The Transpo Tapes by Lost Art

The Transpo Tapes – Lost Art Magic

Each tape holds a secret… How deep does the rabbit hole go? Join Chris Mayhew and his friends Dennis H. Kim, and Ian Frisch (Author of Magic is Dead!) in their Lost Art Magic debut!!

There’s so much fun jam packed into this one project it will feel like you are there hanging and jamming with them!

Learn 3 great card transpositions of varying skill levels. Each routine with its own unique visuals to give the viewer a wide variety of magic to play with!

– You’ll learn an off balance Transpo causing two cards to swap places with a single selection.

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Boom by Fernando Mier (Video+PDF)

“Visual and flash that will bring life to your act”
– Dani Daortiz

“The most impressive card transformation I even seen…”
– Ayala 

“In times where we have to reinvent and adapt to new ways of performing, Fernando Mier comes with a powerful, visual and brilliant effect that feels like true magic”

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XIDD by Chris Rawlins (Video+PDF)

Demonstrate with undoubtable proof that you knew and understood an image only thought of – not drawn, not written, not selected from a list.

Learn how to draw potential clients in with a virtual, fully interactive and exciting demonstration of mind reading.

Duplicate an image over digital media and under test conditions. Cleanly predict people’s actions and choices.

Know and reveal thought of names, destinations and drawings. This is an in depth exploration of a concept that Chris first shared back in 2015.

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Haim Goldenberg & Lior Manor – Pixto

15 years after the huge success of Cryptext, we bring you – PIXTO!
Pixto is a custom designed True-Type font with an interesting property.

You show a mysterious design. When you fold it the secret message appear in a surprising clear view. It can be a word, number, chosen card or anything else you choose to use.

Type anything you want, adjust the font size to suit your needs and you are ready to go!

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Prose and Cons by Thaddius Barker

As mystery performers, we all aspire to engage our audience in demonstrations that appear miraculous and instill them with awe. Prose & Cons was inspired by legendary stories and events and will aid you in accomplishing just that in the eyes of your audience, making you appear to be a borderline miracle worker for which the impossible is possible. Herein you will learn a variety of hypnotricks that can be used by themselves or, more appropriately, in conjunction with the hypnosis routine of your choosing. You will also learn my approach to the incorporation of DR and the inclusion of wonder words as a method.

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Joe Diamond LIVE

“Joe Diamond is a living legend. He is everything that is right with magic!” -Brian Brushwood

“Joe Diamond is dedicated to the art of mentalism, he’s a top flight performer, he studies and cares about mentalism, and he also willingly shares his time with others who could benefit from his guidance.” -Ken Weber

“As a guest on Joe Diamond’s weekly radio show years ago I saw first-hand how well he engages the listeners. He knows how to script and stage compelling magical presentations over the air.

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Think Nguyen – The Coffee Series Episode 3

A serie of booklets to share with you Think’s creative process through original and hard-hitting materials. Mostly based on card magic. Follow his journey into the deep and meaningful understanding of Magic.

Content :

CARRE : probably the cleanest version of touch four cards and they are the 4 aces.

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