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I Create As I Speak 2: Hypnosis by Lewis Le Val (PDF) (only Premium)

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“I cannot be held responsible for any misuse of this knowledge. Use with caution.”
– Lewis Le Val.

Lewis Lé Val is a master hypnotist from the UK. He has travelled the world performing incredible demonstrations of mind control on stage, close up and on his TV shows that have been seen in over 224 countries worldwide.

With his first book, “I Create As I Speak”, Lé Val discussed suggestion and hypnosis without trance. In this incredible new offering, he discusses all of his work on true hypnosis, honed over years of real world performances.

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Black Flag by Lewis Le Val (only Premium)

“I can’t wait to try this! What a GREAT method!” John Carey

“Lewis Lé Val has created my new favourite method for divining a playing card, but my favourite thing about Black Flag is that you can use it with Tarot, Business Cards and more – This is truly BRILLIANT!” -Dee Christopher

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Resonance by Lewis Le Val

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True story…

In the late 1970’s the US Army looked into using parapsychology and ‘new age’ powers to provide intelligence to give them a significant advantage over their enemy.

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