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TAP TRANSPO by Smagic Productions

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A modern and elegant touch on the classic Two Cards Transpo plot. The spectator’s signed card and your own favorite card are placed inside two separate black envelopes. Each envelope has a crystal clear window cut out so that the card can be seen at all times.

The envelope with the spectator’s card is placed on their palm. You hold onto the envelope containing your card. Then, the magic begins. You give a little tap to the spectator’s envelope with your envelope. Instantly and visually, the two signed cards have magically changed places while you and the spectator are still holding the envelopes in your hands!

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TRIPLE GUM by Smagic Productions

From Smagic, we bring you THREE hyper-visual effects in ONE. Imagine that you remove a box of playing cards from your pocket, and then visually you change it right into an M&M’s pack. No way, but true! You can split it into 2 pieces and then give your spectator a kicker ending. Break the M&M’s pack into 2 different GUM packs! Full gimmick included. It enables you to perform anytime, anywhere without any fear.

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RETRIEVE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Smagic Productions (only Premium)

RETRIEVE is an extraordinary and unusual effect! Incredible visual magic!

Your spectators won’t believe their eyes!

From Smagic, we bring you a new and exciting concept in magic. With a TAP, you can make an object appear right in front of your spectator’s eyes – instant and amazingly visual. This effect was created for walk around and professional magicians. Produce a card corner, a coin, a bill, candy, even a butterfly with no angles to worry about. Perform with confidence! You’ll enjoy performing this as much as your spectators will love being mystified by it!

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SHY 2.0 (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Smagic Productions (only Premium)

From SMAGIC PRODUCTIONS, we bring you SHY 2.0!

This is the second version of SHY by Smagic. With SHY 2.0 you can perform killer effects with a spectator’s ring, signed coin, card corner, etc. SHY 2.0 is what you need to have with you anywhere, anytime. Imagine borrowing a ring or coin from your spectator. The spectator has full control over everything they are watching. You can make their ring (or coin with their signature) disappear and then reappear back INSIDE the card with help from their own hand. When we say “inside,” we literally mean inside the card. The spectator has to TEAR THE CARD APART in order to get their signed coin or ring back. This is done without any cover; easy to set up and perform immediately.

You will fall in love with SHY 2.0!

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Fair Trade by Smagic Productions

From the mind of Ninh, Smagic presents to you FAIR TRADE A beautiful and amazingly visual transplant, transposition, teleportation effect that happens in the spectator’s hand. Two spectators select two cards, one red and one blue. You then clearly and fairly tear the corner

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Shy by Smagic Productions

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– Full gimmick
– Easy to set up
– Big reactions

Your magic will be more convincible if the spectator has full control over everything they are watching. You can make a coin with a

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