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Normal Mailer by Max Maven

“A letter-perfect way to easily personalize your performance for both long-distance and face-to-face interactions.” – Michael Weber

“Normal Mailer is an effect that happens on Max’s side of the screen, but this version of bank night could be used in any conditions, both live and in person or over video, as it’s presented here. There’s a brilliant idea for enhancing the illusion when there are multiple people tuning in that has many further applications.” – Jared Kopf

“What a wonderful version of a sort of “Bank Night” effect! You can use it easily under all conditions, live, virtual, stand up, close-up or stage. There are no losers, but for sure there’ll be a big smile on your spectator’s face. And you learn a good lesson how to obtain information before you start – or what to do if you cannot achieve it. All is covered!” – Jan Forster

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Lost & Phoned by Max Maven

“If someone had told me this was an unpublished Al Baker method, I would have instantly believed it. Smart, strong and streamlined.” – Michael Weber

“Lost and Phoned was originally designed for faceless communication over the phone. Max has merged a devilishly deceptive card location with a simple but strong mental presentation. It packs a punch similar to Vernon’s Out of Sight Out of Mind but everything happens out of the mentalist’s hands. He also gives great tips about managing and streamlining the participant’s actions that can be applied in any remote situation, either on video or over a phone call. Principles that date back to the Roman period are at work here, which makes the effect extra fantastic.” – Jared Kopf

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B’Wave DELUXE by Max Maven presented by Nick Locapo

“The best packet trick of the 20th century.” – Eugene Burger

Prediction of a thought of queen, with a three phase revelation.

You bring out four cards and ask your spectator to name any queen. You then cleanly spread those four cards on the table. The only face up card is the chosen queen. Then you turn it over and its

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Pocket Nightmare by Max Maven

“Pocket Nightmare is a dream effect with a typically beautiful Max Maven construction and a perfect presentation for a killer effect.”

– R. Paul Wilson

“I have known Max most of our professional careers and I have never known anything he has done to be less than superb. As Max explains, Pocket Nightmare is actually about 40 years old. Both the presentation and secret of Pocket Nightmare made me smile at the typical Max cleverness and

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Max Maven LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) (only Premium)

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“I have never seen a mentalist to compare with him.” –Dai Vernon

“The most creative mind in magic.” –Orson Welles

“This man is dangerous.” -Muhammad Ali

What will he teach?

Max Maven teaches VOYANCE
A Complete Act of Stand-Up Mentalism

A CHOICE INTRODUCTION- What is the true purpose of an opening routine? How does it address important issues in setting up optimal conditions for the rest of the act? This routine does just that, while also secretly establishing the theme for the show. It also makes use of a valuable force—a practical new take on a forgotten technique that can be applied to a host of effects.

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PRISM: The Color Series of Mentalism by MAX MAVEN (PDF) (only Premium)

“When I was a teenager, and I had to do 10 shows in 2 weeks, these books saved my life. I can tell you off the top of my head, I performed Desire, Chaos, Nucleus, Four-sided Triangle, there was Mental Telepathy. So, it’s a brilliant, brilliant book. I’m thrilled they’re re-releasing this. I always say, when I see Max, ‘Thank you for putting out these books, because they really did save my life.’ If you haven’t read these, you’ve got a treat. Get it while you can.” -Steve Valentine

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In Case of ESP by Max Maven (only Premium)

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Max Maven sits down in the library at the Magic Castle in Hollywood to share a straightforward and practical feat of telepathy. While the method is relatively simple, Max’s decades of experience yield beautiful insight into the performance of magic and mentalism, and he elucidates many details within the routine and shares a simple exercise which will inevitably make you a better performer.

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