Delusion by Alexander Marsh

Delusion by Alexander Marsh Instant Download

“It went straight into my repertoire and if you’re smart it will go straight into yours.” Mark Elsdon

“Simple and Powerful. Delusion is a GREAT method for predictions!” Luca Volpe

“Delusion is a typically brilliant Marsh creation: Highly ingenious yet cunningly crafted to deliver maximum impact and entertainment value with relatively little effort. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Alex perform this item in a public show for over 900 people. They quite rightly gave him the kind of reception usually reserved for rockstars in vast arenas!” Ian Rowland

Delusion (folie à deux) by Alexander Marsh is a devilishly deceptive method to predict ANYTHING.

A drawing, a name, a place, a word from a book or even a combination of the above!

You can prove that you’ve accurately predicted what a spectator has thought of with;

– no impression devices,
– no forces of any kind,
– no special pens,
– no electronics,
– no secret writing.

In fact; once you know the secret, this is easy to do and fun! (Read that list again… Crazy, right?!)

Delusion transcends environmental constraints, you can use it close up or on stage. Perfected over hundreds of performances, no stone is left un-turned in this 25 minute video download from one of the UK’s most accomplished mentalists!

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