Money Magic

Midnight Breakfast by The Other Brothers

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Midnight Breakfast is a gigantic leap forward in the “Out to Lunch” principle as it requires no rubber bands, no clips and is 100% organic with everyday objects. With this invisible gimmick, you can perform every Out to Lunch effect to create powerful, visual moments.

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Size Does Matter by Juan Pablo

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Imagine having small Monopoly bills and being able to transform their value and also their SIZE! Then clearly show each of them, one by one, followed by handing them out for examination! And if you want, you can go backwards in a more visual and instantaneous way as if everything had been an illusion!
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Blind Man’s Bill Change by Lloyd Barnes (only Premium)

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In 2017 we created a challenge for Lloyd Barnes that we thought he’d never be able to win. Create a bill change with both sides of the bill changing at the same time. 

If we had a buck for every bill change on the market, we could afford to never sell this. There’s a million out there… we own them, we’ve done them.

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Nice Breaker by Agustin

In front their eyes, you melt a pack gum through their bill. Visually!
And when it’s done, the bill it’s still normal. You can give the gum as a gift.
It’s a cool effect for street magic, and to create magical moment when you’re hangout with your friends.

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Blake Vogt Split Sessions v3 Bill Split (only Premium)

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Learn how  to split money. Blake will take you through step by step how to take a dollar bill and split it open. Do not purchase this download unless you already own Volume 1 & 2 and know how to split cards. This download contains the techniques to open a bill that took Blake over 8 years to discover. Learn them now in Split Sessions Volume 3: Bill Split.

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The Vault – The Mysterious Puzzle of the Missing Dollar Bill by Nicholas Einhorn (only Premium)

Three guys go out for lunch. They pay. Yet each time they count their change, there is a missing dollar bill. So, they try it again. Another dollar is found missing. Each time they count the total dollars, one always goes missing.

Nick Einhorn (winner of Penn & Teller: Fool Us) breathes life into a classic riddle that you have to see to believe. Count the dollars, one is missing. Count again, there goes another.
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