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Chris Mayhew – Lazy Rise

Lazy Rise - Chris Mayhew - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

You insert a selection into the deck and leave it outjogged near the bottom. With just a shake, the’ outjogged card rises out a quarter of the way up the deck. It happens again, and again until the outjogged selection ends up on top of the deck.

If you’ve ever wanted to perform Raise Rise but don’t want to break your fingers, this is the perfect trick for you. Even Ray Kosby agrees:

“When I saw Lazy Rise my first thought was ‘I just got put out of business’. It looked just as good as Raise Rise, and could be learned much faster. Great job Chris.” —Ray Kosby, inventor of Raise

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The Hole Thing by Chris Mayhew

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Our newest release comes from the twisted mind of Chris Mayhew, in his theory11 debut. For the first time on video, he presents a brilliant spin on the age old Sandwich plot. This is the Holey Grail of sandwich effects.

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The Anti Control by Chris Mayhew

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Chris Mayhew has created what at first inspection may seem to be ‘the laziest control of all time’ – controlling a card from the center of the deck… to the center of the deck.

But don’t be fooled by this apparent simplicity. What Chris fails to mention, is that he can control this single card with absolute pin-point accuracy to any position he wants – the Master of his Domain.

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Holed Up by Chris Mayhew

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Visual,deceptive AND entertaining the HOLE way through.

This trick starts off in a really memorable way. 2 jokers with holes are shown and placed to the side. A card is selected, placed in the deck and visually appears in between the 2 jokers without ever coming near the deck.

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CAANDY By Chris Mayhew

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We first saw Chris perform this amazing Any Card at Any Number at The Session 2010 where he fooled a room full of 100 magicians. Nobody had a clue how this clever routine worked and it became the hit of the convention.

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