Magic Package

R. Paul Wilson LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) (only Premium )

This is the act R Paul Wilson performs regularly when he wants to entertain his friends, or important clients. It is perfect for casual situations where you want to share more than just “a couple tricks”, but instead, perform a complete act. Everything you need to perform this act can be borrowed on the fly or easily obtained in most venues.

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Patrick Redford LIVE 3 (Penguin LIVE) (only Premium)

“For those of you who have seen Patrick work before need no introduction. In the past 10 years or so he has built up an international reputation for his brilliant and inspired thinking in the mentalist arena. You will not get any pipe dreams here. Just powerful and practical audience tested mysteries you will definitely want to use!” – John Carey

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At the Table Live Lecture Andi Gladwin (R Upload Nitroflare)

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With over 15 years of performing experience and a wealth of knowledge about the magic industry and history, we are absolutely delighted to have Andi Gladwin join us for an At the Table Experience like none other. Andi’s Sleight of hand is second to none and his magic is world class (he was the only UK magician to perform at Obama’s inauguration in 2013). Join us and get ready to have your card magic be forever changed. Modern Crime: Andi’s stand-up presentation for the classic Ring, Watch and Wallet premise, with some clever handling tips and ideas from excellent stand-up magician Jack Wise.

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