Secrets of Pickpocketing by James Brown & Daniele Sicorace

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Pickpocketing is all about being able to dance in and out of someones personal space without them being aware. However, as entertainers we must only use our powers for good. In Secrets of Pickpocketing: The Beginners Guide to Master the Art of the Steal by POWA Academy, professional UK pickpocket and magician James Brown shows you how to do so ethically in the context of a theatrical environment.

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The Gift by Joe Rindfleisch

Joe Rindfleisch has done it again. Now you can leave your spectators a gift to remember you by.
Joe has packed in a lot of magic in this download. He also teaches a version of Jumper which by its self is worth the price of the download!

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Katch by Junpyo Kim

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”I saw XXX’s XXXXXXX XXXXX at 4F and absolutely loved it. It’s one of the most impossible looking skill demonstration one can do.” – Denis Behr

It is finally out!

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X Change by Julio Montoro and SansMinds

If you have the ability to turn ‘permanent inked drawings’ to real life object, what will you do?

Julio Montoro from Spain, has come up with an amazingly commercial way to materialize or visually change sharpie drawings on a spectator’s single, signed, card; the magic happens right underneath their signature!

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Bizness by Bizau Cristian (Re Upload)

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Nearly Two Hours of Romania’s Best

In this debut collection from Romania’s foremost card-star, Bizau (Biz, for short) spills ALL the secrets that have made him an internet sensation and a coveted lecture name across Europe. Fresh off his first lecture-tour, Biz presents his first studio-shot DVD that tips all his quirky card work. Change a card by rubbing it with your tie. Find the card in the deck that can’t be shuffled, and more. Sound intriguing? It is. He has an absurdist approach to magic and humor, and both are on display in Bizness. More than 20 items completely explained.

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Phantom Deck by Joshua Jay (Re Upload)

Imagine at the end of your close-up performance, you cause every card in the deck to turn TOTALLY TRANSPARENT…in the SPECTATOR’S HANDS! This is one of the strongest closing effects possible with a deck of cards. You can do it anywhere, standing, no table required, and it resets instantly.

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