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The Case by SansMinds

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Nach drei Jahren konstanter Verbesserung ist das Gimmick nun perfekt und SansMinds Creative Lab präsentiert Ihnen stolz “The Case.” Nun können Sie ein iPhone so sauber wie noch nie verschwinden lassen. Das Gimmick sieht aus wie eine normale iPhone Hülle, somit ist es immer einsatzbereit

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The Instagram Project by SansMinds (DVD+PDF)

Imagine pulling a two-dimensional object from your cell phone. The object instantly disappears from the screen and physically appears in your hand, or falls from the screen to the table. Hand the object out for inspection. The Instagram Project allows you to take social media to a whole new dimension.

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Cash Out by Will Tsai

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This is THE bill change!! Why hand the bill out just to take them back?

What if you can take a piece of paper from your wallet, immediately turn it into a bill and hand this single bill out ‘clean’ ?! It’s a practical dream come true effect that’s designed for you to shop and pay with your magic.. ! Don’t show off with your bills, PAY with it! Perform surrounded anytime anywhere with nothing to hide, palm, or clean up. Totally self-contain!

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SansMinds Worker’s Series Survival Kit

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How do you define a magician’s Survival Kit?

This is the definition SansMinds has concluded after consulting with hundreds of performers worldwide.

Survival Kit is a set of tools and knowledge that will enable the performer to survive in an unexpected situation.

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