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Antonio Satiru presents LACED

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Your spectator chooses ANY card (no force). The selection is signed and placed back into the deck. The deck is tossed in the air. Then, just like Bruce Lee, you KICK the cards in mid-air. Your audience loses their collective mind as they notice the signed selection is

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Charades By Dan Ives

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Do you want a brilliant mindreading effect that is easy to do?

Are you looking for an amazing piece of Mentalism that is not only entertaining BUT is totally fooling?

Need a super cool deck that allows you to do a myriad of different effects?

Then Charades is the Alakazam release for you.

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Fire When Ready by John Bannon (2 DVD)

After the bestselling smash hit releases ‘Bullets After Dark’ and ‘Bullet Party’, John Bannon is finally ready to close out his ‘Bullet’ trilogy. The third and final entry is Fire When Ready, a veritable feast of card magic delights. Fueled by Bannon’s inimitable style of easy-to-achieve, yet staggeringly powerful card magic, this is a project you NEED!

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FU2 by Lloyd Barnes

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An explicit piece of art that jumps up in the middle of a trick like a hilarious jack in the box.

They think you’re doing the best mystery card trick on earth… maybe you are.

A prediction is placed on their hand and they’re told not to look. They then choose a card. (It’s a force… No B.S. here)

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