Money Magic

Blind Man’s Bill Change by Lloyd Barnes (only Premium)

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In 2017 we created a challenge for Lloyd Barnes that we thought he’d never be able to win. Create a bill change with both sides of the bill changing at the same time. 

If we had a buck for every bill change on the market, we could afford to never sell this. There’s a million out there… we own them, we’ve done them.

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Nice Breaker by Agustin

In front their eyes, you melt a pack gum through their bill. Visually!
And when it’s done, the bill it’s still normal. You can give the gum as a gift.
It’s a cool effect for street magic, and to create magical moment when you’re hangout with your friends.

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Blake Vogt Split Sessions v3 Bill Split (only Premium)

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Learn how  to split money. Blake will take you through step by step how to take a dollar bill and split it open. Do not purchase this download unless you already own Volume 1 & 2 and know how to split cards. This download contains the techniques to open a bill that took Blake over 8 years to discover. Learn them now in Split Sessions Volume 3: Bill Split.

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The Vault – The Mysterious Puzzle of the Missing Dollar Bill by Nicholas Einhorn (only Premium)

Three guys go out for lunch. They pay. Yet each time they count their change, there is a missing dollar bill. So, they try it again. Another dollar is found missing. Each time they count the total dollars, one always goes missing.

Nick Einhorn (winner of Penn & Teller: Fool Us) breathes life into a classic riddle that you have to see to believe. Count the dollars, one is missing. Count again, there goes another.
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