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Raising Cane by Gregory Wilson & David Gripenwaldt

Inspired by David Williamson, a spectator uses a napkin to clean out a small cup and its lid to make sure everything is completely dry. The lid is placed on the cup and they hold it high above their head. You pour the contents of a sugar packet into your hand, and shortly thereafter, it completely disappears and reappears inside

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Preconsleeved by Gregory Wilson & David Gripenwaldt

Two coffee sleeves create a stunning sympathetic effect. Whatever you draw or doodle on one sleeve magically appears on the other. You then repeat the effect while a spectator holds the second sleeve. The method is crazy simple and the presentational possibilities are crazy fun.

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Coffee Break by Gregory Wilson

The more common the props, the more surprising the miracle. One of the all-time best examples of this is Gregory Wilson’s “Coffee Break”

Touch, sight, sound. SO many senses are involved in this very real, fun, innocent little brain buster.

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