Hellbound Spellbound by Chris Kenner

Hellbound Spellbound by Chris Kenner | theory11

A single silver coin is displayed and held at the fingertips. With a meticulous rub, the coin instantly and visually changes into a copper coin… then changes back to a silver coin again.

You explain you’ve been using two coins – but show that they’re BOTH silver.

Hellbound Spellbound is a stunningly visual coin trick with nothing but great methodology and pure sleight-of-hand. NO gimmicks are needed to

perform the routine.

Learn the complete trick – from finger placement to performance angles – in nearly 15 minutes of comprehensive instruction. Taught by industry professional Chris Kenner in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Want to know MORE? Listen to our latest roundtable discussion podcast with Chris Kenner discussing working with David Copperfield, making your magic more natural, and more.

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