CREDiTKA by Artifex

A modern-day miracle that fits in your pocket. CREDiTKA is one of the best credit card routines available today. This gets KILLER REACTIONS!!!

Innovative creator Nazar Kayumov has spent years meticulously refining this amazing magic trick. This is strong and direct magic that is perfect for any worker. It is SUPER EASY TO DORESETS INSTANTLY and can be carried with you ANYWHERE you go.

CREDiTKA is a remarkably fair ACAAN effect that happens in your spectator’s hands. A selected card is found in a SHUFFLED DECK OF CARDS at a RANDOM NUMBER that was selected from the credit card.

As if that wasn’t amazing enough…

Your spectator then opens their hands to find that the numbers have been replaced with an IMPRINTED prediction of their playing card.

You’ll get all the gimmicks and online instruction needed to perform this mind-blowing magic effect.

Once you unlock the power of CREDItKA, you’ll never want to stop performing it!

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