Without A Trace by Chris Pilsworth

Without A Trace by Chris Pilsworth

Without A Trace is a stunning vanish of a single coin designed specifically for virtual and social media. The 25-minute video tutorial explains everything that you’ll need to introduce this mystery into your virtual show.

Reviews for Without A Trace
“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this product in detail. The visual production and vanish had me screaming,” how the hell?!?!” The explanation made my wonder, “ why didn’t I think of that?!”

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Daklon Deck by Bakore Magic

DVD SULAP Daklon Deck by Bakore Magic | Shopee Indonesia

You show a deck of cards in your hand.
You ask a spectator to name any card in the deck (Free choice).
You show them that on the deck there is a small STICKER with a note….. saying a number (20).
You tell them this note is special because it shows the location of your card in the deck.

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Heads Up by Juan Tamariz presented by Dan Harlan

Predict a coin flip from the other side of the planet. Developed by the master of Verbal Magic, Juan Tamariz, and presented by Dan Harlan, Heads Up is the perfect way to predict a coin flip over Zoom, Skype, even over the phone. Direct from Juan Tamariz’ amazing book Verbal Magic, this effect is a truly remarkable prediction that will leave your audience speechless.

Here’s what happens:

Your audience grabs a handful of change and places it on a table. The audience then makes a series of free choices regarding how many coins they flip. They then choose a coin and cover it with

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MindVention 2021 – Saturday, Sunday, Monday (All 3 Days & Bonus Files Included) (3 DVD)

MindVention 2021 – Saturday, Sunday, Monday (all 3 days & bonus files  included) – erdnasemagicstore

For many years MINDvention was the world’s only open mentalism convention. We would bring together the top performers and presenters working in mentalism with an audience of mentalism pros, semi-pros, and enthusiasts from around the world. For three days, we gathered in Las Vegas to perform, discuss, debate, and share our knowledge about this most fascinating art form.

COVID 19’s grip on the world has only increased since it began, prohibiting the 2020 event from taking place. MINDvention founder Danny Archer has joined forces with Marty Martin, Italy’s

Luca Volpe, and Renato Cotini to create a Virtual MINDvention Convention.

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MindVention 2021 – Richard Osterlind Workshop

MindVention 2021 – Richard Osterlind Workshop – erdnasemagicstore

Richard Osterlind has been producing materials for the Mentalism Community for over 30 years and has produced 21 top-selling videos, written 31 books, and produced and invented hundreds of effects. There is hardly a Mentalist who has not been influenced by Richard.

Richard is a traditionalist and loves to take classics and bring them alive with modern approaches. This will be the primary direction of his workshop. Many of these topics will include Richard’s latest innovations. Here are the topics which will be covered:

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MindVention 2021 – Marc Spelmann Workshop

MindVention 2021 – Marc Spelmann Workshop – erdnasemagicstore

Marc Spelmann – Horizons Workshop

My workshop is very much about all aspects of mentalism and performance and ultimately pushing against limitations, along with mixing certain elements of magic with mentalism. It is called “Horizons” because in order for any art form to grow,

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Card Flex by Mario Tarasini

The storyline is ready made.

Ask people if they’ve seen illusions on TV. Particularly that Zig-zag trick where the magician pulls the girls middle away from her body. It’s that same trick… but close up.

Tell them you don’t have any big boxes, but you want to show them that trick anyway.

You thought you could probably use their bill (Yes, you can use ANY BORROWED BILL) and a playing card from your pocket… you’re a magician, you always have playing cards on you.

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