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Henry Evans – Risky Bet

We are completely impressed by this effect! It’s the kind of trick that gathers a crowd at a walkaround show. And at Vanishing Inc. Magic, we look for effects that are different, doable, and commercial. This is the sort of thing you will use IMMEDIATELY. And we love the use of the floor to “set the stage.” It’s a close-up trick, yet it plays big.

In effect, the magician has a spectator select a card from the deck. Without letting the magician see, the spectator can look at and show the selection to the audience. Then the card is placed into the center of the deck and the spectator shuffles it. The magician then claims that with in 2 attempts, he can find the selected card. In fact, the magician is so confident that he bets $5 if the card is

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Henry Evans – Something More Than An Illusion (3 DVD)

If it’s been a while since you’ve watched a magician perform and have sat there totally clueless, you’ve apparently never seen Henry Evans work. And in this, his first ever video outing, Henry generously parts with the secrets that made him a Gold Medal winner at FISM 2000. First, you’ll be slack jawed at the amazing magic that Henry creates…and then you’ll be thoroughly delighted by how it’s all done-diabolical cleverness rather than knuckle-busting sleight-of-hand. It’s out-of-the-box magical thinking that’s relatively easy to do but guaranteed to mystify and delight even the most jaded magical audiences. Henry will make you fall in love with magic all over again!

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3D Advertising by Henry Evans

“Visually perfect. You fooled me completely with it.” -Dan Harlan

What you’re about to see is eye-popping. You won’t believe it the first time, and you’ll need to watch it twice. It’s that perfect.


1. Mention to your spectator that you “travel light” and pull out your card collection (printed on a brochure!)

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Music for Magic Shows by Henry Evans


Original music specially composed by Gustavo Baldrati, an Argentinean musician and a fan of magic, with the purpose of being used at magic shows. Every piece of music has been created with a different kind of magic in mind.

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K.O. Rope trick Ling Fu and Henry Evans

In this truly incredible rope routine, the performer starts with a single rope. He/she then proceeds to cut the one rope in two. Now with two ropes, the performer magically mends the ropes together. After he/she has done so, the magician then without cutting, makes four separate ropes! The magician can mend the ropes into one rope once more and then separate them one last time. All four ropes are examinable!!

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Size : 84 MB

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