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Rubber Band Mixtape by Dalton Wayne

“During one of my videoshoots, Dalton showed me the color change and really fried me! His ideas are fresh and very visual. Get it now!” – Joe Rindfleisch

“I Fu**ing Love these effects! Fooled..” – Nicholas Lawrence

“So good! These rubber band effects are visual, stunning, and fun to

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CRE_A_TIVE by Dalton Wayne

Within this package you’ll find four concepts. The effects are not fully formed effects, but rather the building blocks upon which you can create any number of ground breaking magic tricks. This package is designed to cultivate you’re own creative flow, unlocking heretofore unknown personal potential.

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CHUNK by Dalton Wayne

In this download you will learn how to bite and restore an apple using TWO methods!

ALSO as a BONUS learn a very unique torn and restored sticker routine!

Enter the forbidden chamber of Dalton’s haunted hotel room for over 20 minutes of content, including hilarious goofs, skylarkings, and monkeyshines.
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Osmosis by Dalton Wayne

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Osmosis is a gimmick that can be used to create many amazing effects.

You can take any object up to the size of a cellphone and have it melt right through a soda can. The object can be signed if desired. It even works on factory sealed cans of soda. You are able to show the can 360 degrees around before and after the effect, as the object really IS in the can. Your hands are completely clean and empty.

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