Brujas y Nigromantes – Felix Brune

Sinopsis (Información obtenida de la Página de la Editorial) Tras siglos de persecución, las brujas al fin pueden mostrarse ante el mundo sin miedo: comparten sus vivencias en la red, se graban practicando hechizos y celebran fiestas exclusivas a las que solo pueden acudir quienes pertenecen al aquelarre. Han sellado una tregua con los nigromantes, y la gente corriente ya no ve en sus peculiares prácticas mágicas una amenaza.

Sabele, una joven bruja, está a punto de presentarse a las pruebas de aprendiz de la Dama que se disputan una vez al año… pero, durante la noche de la elección, se produce un inesperado vuelco

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Jeff McBride – Magic At The Edge (3 DVD)


The middle of the Nevada desert. Four hundred square miles of nothing. Not even streets. Just 50,000 people attending the world’s largest art festival. It’s Survival Magic and there are no spectators, only participants in the most extreme conditions imaginable. Welcome to Burning Man and Magic at the Edge! Since the dawn of time, magicians have sought inspiration in the most

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Jeff McBride – Zoom, Bounce, And Fly

Zoom, Bounce, And Fly by Jeff McBride - DVD - Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.  - Wholesale Magic

Learn the inside secrets of card spinning, McBride’s famous floor bouncing, extreme card spin productions, flourishes, card juggling, and much much more!

…taught to you by one of the world’s greatest teachers of magic!

Also included with the DVD, is a special McGrip-Tip SUPER CARD SHOOTER

DVD Contents:

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Flik by Alexis De La Fuente

After punching a hole in a SIGNED card, your spectator watches the hole VISUALLY jump from one end of the card to the other with just one FLIK!


    • Instantly examinable


    • Leave your spectator with an impossible souvenir


    • Easy to perform

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Russ Andrews – Bold

Bold - Russ Andrews - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Bold is a collection of ‘off the wall’ effects by UK magician Rus Andrews. Rus works ‘day in day out’ in bars and nightclubs, so he has developed a repertoire of working routines that pack a punch and are very simple to understand and follow. This isn’t to say that he has compromised on the tricks, in fact the effects are stronger, with no fluff needed to pad them out. Each of the routines has been designed to give the impact required to completely freakout everyone, but with a direct and easy to follow plot. They are perfect for noisy, dark and less than ideal performing situations.
Each effect is clearly taught, something that is very easy in this case as the routines are so direct you will be doing face up Oil and Water routines and pulling thought of cards out of spectator’s

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