ATM by Michael Murray (PDF)

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ATM combines a very clever mix of principles and ideas which will allow you to seemingly determine a spectators exact PIN number.

The spectator thinks of their PIN number, you openly write four digits for the audience to see. When these numbers are shown to the spectator they react in amazement confirming for the audience that they are looking at their PIN number.

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Sucker Peep by Mark Wong

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A card is selected from a thoroughly mixed deck. It is then randomly lost and the deck is mixed.

The deck is then replaced into the card box.

In spite of this, the magician names the card out loud. Offering to explain its modus operandi, the spectator’s attention is drawn to a hole cut on the card case where the index corner should be, which makes it convenient for the magician to peep at the selected card provided.

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Election by Chris Kenner

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As you deal cards onto the table, your spectator is simply asked to say YES or NO – pairing various groups together. The NO row is turned over to show it contains pairs that don’t match.

The YES cards are revealed to match perfectly – in both color and value.

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Master Course Sponge Balls by Daryl (4 DVD)

Sponge Ball Magic always mystifies and delights audiences whenever it is performed and has become an essential element for magicians worldwide.

Now, renowned Master Magician, DARYL, brings you the first and last word on the subject with the 4 Volume, Essentials in Magic, Master Course on Sponge Balls.

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The Hole Thing by Chris Mayhew

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Our newest release comes from the twisted mind of Chris Mayhew, in his theory11 debut. For the first time on video, he presents a brilliant spin on the age old Sandwich plot. This is the Holey Grail of sandwich effects.

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