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Daniel Chard LIVE ACT

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“Brilliant! You nailed me a half a dozen times. Good work. It just convinces me even more that this is an ideal trick for a bar. You’ve done your homework young man! Good job” Doc Eason, Master Bar Magician.

“If you love card magic with elegance, precision and technical finesse, Dan’s the man. If you couldn’t care less about that but just want to see a master who knows how to engage, entertain and delight people with practical ‘worker’ material, well, Dan’s the man for that as well. There’s a lot of hype and false dawns in the magic world, but Daniel Chard is the real deal: an expert in his field with amazing talent and plenty of smart thinking to share. It’s a joy to see him work or teach. Not to be missed.” -Ian Rowland, Mentalist, Author, Speaker.

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Ryan Stock and AmberLynn LIVE ACT

“Ryan Stock is a mutant, he always amazes me.” -David Blaine

I don’t know if he’s super human or just plain crazy.” -Stan Lee

They always steal the show. The faces of the audience members watching says it all!

-Amazing Johnathan

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Bebel LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Bebel is an underground legend who produces some of the most stunning effects possible with cards. Honed on the streets of Paris, and shared for the first time here, Bebel gives you the full work on some of his stand out card magic. In addition to the effects, Bebel

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