Magic Package

Jibrizy – Penguin LIVE ACT

Jibrizy, The Hip-Hop Illusionist, is an award-winning magician from Penn & Teller: Fool Us. He is the youngest magician to win on the show. Jibrizy is well known throughout the Chicago area where he frequently captures footage for his web-series “Limitless.” Jibrizy has gained over 30,000,000 views on his YouTube videos. He began practicing magic at the age of 9 and started his YouTube channel 5 years later at age 14. Since then, he has grown into an online magic superstar. Jibrizy is also a magician for the Chicago Bulls. You can catch Jibrizy doing magic before the game or at the half-time event at the United Center.

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Juan Tamariz LIVE 2

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“Tamariz’s theory eliminates all possible solutions, leading the audience across the rainbow into WONDERLAND.” –Roberto Giobbi

“He’s fooled me worse, AND more times than any magician on the planet.” -Rick Lax

“Juan Tamariz is the Leonardo Da Vinci of our time.” -Christian Engblom

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Paul Vigil LIVE ACT

“Paul Vigil is entertaining, charming, way funny and delightful- but we didn’t care about any of that, we just stared at his hands… and he still fooled the bullshit out of us!” -Penn & Teller

“Paul Vigil is soft-spoken and humble, but behind that compelling demeanor is a diabolical mind. He is one of the best magicians working today!” -Lance Burton

“If I had a gun to my head and had to do something completely 100% astonishing to save my life, I’d hire Paul to do it for me.” -Paul Harris

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Takamiz Usui LIVE ACT

“What an incredible lecture! Whether you are a Magic Cube expert or a beginner you will learn some Amazing techniques and routines. Takamiz is without a doubt the Top creator of Cube Magic in the world!” -Marc DeSouza

“Takamiz is the Master Cube Magician, He has inspired Thousands and continues to create amazing Cube Magic.” -Nicholas Lawrence

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Lior Manor LIVE ACT

“Lior Manor may not be well known in the magic world, but that’s because he’s too busy flying around the world (always in First Class) doing shows for major corporations. He is known, however, to the elite of the magic and mentalism world. I have been to several of his lectures and, often, most of the attendees are other leading professionals. They come because they know Lior

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At The Table Live Lecture Justin Miller 2

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One of magic’s most creative and talented performers returns for his second At The Table LectureJustin Millerwill not only explain his go-to routines and workers, but you’ll also get a chance to see him perform in front of a live audience and discuss the effects with our guest star, Eric Ross. You’ll learn audience management skills, tips on cleaning up your magic and how to make your sleights imperceptible. You do not want to miss this gold-mine of a lecture. Join us as we welcome Justin Miller for his 2nd At The Table Lecture.

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Ian Rowland LIVE ACT

“Every time Ian Rowland performs something I stand in awe at the cleverness of his routining, thought processes and execution of the things he creates. I have seen Ian slay in a variety of different performing arenas and if you want to learn solid hard-hitting mentalism pay attention to everything this cat has to say!” -Pete Turner

“Ian Rowland is always on our radar. His significant contributions to mentalism and cold reading are essential for serious students of these arts. His routines are clever and creative, for sure, but Ian also shows you how to get the most out of them, how to connect with your audience and –  as he often says – ‘make magic meaningful’. ” -Jeff & Tessa Evason

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