The Red Prediction by Daryl

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An amazing prediction effect by DARYL! The magician predicts in advance which card will be chosen by a spectator’s freely selected number. This self-working effect is easy to perform and very easy

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Bipolar by Ram Cohen

A visual color change is one of the strongest reactions you can get in card magic. This brand new gimmick not only allows you to transform a card with just a toss, but it transforms on both sides. Turn a blue-backed joker into a red-backed queen. A precision built card gimmick that looks like trick photography.
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Digits of Deception with Alan Rorrison

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“If James Bond was a magician, Alan Rorrison would be Q!”
– Paul Wilson

Alan Rorrison is one of the top creative magicians in the UK. With multiple sell-out World Tours, TV appearances, consultancy credits (Dynamo & Troy), Magic Castle (Hollywood) and Magic Circle (London) performances, Alan has proven himself countless times to be one of the most exciting, left field thinkers in magic.

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Portable Flap System by Mario Tarasini

It’s not a trick, it’s a system … Imagine that you have an option to change the color of a freely chosen and signed card… Now it’s real… Mario Tarasini introduces his new portable flap system. You can place a special portable flap system on any card to immediately change its color and hand it over to

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