Vector By Rubato

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There are a variety of creative magic effects.

I have been studying them to create my own effect for a long time.

I always focus on how it can be an art with an emotinal harmony as well as how it works.

I’m introducing this effect while expecting it will evolve in your imagination.

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LJB ACAAN by Luca J. Bellomo

I created an Acaan you can perdoform any time, anywhere with a borrowed shuffled deck.
The spectator shuffle the deck. He can select any card and he can name any number 1 to 52.
Fool everybody with LJB Acaan

No sleight of hand

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“An absolutely brilliant new method!”

Two things are very important for a Magician: to know the identity of the card from the selected spectatr and to be able to control it.
PHANTOM peerk control allows you to do both!

Phantom peek control is a powerful weapon that allows you to know the card selected by the spectator and also to control it on the bottom of the deck!

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MS Calculator (Android Only)by David J. Greene Mixed Media (APP+PDF)

The Magic Square is an arrangement of numbers on a 4×4 grid where all of the numbers in each row, each column, and the even the diagonals all add up to the same number chosen by the audience. But is it mental magic, or a feat of mathematics? That depends on the performer’s presentation, and the ability to perform some simple calculations, all while concentrating on impressing the audience.

This is where MS Calculator comes in. Disguised as an Android calculator, MS Calculator does all the work for you! In addition, there are two separate presentations included, each with their

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Luis Carreon LIVE 2

“What do you get you combine dangerous chops, dangerous good looks and a charming personality? Luis Carreon! One of the few card magicians that knows how to keep the action happening and audience enthralled from start to finish, and one of my favorite live performers.” -Bill Abbott

“Simply put, Luis Carreon is one of the best magicians in the world. What sets him apart, is his ability to marry technical virtuosity with an entertaining, and often hilarious, performing persona. His magic fools audiences badly, without making fools of them. His performances are an invitation into a world where anything can happen and does! I am thrilled that he has agreed

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Not Here Location By Joseph B

An unknown principle … But very powerful!
This is truly unique! Not only the Magician will be able to find a card freely chosen by the spectator under impossible conditions, but there are also two unexpected endings! Two real KICKERS! This is perfect for Layman also magicians!
A true Magician fooler!
In the end everything can be examined!

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Thought Master By Patrick Redford

“Thought Master” allows you to take any deck of cards and stack into any your memorized order by performing one powerful mind reading effect. Handlings include impromptu methods that may involve anywhere from one person all the way up to ten participants. We also include both memorized stack handlings and methods that require no memory or stack work! These  later handlings will not allow you to secretly stack the deck but you’ll still be able to perform this killer mind reading effect with any deck of cards.

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