Mint-O by Liam Jumpertz (only Premium)

A COMPLETE sellout sensation at Magic Live and Blackpool!

Imagine the scene: when traveling to Australia, we saw a young man performing a FANTASTIC street show. And amidst the classics, he did something we had NEVER seen, and the crowd went crazy – a range of emotions, from screaming to covering their eyes to laughing to silently dazzled.

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Red Medicine by Mark Calabrese (only Premium)

“Easy to do and a wildly clever method! It’s the kind of magic we love.” –The Other Brothers

“This has been my trick to fool magicians at conventions, I love this effect” –Shaun Dunn

1. You BORROW A DECK of cards if one is available. Otherwise grab your own ORDINARY pack.

2. You then ask someone to name ANY card. They take the deck of cards under a table or behind their back, and BY INSTINCT ALONE remove ANY CARD from the deck, turn it face up and cut it back into the deck.

3. The cards are spread, and the only face up card is THEIR THOUGHT-OF CARD.

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SLIPSHOT by Chris Kenner

Image result for SLIPSHOT by Chris Kenner

In the action of cutting the deck into two, any number of playing cards instantly shoot out from the center – one after the other, in rapid succession.

A classic playing card sleight taught by a master of card technique.

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Art of Metal Bending by Menny Lindenfeld (VIDEO+PDF) (only Premium)

The Art Of Metal Bending is over 4 HOURS of expert teaching on some of the most visual and powerful magic and mentalism you can do.

For over 20 years Menny Lindenfield has religiously devoted his life to metal bending. Learning what works on stage, what works for close-up, the most deceptive methods and the most visual bends. Included here are the best of the best. These ARE the methods you have been searching for.

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4 Super Power by Angelo Sorrisi (only Premium)

Created by a worker for workers, 4 Super Power is the third magic effect produced by Angelo Sorrisi.

If you’d like to include a beautiful ring/levitation flight routine to your repertoire, 4 Super Power is here for you! It’s the perfect solution — it’s easy to do and has an interesting narrative plot. 4 Super Power is the perfect solution: I think everyone, as a child, thought about this question at least once: 

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Reynold Alexander LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) (only Premium)

“Reynold Alexander is a wonderful magician and has an eye for detail.” – David Copperfield

“Reynold is a hidden gem from Puerto Rico whose lecture has a little something for everyone.
Plus, everything he shares (Close-Up to Stand-Up) is thoroughly audience-tested from his
professional repertoire!”
 – Gregory Wilson

“Reynold is a very resourceful magician whose effects are well thought out and highly commercial.”  -Levent

“I can always rely on my pal Reynold Alexander for a clever, deceptive, new trick. He always amazes me and he will amaze you.” -Joshua Jay

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