Date of Birth By Fraser Parker (PDF)

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“This is crazy! No hype, 100% honest the best DOB divination to me”. Means Kim

“To me, that’s Fraser’s best work to date. Pun intended, sorry for it. But seriously. It’s not just a single principle, but rather a whole complete system for revealing the star sign, month and day of the spectator. They could even make one up if they would like to. Nicely done Fraser Parker!” Ori Ascher

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NOMAD COIN by Sultan Orazaly and Avi Yap

CGI level visual magic has been taking the magic industry by storm lately, but it is either too angle sensitive or insanely hard to pull off in real life situations. What if we told you that you can perform a super visual and impossible coin change, that doesn’t require any knuckle busting sleights?

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At the Table Live Lecture Dirk Losander

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With performances across Europe, Asia, the US, and Australia, it’s safe to say Losander is a World-Renowned Magician that has been captivating audiences for years. Known for enthralling even the most skeptical spectators, Losander’s magic is sure to inspire and delight! Using simple tools, you will learn how to perform and improve some of your existing magic while bringing your effects to the next level. You will even learn how to animate small objects and perform with magic bubbles! Yes, he gives you all the secrets to his world-famous floating bubble routine. Join us for a new, original experience and a lecture that will unleash your full potential with Losander, right here At The Table!

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