Flick by Mario Tarasini


Show an empty bottle and a coin. Visually toss the coin in to the bottle and the coin will melt through it.
The bottle is then handed to the spectator for an inspection and to keep.

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Random Odds By Derek Ostovani

“This is one of those ‘event’ effects. Done well, nothing can follow it. Just walk off and become a local legend.” – David Regal

“Derek took individuals methods that are incredibly strong and combined them into a single serving of awesomeness” – Ryan Shlutz

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2,000 Knots by Nevin Sanchez

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Over the past three years Nevin has perfected and refined both versions of his broken and restored rubber band, both at restaurants and private events.

In this 20 minute download you will learn two different ways of breaking a rubber band tying a knot in the band only to visually restore it. You will also learn a transposition effect using one of the knots taught.

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PCAAN by Michael O’Brien

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“Pocket Card at Any Number” is a clean ACAAN type effect featuring an awesome move called the “Pocket Utility Switch.” The spectator chooses a card and it is lost into the pack. The spectator can then deal as many cards as they like (a completely free choice). The card they stopped at is set aside and revealed to be the chosen card!

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