Cup Cards by Will Gray

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Here at Vanishing Inc we love bringing you super strong, fun magic which truly packs small and plays big.  Will Gray’s Cup Cards is the definition of just that.  The unbelievable magic of the cups and balls packed in the space of a small packet of cards.

Will Gray has worked this packet trick in countless situations and it shows. It is memorable, deceptive and enjoyable to watch.

You offer to play a game with the spectator – the game of the cups and balls.

You show three blue cup cards and a little red ball card. You explain the game is for the Magician to get the ball from his pocket to the cups without the spectator seeing.

You, the performer, place the little red ball card repeatedly into your pocket only for it to reappear between the cup cards. But there is more…

You place the red ball card into your pocket for a final time; by now the spectator is expecting the red ball card to be back with the cups, but not this time. The four cards are no longer cups and balls; in classic style they are the final loads – a Lemon, Lime, Potato and a Shallot.

You are supplied with everything needed, plus a DVD with full explanations.

Will Gray has come up with by far the best pocket trick of recent times! The biggest compliment I can give it is EVERY working pro who has seen it has raved about it and added it to his repertoire!Dave Jones

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