Drew Backenstoss LIVE ACT (only Premium)

“Drew is a consummate pro in all respects – meticulous about every aspect of his show, careful to establish and nurture the who, the why, and the how in a way that doesn’t simply deliver entertaining mentalism only, but allows you to experience true theater.” – Atlas Brookings

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Queen Amy Phone Effect by Alex Pandrea (only Premium)

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Queen Amy is a simple yet POWERFUL phone effect where you cause the wallpaper on the phone to CHANGE from one thing to another. The possibilities are truly endless with this. You can use the effects we provide for you OR it’s just as easy to create your OWN effects using this principle. Once you know the secret you’ll be blowing minds right away!

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Manuel Llaser LIVE ACT (only Premium)

“The magic of Manuel Llaser is strong, clever, intelligent, professional magic. Everything is good!” –Juan Tamariz

“Manuel Llaser is one of my favorite magicians in the whole world. He not only has great ideas, well tested in multiple performances all over the world, but also has a unique and potent personality, and has natural entertainer skills. Really, follow my recommendation. Do not miss Manuel Llaser’s Penguin Live Act!”  –Woody Aragon

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Fill in the Blank by The Other Brothers (only Premium)

This is the kind of outside-the-box thinking that made the “Other Brothers” so popular with pros.

Using the popular and hilarious mad-libs style fill-in-the-blanks story, you’re able to make a series of predictions, with 100% accuracy of what your spectator is going to write in the blanks.

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Dice Switching by Jason England

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TWO methods for secretly switching one pair of dice for another. For educational or entertainment use ONLY.

Over 30 minutes of instruction by Jason England, one of the foremost experts on card cheating and sleight of hand. Within this download, Jason England walks you step by step through two techniques of switching one pair of dice for another. Invisibly. Undetected.

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