Penguin Live Lecture Magick Balay

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“Magick Balay is not only the greatest magician I know, but the best Magic demonstrator I’ve ever seen.”David Roth

“Magick has been a strong influence in my tastes and performance since day one, when I met him as a teenager. He was the first person to show me that magic can actually be cool. As a real worker, he truly understands the craft, and his lecutre shouldn’t be missed.” Doug McKenzie

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Desert Rose by Chris Randall

“How much audiences love this trick will SHOCK YOU.”

I’m going to say something that will surprise you: When you make a rose out of a napkin, you don’t even NEED to do magic. It’s THAT much of a crowd pleaser. And before I actually did it, I didn’t believe it. I COULDN’T believe it.

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Liberty Vanish by Masuda

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The famous David Copperfield’s Vanishing Statue of Liberty, which he performed on TV shows, is now made easy.

Of course, we can’t vanish the real Statue of Liberty, but the Statue of Liberty in the picture disappears visually and instantly.

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At the Table Live Lecture Kyle Littleton

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We’re glad to welcome Vanishing Inc’s own Kyle Littleton for an At the Table Experience. Best known for his effect 400 Lux, Kyle is one of the most refreshing innovators and thinkers to hit the scene. His lecture offers something for every skill level, and his presentations are filled with wit, humor, and honesty. Learn effects with cards, coins, stickers, gum, and bills. Here are some things

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Jack Carpenter’s PRP Revisited

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“We wanted to make sure you saw the full performance in the trailer, from start to finish. Yes, we know this is a routine that could be pieced together by a skilled card magician without purchasing but we hope that you will be interested in learning the finer points.

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Eclipse by Dave Loosley

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This trick DESTROYS magicians.

Here’s why:

1. A card is chosen from a BLUE pack AND SIGNED.
2. From your back pocket you pull out a RED prediction card with the words “MY PREDICTION” on it.

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