Instant T by Les French Twins

After their best seller Blaze, Les French TWINS are back with an innovative gimmick and an unexpected effect: Instant T.
Les French TWINS bring you more than 10 routines in professional conditions with this unexpected trick that you can easily bring everywhere.
A card is visually changed into a tea bag. Make anything appear within this totally closed and observable bag, thought card, or any object fastened to the end of the thread (it could be a map, a ring,

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Crash Course Ep 2 Visual Change by Shin lim

Crash Course to Sleight of Hand with Shin Lim Episode 2: VISUAL CHANGES -  Events - Universe

Exclusive virtual magic lesson with two-time AGT winner Shin Lim!!

Begin your journey into learning the art of sleight of hand card magic – join Shin as he teaches you tips and tricks to sleight of hand moves. You may even get the opportunity to be featured during the class and get feedback from Shin directly! He’ll go over the fundamentals to sleight of hand, and maybe even some personal behind-the-scenes secrets about his shows to make tricks feel like real magic.

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Symphony By Peter Turner

Symphony is a devilishly-deceptive divination of two selections from a shuffled deck.

Peter Turner is known for bold methods but Symphony’s simple construction means its almost self-working.

The spectators shuffle the deck before and during the routine and impossibly you’re able to tell them what freely selected card they’re both thinking of.

As a kicker, the chaos corrects itself as the deck comes back into perfect red/back order except for the two selected cards.

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Masquerade by Raphael Macho

Masquerade is a very clean and direct penetration and it uses the most common object in 2020 – The Mask.

The two bands of the mask are shown to the audience and the magician very cleanly and slowly rub them together.

The best part is the mask is examinable and can be given to the spectator as a souvenir.

Masquerade is easy to learn and it takes under 10min to build the gimmick.

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