Variations Revisited by Earl Nelson (PDF)

The first privately circulated edition of Earl Nelson’s Variations was published in 1978. One year later Mark Wilson produced the edition that today is considered a modern classic. Now, twenty-five years later, Variations has undergone a complete transformation. The text has been corrected,

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OOBE by Anthony Black (PDF)

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“Another vote here for its ease of use yet stunning appearance. Not just another pipe dream or impractical effect, a solid worker and lovely piece of theatre .I’ve paid four times or more the price of this for PDFs in the past which have left me seething due to their impracticability. For the price of two beers you’ll have a performance piece that you’ll use again and again.”-      Mark Thorold, Creator & Performer

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Free Wallet by Pablo Amira (PDF)

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From the brilliant mind of the prolific Pablo Amira comes another beautiful methodology for apparently reading the minds of just about ANYONE, ANYWHERE, and ANY TIME. “Free Wallet” is such an innocent utility item, that elegantly allows you to accomplish very stealthy predictions in a

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