Smooth Operations by Kevin Ho

Introducing the card magic and flourishes of Kevin Ho, Smooth Operations is a 60 page book explaining an array of new material for both the curious student and seasoned pro with over a hundred photo illustrations for an enjoyable learning experience.

Kevin is a rising young Singapore-based magician with some serious talent. As a flourisher, he’s already earned a reputation as one of the best. His style is fresh, ultra smooth, and extremely visual. And his magic is no different. Learn 5 effects, 4 sleights, 3 productions and 2 flourishes in 1 kick ass manual on card magic.

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IN YOUR MIND by Joseph B

IN YOUR MIND is a powerful effect that you can perform anytime anywhere with a borrowed shuffled deck!
The spectator thinks any card and then the deck face up and face down and the magician will be able to predict the exact position of the card the spectator is thinking. Not only this … but there is a final surprise, a real kicker!
With this effect you can also deceive your fellow magicinas! This is almost self working!

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Double O by Agustin

Maybe most of you are familiar with Google tricks. It’s a free program that you can use to perform a magic trick using Google.
Now, Agustin comes with his version.
Show a Google’s picture on your cellphone to the spectator and let them choose a card. Ask them to focus on the 2 letters O, and visually that letters turn into a their selection card.


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Sonic Wave by Higpon

Minimum movement, ultra fast coin sleights, penetration, transform, and vanishes!

Sonic Wave is a very practical and visual coin sleight of hands, with minimum movement and at ultra fast speed.
The small movement will be almost impossible to see from the spectators.
There are no gimmicks involved.

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CLIP’S by Thinking Paradox

CLIP'S by Thinking Paradox® TRAILER on Vimeo

From the creators of PINCH, Thinking Paradox team (Manuel Leal, Edhu and Adrian Carratala) presents you this new effect inspired in a concept by Arnel Renegado. Imagine to ask someone to take some color clips, one is held at the tip of your fingers, other one is placed in your mouth by a espectator. You just blow the clip from the mouth to the hand’s one and they link in midair! Of course they are really linked so you can give away for examination inmediately. No changes or dificult handling is required. Learn to perform this completly impromoptu and highly visual clips linking in less than 5 minutes.

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Ultra Lucky Coin by Erik Tait

“This is my new favorite version of this plot, which kills me because it’s better than mine.” –Jon Armstrong

“Things I won’t leave my house without: Keys, Wallet, Phone, Cards, and now Ultra Lucky Coin.” –Robert Ramirez

“I have been lucky to play with Ultra Lucky Coin and I must say it is ultra effective! There are already several strong and practical routines you can perform with what you get and there is still room for personal ideas and variations. Well done Erik!” –Boris Wild

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Tik Tok by Mario Tarasini

Show an empty TicTac box and a coin. Visually toss the coin in to the box and the coin will melt through it!!!
Upon learning the secret, you will immediately want to rush out and perform it.

Additional Supplies Will Need To Be Purchased To Perform This Effect.

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