Magical Arts Journal Volume 1 (PDF)

Magical Arts Journal Volume 1 Issue 1 (Aug 1986) by Michael Ammar ...

“It’s 1986 – Why are we starting the publication of a new magic magazine? The paramount reason is that Michael Ammar and I whole-heartedly believe that today’s magicians – and the magic industry – want and truly need it. Currently, an abundance of information, points of view, material and attributes remain unavailable or uncirculated for most magicians. Much of this information must be spread and shared and developed in order for the magic community to advance and prosper. This info will also assist individual magicians to gain greater knowledge, understanding and success in

magic, looking at magic both as a performing art and as an entertainment industry. The Magical Arts Journal – MAJ – is designed to help you become a more successful magician. If you are a performer, this means you will get new, valuable material that you can perform in today’s performing situations. If you are – or want to become – a professional or semi-professional, you will get information that will make you more money and get you more work. If you are interested in what magic is, where it is going, who is – and who will be – responsible for the changes to come, what the public thinks of magic, and a broad perspective on magic’s place in the gigantic realm of the world entertainment market – if these topics interest you, then you will find a modern, sharp forum of information in MAJ that will keep you up-to-date and educated.”

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