The Misdirection Sessions by James Brown (Part 3)

Misdirection is one of the most misunderstood concepts in magic.

  • Many think it’s covering a small action with a big one. 
  • Others think it’s getting you to look over there, while the dirty work happens. 

Both groups are wrong… and James Brown is here to tell you why. 

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MasterClass 1 - La ilusion - Gkaps

Under section MasterClass collection, Juan Tamariz performs and explains his trick “La ilusion”.

Now, you can watch to the master near you! We hope you enjoy it.

2 Videos (Effect and Explanations)lusion”. A previously unpublished effect.

Localization cards on the spread, emotions, working with some spectatores around the magician, reading the expression of the spectators, relaxation…

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Melero Rings by Ernesto Melero

Melero Rings by Ernesto Melero on Vimeo

To truly evolve a classic of magic, you must re-write the rules!

We are so excited to partner with Ernesto Melero, an underground magic legend from Venezuela, to present a revolutionary new linking ring set.

Using an original and innovative gimmick, “Melero Rings” redefine the industry standard for close-up linking rings. They allow you to perform all of your favorite linking rings routines, while also unlocking the ability to achieve the impossible by performing never-before-seen links and unlinks—including linking and holding all four rings with just the top ring held at your

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Impossible Puzzle by Nico Guaman (Video+PDF)

The magician shows six “puzzle cards” and that they are different. He then says that he will test the ability of the spectators, the first spectator chooses a puzzle and makes it while being timed. A second spectator chooses another puzzle and sets it but this time it’s more difficult, he will do it face down. After the playing and joking comes the magic. All the puzzles are mixed, it is shown once again that they are different. Now the magician says that he has a prediction and that he trusts that the spectators will put together the card that he predicted. The spectators choose the pieces they want, they change as many times as they want. In the end they decide on a final puzzle. When shown it’s a total mess, no pieces match. apparently, the magician has failed. But when the prediction

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Guess Card by Esya G (Video+PDF)

Esya G magic present is proud to introduce Guess Card

Guess cards are punched cards with the shape “?” (question mark) that can change to the form of a card of the spectator’s choice!

The magician shows a punched card with the shape “?” (question mark) then put it in the wallet and the wallet was also held by the spectator.

Ask the spectator to choose a card and memorize it (for example 5 Diamond’s).

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