Cigatration by Chris Westfall

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At Vanishing Inc. Magic we strive to find the best renditions of our favorite routines. Ever thought about doing “Cigarette through Coin”? For us, this is THE version to perform. It has it all: visual, surprising, and utterly clean. The advent of flash paper and keys (as prongs) elevate this trick into a strange and wonderful performance piece. If you

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Guaranteed Prediction by Mike Pisciotta

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A playful routine thats perfect for the bar or poker-night, Mike Pisciotta’s Guaranteed Prediction will at first amuse and then seriously confound your spectators. If a wager is something you love to place, Guaranteed Prediction is the perfect effect. You’ll never lose!

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David Hira LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

“David Hira is a consummate professional who knows that the true secret to magic resides in the ability to connect with an audience and, without regard to the particular miracles they may have witnessed, have them leave with a smile on their faces. Otherwise stated, David

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Agape by Ekaterina

Paper Crane Magic is proud to present Ekaterina Dobrokhotova. In a short time Ekaterina has earned the respect of many of the best card magicians in the business. With her unique style combining elegance and skill she has captivated audiences all over the world. Now exclusively at Paper Crane you can watch her in her first instant

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