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Manhattan Transfer by Max Maven

“A cunningly simple yet deceptive method for a hands-off miracle. This could also be presented as a long-distance “Card At Number” that’s strong enough to close your show.” – Michael Weber

“Manhattan Transfer is a lie detector test complete with free choices and real magic spells. Max’s placement procedure has me fooled even after watching the explanation.” – Jared Kopf

“I love it, finally a very straight version of a “Lie Speller” routine which is easy to perform and to follow for your participant. You receive also a PDF which makes any sort of “jazzing” (which I enjoy a lot!) a piece of cake.” – Jan Forster

In these strange new times, magicians and mentalists are exploring new conditions. Shows are performed from afar, using Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and other technologies. Creating amazement

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Checkmates by Max Maven

“I like everything about this. Max’s method for allowing the spectator to use a handful of coins as if they were dice is diabolical and worth the price of admission.” – Michael Weber

“Checkmates proves that choice and fate don’t stand a chance against Max Maven. The performance is a lesson in itself on how to deliver concise instructions with clarity and wit. The look on Michael Weber’s face when the second pair of cards matched is the same one I had on mine. Best of all the method employs mathematics pioneered by one of my favorite geniuses and early mathemagicians, Carl Friederich Gauss.” – Jared Kopf

“A wonderful routine that will fool also people knowing the principle behind Max’s “Redivider”. And you learn an approach using coins that you can use in other contexts. I couldn’t stop

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Rainbow Matrix by Max Maven

“This is THE BEST approach to the number matrix – ever. Max’s method eliminates a problem with the classic approach and does it in a way that makes the entire process more visual, engaging and surprising. A must.” – Michael Weber

“Rainbow Matrix is a wonderful number prediction from the Color Series of Metalism with some excellent additions and tips that even those familiar with the now classic text will want to know about, especially the bonus version with playing cards, which features a particularly pleasing outcome.” – Jared Kopf

“This is Max’s version of the “Matrix Force”, much better than the “original” if you know it. You learn several versions and applications, even using playing cards if you wish too! And alone the

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Switch Doctor by Max Maven

“Just the right amount of hands-on spectator activity and a visual finish that is smart, playful and surprising.” – Michael Weber

“Switch Doctor is an example of one of my favorite mentalism plots, and now it’s one of my favorite versions. Before any of the trick’s actions take place, Max’s participant is already in a state of mirthful anticipation. This fantastic beginning is outmatched only by the ending. Best of all, Max’s discoveries on the history of the trick are as wonderful as the effect itself.” – Jared Kopf

“This is my stuff! The principle behind has fascinated me for years – until today! I really like the construction of this routine, all objects are borrowed or provided by the participant. It is up to you whether you want to perform it as a mere prediction effect or as a phenomenon of influence. The final prediction is in play from the very beginning, the spectator sees it but will not

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Normal Mailer by Max Maven

“A letter-perfect way to easily personalize your performance for both long-distance and face-to-face interactions.” – Michael Weber

“Normal Mailer is an effect that happens on Max’s side of the screen, but this version of bank night could be used in any conditions, both live and in person or over video, as it’s presented here. There’s a brilliant idea for enhancing the illusion when there are multiple people tuning in that has many further applications.” – Jared Kopf

“What a wonderful version of a sort of “Bank Night” effect! You can use it easily under all conditions, live, virtual, stand up, close-up or stage. There are no losers, but for sure there’ll be a big smile on your spectator’s face. And you learn a good lesson how to obtain information before you start – or what to do if you cannot achieve it. All is covered!” – Jan Forster

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Lost & Phoned by Max Maven

“If someone had told me this was an unpublished Al Baker method, I would have instantly believed it. Smart, strong and streamlined.” – Michael Weber

“Lost and Phoned was originally designed for faceless communication over the phone. Max has merged a devilishly deceptive card location with a simple but strong mental presentation. It packs a punch similar to Vernon’s Out of Sight Out of Mind but everything happens out of the mentalist’s hands. He also gives great tips about managing and streamlining the participant’s actions that can be applied in any remote situation, either on video or over a phone call. Principles that date back to the Roman period are at work here, which makes the effect extra fantastic.” – Jared Kopf

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B’Wave DELUXE by Max Maven presented by Nick Locapo

“The best packet trick of the 20th century.” – Eugene Burger

Prediction of a thought of queen, with a three phase revelation.

You bring out four cards and ask your spectator to name any queen. You then cleanly spread those four cards on the table. The only face up card is the chosen queen. Then you turn it over and its

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