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Welcome to Oz by Justin Miller

“This is fu**ing beautiful! Thanks, for sharing this! I will be doing this all the time.”
– Jared Larson

“Damn, this is so visual! When I first saw the trailer, I thought I was blind seeing that red pop out from that dollar bill. I didn’t expect the trick to be so sleight free too, awesome, awesome piece JM!”
– Dylan

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Justin Miller – Time and Space

Time and Space by Justin Miller - DVD. Davenports Magic

“What if…you could take your audience through time and space, and then be able to give them a tangible piece of their journey to keep forever?”

From the creator of some of the best-selling DVDs like SILVER DREAM and X-MARKS THE SPOT. Justin Miller, comes one of the most time altering effects of his generation. With a story of what time travel might lookl ike if it were possible, this one is sure to go in to your act almost instantly.


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Voodoo from Justin Miller

Justin Miller – Voodoo – erdnasemagicstore

Voodoo. What happens to one, happens to the other.

Justin Miller, the man known for his bold effects, brings yet another instant reputation maker, in Voodoo.

A spectator holds a card in between their hands, as you slowly burn, rip, and practically destroy another card in front of their eyes. Only to reveal that whatever happened to your card, happened to their’s.

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Legend by Justin Miller

FREE Jacked and Open Prediction downloads with purchase

In an attempt to be charitable you explain that one of your audience members has a REAL chance to win some money, let’s say $100 (it can be any denomination of any country). You place a card face down into the empty card-box with the folded, desired currency and you hand the box and money

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Tact-Ful by Justin Miller

An amazing way to show your prediction was correct!

From the mind of Justin Miller and Marc Salem comes this NO force Mentalism routine using an empty Tic Tac case and a small pellet of paper.

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Divorce by Justin Miller

Image result for Divorce - Justin Miller

Justin Miller re-emerges with power on Ellusionist.

Divorce is A-List worker material at its finest. Battle tested in thousands of live performances, the dynamic routine hits in multiple phases, each stronger than the one before.

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