Gagnon Unfiltered by Tom Gagnon

Over five years in the works, Tom Gagnon is proud to release the beautifully hardbound, over-sized format GAGNON UNFILTERED. Readers will find 170 items, 1350 illustrations, packed into 500 pages.

Contents include: ZigZag Pass, 12 new Multiple Shifts, Cased Card Controls, Cards/Paper Clip routines, Overlap Procedures, Devilish Switch, Coin tricks, Pool Hall antics, and new Ribbon Spread techniques.

A must buy for those interested in cutting edge card magic.

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  1. Request for
    Heinous Collection vol 1, 2, 3. by karl hein
    truffle shuffle 2.0 by karl hein

  2. Please upload Dani Daortiz “Connected”

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