The Vault – Social Distancing by Danny Urbanus

Social Distancing is Danny’s take on the zigzag effect. Inspired by Ade Rahmat’s Distancing and brought to a more practical effect. The participant folds a card and then the performer will show the most visual zig zag effect.

It’s so direct after the effect is done, you can immediately give the card back to the participant. Only one card in play, easy to make gimmick and fun to practice and perform. Perfect for your social media and live performances.

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The method for this miracle is a miracle! So sneaky and ingenious! The Gimmick is something that opens the door to new ideas because this technique is also a VERY powerful weapon!

The title says it all! This effect will fool anyone! Even the most experienced magicians! A revolutionary and incredibly surprising technique! You will be able to find the card the spectator cut into a shuffled and borrowed deck , under incredibly impossible conditions. Really easy to do, no slight of hand.

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Quick Change by Sultan Orazaly

Quick Change by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD | Wunderground Magic

perform amazing visual restorations, changes, productions, and vanishes!

In this video, you’ll be taught how to make a gimmick that will enable you to do all of the above. Looks incredible – truly, just like real magic!

Download the video and start learning!

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Fork Through Finger by Axel Hecklau

“Axels handling is shocking great! FTF is an experience that goes literally through all the bones!” – Tobias Dostal

“FTF by Axel Hecklau takes my effect Pen Through Finger to a whole new level! Not only does it get my consent but my HIGHEST recommendation! If you think you know Pen Through Finger – think again!” – Matthew Johnson

“If you only want a short explanation of the trick, you should definitely leave it alone. Even if you don’t like the trick as such, you can learn a lot about the approach, the psychology and the

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Printable Four Outs by Blake Vogt

Now you can make your own gimmicks! This download comes with a printable PDF file so you can print your very own Four Outs gimmick off your computer and make them say whatever you want. OR, you can use the photoshop file included to have your Four Outs gimmick say whatever you want so it comes out of the printer saying your outs!

The Four Outs gimmick allows the performer to fairly display a folded up piece of paper and then effortlessly unfold it to reveal any one of four different outs. From the moment you print the file, it will take you less than four minutes to glue and fold your very own unit.

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Juan Tamariz presented by Dan Harlan

Perform a miracle card discovery from the other side of the planet. Developed by the master of Verbal Magic, Juan Tamariz, and presented by Dan Harlan, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is an incredible card effect that is great to perform on Zoom, Skype, even over the phone. Direct from Juan Tamariz’ amazing book Verbal Magic, this effect is a truly remarkable card trick that will leave your audience speechless.

Here’s what happens:

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