Vermillion by Think Nguyen

Vermillion by Think Nguyen

“Think’s card magic is fresh and fun to watch and perform. He has a little of everything, devastating subtleties, exciting plots and technical sleight of hand. I highly recommend studying his work” DOC DOCHERTY

“Think’s creations are a series of lovely beautiful things” PAUL HARRIS

“Think is insane! – His performances are slick and his technique is impeccable. I’m a fan! ” PETER TURNER

“Think creates and performs some of the most intelligent, innovative and original card magic I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. He combines a love of obscure methodology with a commitment to clear, direct and powerful effects. I’m confident that you’ll thoroughly enjoy his offerings.” ROSS TAYLER


Hot on the heels Think’s Debut DVD Parallels comes Vermillion a DVD packed with jaw-dropping card magic.  Vermillion also explores Think’s take on estimation (a power weapon for any card worker)

Think is fast becoming one of the most talked about card magicians in the world with the top names in the business praising his work.  Now is your chance to learn from this rising star.


9th Configuration

Memory Separation

Rock Paper Scissors Sign

Gambler’s Triumph

The Asian Game

1,2,3… Count On Me

One Shuffle Myth

Double Sandwiches

Cut And Found

Epitome Triple

A Matter Of Estimation

Easy Poker Hand Demo

Jumping Jack

Sleights :

Top and bottom Cover pass (TBC PASS)

Stimulation Shuffle

Fancy E. Production

Touch on the Hermann Pass

Touch on the Scrape Cut

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