TBTE : The Blind Third Eye by Peter Turner

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Peter Turner – TBTE The Blind Third Eye

It’s the difference between “How did you do that?” and “Since when have you had these abilitites?!”

Imagine walking up to a spectator, you ask to borrow an item and just by holding that item you’re able to reveal a personal piece of information… their exact birthdate!

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Escalator by Gaetan Bloom

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Imagine a spectator freely selecting a card from a normal shuffled deck and signing its face. The performer then shuffles the signed card back into the deck and returns the deck to its box.

Then the performer slides two face-up jokers halfway into the card box on top of the face-down deck (the jokers can even be paper-clipped together). The two out-jogged jokers visibly penetrate down through the encased cards to the bottom of the deck and then visibly rise back up through the cards to the top of the deck. The performer dumps out the deck and spreads the cards. A single face-down card is sandwiched between the two jokers; it’s the spectator’s signed card!

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Jay Mattioli – Sandz

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You have seen the greats perform this one…Doug Henning, Jonathan Pendragon, Luis DeMatos…and now you can too, FOR REAL! This piece of magic has been published in magic books and even sold in different variations and yet, at best, all you would receive is a few baggies of sand with some vague instructions.

For the first time, the classic Sands of the Desert routine (aka Hindu Sands) is being released to the magic community as a beautifully detailed, entire package with absolutely EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PERFORM THE EFFECT! The effect is timeless and can be performed from 3 feet to 203 feet away from your audience. You may have been turned away from this effect in the past because of all the details and “things” needed to pull it off masterfully.

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Scatter by Zihu

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Some of the best magic is with natural objects. What’s more natural than a pack of gum! Introducing Scatter, a pack of gum magic by Zihu.

Scatter is a perfect visual opener. The performer takes out a pack of gum and shows both sides, before making the wrapping vanish and immediately handing out the gum! Scatter is visual, examinable,

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Preconsleeved by Gregory Wilson & David Gripenwaldt

Two coffee sleeves create a stunning sympathetic effect. Whatever you draw or doodle on one sleeve magically appears on the other. You then repeat the effect while a spectator holds the second sleeve. The method is crazy simple and the presentational possibilities are crazy fun.

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Bullet Proof Sleeving by Justin Miller

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Justin Miller is back with the definitive guide to sleeving, combining over 30 years of self-taught experience and knowledge. Justin Miller brings you the tools to becoming a master sleever, packing in three decades of tried and tested tips, tricks, and ideas into an extensive two-hour tutorial.

“It’s a secret assailant to murder your audience. That’s what sleeving is.

– Justin Miller.

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John Cornelius – The FISM Act

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John Cornelius is one of the most creative magicians in the world and the first American to win a F.I.S.M. World Championship of Magic competition (First Place in Close-Up, 1979). In 1985 he decided to enter the card division and once again won first place. For that competition, he designed a very special act titled “Every Card Trick In The World In Under Ten minutes.”

The video begins with John performing his award-winning act at the Magic Castle and then going to a studio where he teaches the multiphase act that is full of startling and visual card magic. You will learn the entire act in great detail as he teaches you how to construct the props, setup the act and perform all the effects and techniques. The video ends with an interview with John where he discusses how he ended up entering and winning his first FISM award.

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