Interception by Mystery Mark

Interception by Mystery Mark -

There are countless sandwich effects and variations, but they rarely gostraight to the point. With Mystery Mark’s ‘Interception’, a random selection gets buried in the middle of the deck and two preselected cards willinstantlylocate it or make it visually appear when waving them above the deck. It cannot get straighter to the point than this, and it can even be executed withmultiple selections. All clean, all impromptu, all magic.

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The Longitude by Dominik Mastrianni

The Longitude - Dominik Mastrianni - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

The Longitude takes the standard “Z-Grip” to a whole new level and opens the doors to man’y new concepts in Cardistry. Watch as Dominik maneuvers packets of cards around each other, reminiscent of Jacob’s ladder – an ancient folk toy which results in a visual illusion of one block after another flipping over.

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SPIT by Scott Creasey

SPIT by Scott Creasey DRM Protected Video Download

For the first time in this 15 min video (yep 15 min it’s that easy) Scott reveals the business card peek he has been using in his close up mentalism performances for many years.

No manufacturing or craft skills required, no peek wallets, no business card cases, no envelopes, no special pens or any other paraphernalia, just your business cards and a pen.

One totally impromptu method, one requiring a one off 30 second set up and three variations to suit all styles.

Drop half a dozen of your own business cards in your pocket along with a pen and you are all set to perform drawing duplications, reveal words, names, PIN numbers, perform remote viewing or impress with your x-ray vision.

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Turnantula by Bob Farmer

Turnantula by Bob Farmer

Customer rank: +3 -1

“The sleight … is to my knowledge new and is certainly a lovely maneuver promising wide applicability. If anything can shine through the welter of material being published today, I should think this sleight deserves to. It is quite simply, very, very good … your applications … [are] … excellent in their construction.” – Stephen Minch“… [Turnantula] … is quite excellent and I have never seen anything like it before.” – Roy Walton

“The venomous bite of the Turnantula caused me to see outstanding close-up card magic that may not have been possible otherwise. Buy it now before an antidote is discovered and

spoils everything.” – Richard Kaufman

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Wallet by Nicholas Lawrence

From the mind of Nicholas Lawrence comes wallet.

wallet. is a deceptive utility device disguised as an everyday minimalist wallet that allows the performer to accomplish visual effects, including a variety of magic routines that look and feel effortless!

With wallet. you can perform:

  • Transformations

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