Prime Shadow Spring by Ben Prime

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Gets our vote for sickest move of the year.

Ben Prime has taken a flourish we use every day when handling a deck of cards and transformed it into an outrageous sleight that can turn up the visual appeal to 11, or fly completely under the radar. Either way, it’s stunning in its clarity.

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Mirror Transpo by Bogdan Voicu

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Quick, simple, and direct. Transpose 2 cards in the blink of an eye!
Bogdan Voicu brings you his direct and visual 2-card transposition, The Mirror Transpo. You display 2 different cards to your audience and place them face-to-face; slightly askew so that both cards are still visible. With a gentle wave, the cards inexplicably change places.

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Eyepopper by Johannes Mengel

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Terrifyingly Real

Eyepopper is the definition of “coin from an impossible place”.

A twisted piece of magic. Brought to life by the chilling mind of Johannes Mengel. Author of multiple Ellusionist hits including Breaking Pointand Break Through, Johannes only creates effects that leave the spectator’s jaw on the floor.

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Kneill X – The Last Prediction

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A self working, insanely clean and utterly impossible Open Prediction!

The magician writes a prediction and places it in full view of the audience. A spectator takes a freely shuffled pack (yes, freely) and deals cards face up onto the table until they choose to deal one card face down.

This selection is secured under a rubber band on the card case and remains in full view, protected from any chicanery by the band.

The spectator now continues dealing through the remainder of the pack face up. Everyone watches the deal, looking for the predicted card in the face up cards dealt. It does not appear.

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Bodden Bag Vanish by Felix Bodden

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A card in a ziplock bag vanishes, and everything can be shown.Our great friend from the Dominican Republic, Felix Bodden, has given us an opportunity to play with real magic again!

The Bodden Bag Vanish is an extremely visual and clean way of vanishing virtually any small object.

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