Ferran Rizo – Money, Money, Money

The old-fashioned magician takes from its wallet four credit cards that place clearly on the table. Then he reveals that under each card is a coin. The four coins are staked on the centre of the table. He takes a tube made of dollar bills and cover the pile. Magically the coins one by one are send back to the credit card. As a big finish the last coin transform into a golden one. And a bunch of golden coins appear under the tube. A truly visual and magical effect

Magic for the serious student. You will learn all the routine details

Download the video and learn now!

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LTA Bill Switch by Juan Pablo

“Can you change this One-Dollar bill into a One-Hundred-Dollar bill?”

Now with LTA Bill Switch you will be able to fulfill your audience’s request!!!

A few years ago, Juan Pablo created an impromptu version where you can transform four, examinable One-Dollar bills (the spectator can even lend you the bills), into four examinable One-Hundred-Dollar bills!!!

  • No gimmicks.
  • No glued bills.
  • No magnets.

Now Juan will share his final word on the subject. He will teach you, step-by-step, every detail to make this routine a true miracle. With an easy set-up, and just eight normal bills this will become an essential effect in your impromptu daily magic arsenal.

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Bruno Copin – It Was You

It Was You - magic

Signed card to Wallet is a great effect, but often lacking in premise. It’s time to take that effect and turn it into an experience; one that will stick with an audience and not let go. Welcome to It Was You.

In this “experience”, a signed postcard travels to a sealed envelope, but that hardly encapsulates the impact of this effect. That comes from the beautiful and romantic hook provided by Copin, which takes your spectators on an emotional journey that will tug on their heartstrings and leave them with a souvenir to anchor the impact for years to come.

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Justin Miller – 4 On the Floor

4 On da Floor by Justin Miller

4 on tha floor was originally released on a limited release DVD I did called backstage access. It’s a move I created originally for a single card back in 2003. It was published in a magic periodical not in existence anymore, then put it in digital form on the DVD.

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Jeff Kaylor – Bait & Switch

Bait & Switch — The Kaylor Option

Any time I do close up magic, this is my go-to card routine. In fact it is one of the only card routines that I do.

  • 3 phases that build to an incredible climax in the spectator’s hand.
  • Extremely visual
  • Great for restaurants where there can be a lot of interruptions.
  • Easily customized for your corporate clients and their message.
  • Versatile – If people see it multiple times in a night, you can switch up parts of the routine to drive them nuts.
  • 3 full live performances included with killer reactions to display the many ways the routine can end.
  • Professional In-studio instructions

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