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Dan Harlan LIVE ACT

“Truly a creative genius, Dan Harlan’s personal instruction provides a rare opportunity to acquire the essential tools that will last a lifetime.” -Jeff McBride

“I’ve been in magic my entire life… I’ve also been International President of the I.B.M., so I’ve seen a lot… and this is the best I’ve ever seen.” -June Horowitz

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Inaki Zabaletta LIVE ACT

“The most complete and successful profesional magician I have ever seen.” -Michel Clavelo 

“Iñaki is a very talented magician, someone with flawless technique, charisma and total effectiveness with the audience.” -Woody Aragon

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Scott Green LIVE ACT

“Scott Green is a talented magician and a really funny guy. His original routines are unique, witty, and creative. You will learn a lot from this lecture.” David Kaye (Silly Billy)

“Scott Green has some modern ideas about family entertainment that give you that rare “aha!” moment. A great thinker and a clever performer.” Carisa Hendrix

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Dee Christopher LIVE ACT

“Dee Christopher is one of the most skilled and talented mentalists that I have met throughout the last 8 years of engaging, testing, judging and watching amazing individuals perform in front of me! His look is cool, mysterious and he projects an aura of mysticism around himself and throughout his act! If you want to be mystified and astonished, I highly recommend him!” –Uri Geller

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Roberto Giobbi LIVE ACT

“This is the close up table Act that Roberto Giobbi has used professionally to make a living for many years. Even if you are familiar with the classic effects Giobbi uses, you will find valuable ideas, insight, and tips that only come from years of honing and perfecting them. Giobbi makes the classics better. Highly recommended.” – Tim Trono

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