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Miracle Method by John Carey (only Premium)

Miracle Method by John Carey is a unique take on the prediction plot that would leave Nostradamus quaking in his boots.

Even though there is only ONE prediction (which remains in full view at all times), it will hit every single time thanks to this beautifully structured system.

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BankWave by John Carey (only Premium)

“Oh man, that is so clever, it fooled me badly the first time I saw it, and even the second time watching it, I wasn’t sure! Finally a completely different and diabolic approach – I wish I would have had John’s idea!” – Jan Forster

“Bank Wave checks off all my boxes for a great routine. It’s simple In concept, direct in plot and completely interactive. Congratulations are in order!” – Michael Kaminskas

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Zero To Hero 2 2018 Complete Course – Alakazam Magic (6 DVD) (only Premium)

Magic of The Masters 4 Instant Download

Download this amazing course today.

Packed with over 18 hours of card magic tuition this ground breaking course is designed to take you from Zero to Hero.

Zero To Hero was created so even the absolute beginner could learn how to perform amazing magic with a normal deck of cards.

Whether you want to start your journey in to the world of card magic or improve your technique the Zero To Hero course is for you.

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Eclectica by John Carey

John Carey is back with a brand new collection of powerful and practical card and close up magic. Streamlined in a way he has become respected for, John shares 15 commercial effects on this new DVD!

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The Vault – Think and Sync by John Carey

Are you seeking some mentalism fun that will knock your spectator’s socks off? How about if it were easy to do as well? Interested? Well, here it is: The Vault – Think and Sync. This is a self-working, impossible mind-reading revelation that can be done with a borrowed, shuffled deck of cards!

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