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Killer Konceptions 2010 by Kenton Knepper

Killer Konceptions 2010 by Kenton Knepper eBook DOWNLOAD

You already know how great Kolossal Killer is…Now imagine OVER 100 PAGES of new ways to use, set up and perform Killer…Add in over a decade of research and you get KILLER KONCEPTIONS 2010 (The Original Kolossal Killer is NOT a part of this release. You need to have the Original Kolossal Killer manuscript to use the material in this ebook.)

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X book Kenton Knepper (PDF)

X contains over a dozen extremely strong, yet very easy-to-do effects from Kenton Knepper, including pieces straight from his professional act. Kenton’s unique use of linguistics, multiple-reality ploys and “special somethings” make for the sensational impact these effects have on audiences.

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Blank by Kenton Knepper

TWO of Kenton’s classic and most requested effects on one DVD.

“Sleightly Touched”
A deck is cut face up several times, and a card removed from the center of the deck. A spectator learns an ancient system to know any card chosen. The spectator comes to realize that their intuition has been perfect, as each and every other card is blank – save for their choice. Is it real intuition or merely impossible magic?

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