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Scott Alexander – Standing Up On Stage (6 DVD)

Magic Center Harri Online - Standing Up On Stage Volume 6 Encore by Scott  Alexander - DVD

In Volume 6 of Scott Alexander’s amazing series, you’ll learn key essentials not only of your act itself, but promoting it as well!


Scott opens with a discussion on finding a mentor and how it can be instrumental in your development as a performer. He gives you the secret formula for developing your stage presence. To wrap it all up, Scott discusses encores and “in one” pieces and why you should collect them.

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TINacious by Scott Alexander

“I think this is quite good…took me a second view to get it! Nice!” – Jamy Ian Swiss

“Looking to burn your magician friends too…then get this!” – Jeff Hobson

“TINacious ups your “card in mint tin” game. It’ll fool skeptics, repeat customers, and magicians.” – Curtis Kam

“Scott has come up with a winning solution to the card in tin plot! The sneaky stuff is done in plain sight and totally invisible. No false loads, no action loads opening the box, and nothing to break. This is GOLD for the strolling magician. Bravo!” – Michael Kaminskas

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Comedy Writing Lecture By Scott Alexander

Scott Alexander guides you through his process of writing and engineering jokes and comedy material in this thirty minute workshop. Beginning with the roots of comedy and the Rule of Three, he discusses mining material and situations for humor, joke structure, and how to build your own jokes

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Divining Fork by Scott Alexander

Divining Fork is the perfect impromptu party trick. A card is fairly selected and signed a napkin covers the deck so that no one including yourself will know the location of their card. With a quick thrust a fork is jammed into the deck and through the deck and a startling revelation appears, their SIGNED playing card stuck in the tines of the fork.
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The Color of Mystery by Scott Alexander

If you liked Hanky Panky, you will love The Color of Mystery. Silk magic has that flash and color that really grabs people’s attention. Combine that with an engaging story and you have a “pack flat and play big” entertaining piece of magic.
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MIB UNPLUGGED by Scott Alexander & Puck (only Premium)


In 2013, Scott Alexander and Puck introduced a new concept to the mentalism world with the release of MIB: Message in a Bottle. MIB was an electronic mechanical marvel that allowed for a large-scale written prediction to be accomplished without the use of any backstage assistants. The unit was extremely portable and fit comfortably in a carry-on suitcase. Scott and Puck have received many ideas and suggestions from users of MIB and

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