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Ripped & Relocated by Josh Janousky

Ripped and Relocated by Josh Janousky | Ellusionist online Magic Shop


If Josh Janousky’s brain was used for evil, he’d be on America’s most wanted list. The things he can do with bills are so scary, they look illegal to the untrained eye.


Ripped & Relocated is his pièce de résistance. (That’s French for OMFG it’s good)


Borrow a bill, tear a corner from it and permanently re-attach the corner to the bottom of the banknote.


Then, with no switches or funny moves, you extend forward and… give them the bill. It’s real, why wouldn’t you?

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Real Change by Juan Pablo

Real Change by Juan Pablo Instant Download

“I love Real Change because it is slow and the magic really sinks into their hearts. Great job!” – Joao Miranda

“Another great idea from the brilliant mind of Juan Pablo.” – Charlie Frye

“It’s the first time that I have seen four completely examinable $1 dollar bills slowly and visually transform into four $100 dollar bills that can be re-examined. And best of all, all without a gimmick!!!!” – Henry Evans

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WISH PRINTER by ZF & Himitsu Magic

WISH PRINTER by ZF & Himitsu Magic - Trick - Murphy's Magic ...

Think about the first time you saw the magic banknote printing machine; take a piece of blank white paper, put it in between two rollers, the magician turns the handle, the white paper is rolled in, and what rolls out becomes any printed paper such as banknotes, spring couplets, prophecies, etc. Messages that can be displayed!

This is… WishPrinter by ZF & Himitsu Magic

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AnyMate By Sumit Chhajer

Visual magic always fascinates and creates a wow with an eye popping reactions!

AnyMate will bring possibility to animate anytime – anywhere.

AnyMate is always under your control with multiple possibilities.

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Dollar to Tic Tac by Twister Magic

From the inventive mind of George Iglesias comes his new creation Dollar to Tic Tac!
Inspired by his successful Dollar to Credit Card 2.0 and Dollar to Bubble Gum, this time George brings us this new and fresh version, even smaller than before!

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