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ADAM KORDECKI – THINK - Magician Library

THINK is 43-pages of direct, pure mind reading, filled with helpful advice, subtleties, and insights from an experienced performer. Versatile, mind-blowing, and fun to

perform – once you’ve mastered THINK, it can be tailored to your own performance style, and you’ll always have a piece of mentalism that can be performed anytime, anywhere.

Adam Kordecki has released something of tremendous power and ability with ‘THINK!’ Well written, clearly explained and beautifully produced, this book teaches one of my all-time favorite pieces of propless mentalism and is sure to be a welcome addition to your direct mind reading arsenal. Highly recommended! – Jerome Finley




They think of ANY card or ANY date. You begin to read their mind immediately. No gimmicks. Nothing written down. Entirely impromptu.

THINK is a take on a classic method of mentalism which allows you to seemingly read the mind of your volunteer. Completely prop-less, THINK is direct, pure mind reading.

Suggested for serious performers, THINK is about nuance and subtlety. To be successful with it will require practice, and a willingness to learn it inside and out.


Imagine you ask someone  to think of ANY playing card, and from the moment they settle on one, you are able to describe details of the card held in their mind. Within mere minutes you divine the card, and reveal it such a way that leaves people astonished.

Not only is it possible for you to do, but using THINK you could also…


Ask someone to think of ANY date in the year. In a short space of time you are able to reveal the month, the date, and even the year.


Nonverbal communication, linguistic tricks, confidence and attitude in presentation, and using multiple volunteers can not only enhance your performance, but are essential to the success with THINKThese topics are covered in depth in order to give you the tools necessary to make your performance astonishing.

This is a solid debut, well put together and presented, with subtle thinking that is clearly born from performance experience and a combination method that easily lends itself to adaptation. – Atlas Brookings

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