BankWave by John Carey (only Premium)

“Oh man, that is so clever, it fooled me badly the first time I saw it, and even the second time watching it, I wasn’t sure! Finally a completely different and diabolic approach – I wish I would have had John’s idea!” – Jan Forster

“Bank Wave checks off all my boxes for a great routine. It’s simple In concept, direct in plot and completely interactive. Congratulations are in order!” – Michael Kaminskas

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Sal Piacente LIVE ACT (only Premium)

“Sal Piacente is best known as an outstanding magician and respected security consultant to casinos around the world. But his passion is the art of memory, for which he is an extraordinarily gifted wizard! His new show, “Rain Man,” is the culmination of decades of dedicated study and practice, and it offers a spectacular and entertaining exhibition of super-human skills that is guaranteed to blow you away!”– Steve Forte

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REMATCH by Bob King and Kaymar Magic (only Premium)

One of the undisputed masters, Bob King, regularly creates and performs the sort of magic that not only destroys laymen, but also magicians!

REMATCH is no exception. It is a feature routine, with a totally MIND-BLOWING kicker ending! Audiences love this because they get to make decisions throughout the entire routine.

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At the Table Live Lecture by Chris Randall

Las Vegas Native, Chris Randall is here with his out of this world At The Table Experience. You may have seen Chris perform on Masters if Illusion or even the Magic Castle, but did you know that he’s been working on the Las Vegas Strip for 15 years?

With original material published in Magic Magazine, Genii among his numerous DVD’s such as Sugar High, Magic at the Bar, Sweet,

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Delicious Change by Tumi Magic (only Premium)

Audiences love magic where one object VISUALLY CHANGES into another.

With Delicious Change, you can transform a small pack of gum into a LARGE chocolate bar RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES!

This extreme visual change is perfect for performing for a crowd OR for a single person. The spectator(s) will see NOTHING even from a few centimeters away! You can create different routines with Delicious Change. Your limit is up to your imagination.

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