the paper bag. The magician shakes the paper bag shuffling all the cards inside. Now he takes a rope by the end and introduces part of it into the paper bag. After a few

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The Expert at the Classic Pass by Akira Fujii

“For twenty years, Akira has studied the classic pass. The results of his investigations are available on the new DVD, The Expert at the Classic Pass. As the title suggests, Akira is, indeed, an expert at this move. The good news for purchasers is that he clearly and concisely covers all the details that go into a deceptive pass. He also explains the evolution of his handling of the pass, including an excellent method for the cover pass (this by itself would be worth the price of the DVD). His final method for the classic pass is a thing of beauty; it is a sleight that can be performed at a natural, unhurried pace, and which merely appears to be a squaring up of the deck.”

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Turfbite by Zolo

Turfbite is a super visual torn-and-restored card effect based on Danny Weiser’s Skyline. While many effects in the magic world deal with torn-and-restored cards, Turfbite is a new idea, a new routine, and finishes with an amazingly visual restoration.

Includes: Gimmicks and a Link to Online Instruction

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SaysevenT – LINK (cardistry project)

In 2007 flourish card is very cool and had become trending.

D&D is a flourish master and who first introduced what is a flourish card.

flourish card is the art of manipulating the card by shaping it into a beautiful movement.

divided into 2 variations namely CUT and DISPLAY.

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Tear Drop by Nicholas Lawrence

A freely selected card is signed and the corner is torn off and placed into your spectators hand. An indifferent card is introduced and placed face up on top of the deck, the signed/torn card is placed face down on top of the second card. The Magician riffles the deck and the cards visually & instantly switch places, Completely restoring their signed card.. Immediately hand out both cards for examination!

A brand new concept with a deceptive gimmick That’s incredibly simple to construct.. Use any playing cards and make your own TD gimmick in under a minute! Once you learn this technique you

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