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Seer Pro by Mark Calabrese (only Premium)

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If you’re one of the few people that didn’t pick up the Ellusionist smash-hit SEER when it was first released, read on.

Now, almost 5 years later, you have the chance to own an even bigger and better project and go all the way to PRO.

If you’ve never seen the original SEER trailer. Watch it below, you’re going to want this.

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Red Medicine by Mark Calabrese (only Premium)

“Easy to do and a wildly clever method! It’s the kind of magic we love.” –The Other Brothers

“This has been my trick to fool magicians at conventions, I love this effect” –Shaun Dunn

1. You BORROW A DECK of cards if one is available. Otherwise grab your own ORDINARY pack.

2. You then ask someone to name ANY card. They take the deck of cards under a table or behind their back, and BY INSTINCT ALONE remove ANY CARD from the deck, turn it face up and cut it back into the deck.

3. The cards are spread, and the only face up card is THEIR THOUGHT-OF CARD.

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Placebo by Mark Calabrese

Placebo is a rare miracle in card magic which allows the spectator to do all of the work!

Imagine a named card, from a shuffled deck to be found by the spectator, behind their back! Seems too good to be true? Mark Calabrese has developed a way of doing just that and more.

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