Jeremy Hanrahan – Hofzinser Poker

Imagine being able to change a card’s value with little to no sleight-of-hand. Now imagine being able to change 5 cards instantly with no sleight-of-hand. This is possible with Hofzinser Poker. You explain that card cheats have altered playing cards so they can actually see through the back of a playing card. Five cards are held up to a light one at a time to prove that you can actually see through the back of a playing card under certain lighting conditions. At the end of this display, you ask the spectator if they would bet on that particular hand with it being filled with such low-value cards? They, of course, will say no. You then turn the cards over to reveal a royal flush. No sleight-of-hand required. Instant reset. Comes with 5 custom hofzinser cards matched in a set. See why this effect sold out at Magi Fest and Blackpool. Comes with in depth pdf instruction. You will be able to perform this amazing effect right after reading the detailed pdf.

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Javi Benitez – El Hilo

EL HILO - Javi Benitez - Pegani

El Hilo (Spanish for ‘The Thread’) is the best take on the classic gypsy thread we’ve ever seen. Taking the age old effect and adding a handling so clean, it fooled us 6 times in a row.

Everything happens in the spectators hands, they tear the thread, roll it into a ball, and then slowly they restore the thread back to its original form.

Magic this clean should be criminal.

But here’s the kicker… Once again the thread is rolled into a ball, only to disintegrate into nothing but dust.

El Hilo comes with everything you need to get started, with 2 hand spun spools of specialty thread, crucial to a smooth, mind blowing performance + magic dust refills for a kicker ending that nobody can see coming.

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Hein’s Catch Up by Karl Hein

Magic Center Harri Online - Hein's Catch Up by Karl Hein - Trick  (Copper-Silver-Brass)

“Hein’s Catch Up” is a 5 phase coin routine will devastate your audiences. Karl’s unique in the hands approach to the traditional Copper/Silver/Brass Gimmick puts you so far ahead of your audience that they will never be able to “catch up”.

The DVD also includes a BONUS one coin routine with a surprising Extra Large Jumbo Coin Production that will destroy your audiences in close-up environments.

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Franco Pascali – DMB Spread Control 2.0

DMB Spread Control 2.0 by Franco Pascali - $1.99 :

Control a card to the bottom or top of the deck – under impossibly fair conditions.

To the spectator, the card never leaves their sight – their selection is openly shown to be in the middle of the spread and is in full view the entire time. They can even push the card in themselves. But it’s too late – the card has already been controlled to the bottom of the deck.

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Eoin O’Hare – Sleeper presented by Blake Vogt

Diabolically constructed by Eoin O’Hare. Instruction by Blake Vogt.


The rising card routine is one of the oldest plots in magic. A selected card is lost in the deck – it’s shuffled, cut, and placed on the table. YOU have complete control over when to activate the rise. There’s no timer – it’s simply under your control.


Unlike previous methods, SLEEPER is extremely practical and has significant advantages over any other rising card effect, ever. The deck can be shuffled, spread on the table, and held in the spectator’s hands.

No sleight of hand is required, and it’s extremely easy to do. The gimmick does all of the work for you, and it’s completely under your control – it will “sleep” or wait until you want to begin the routine.

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Eoin O´Hare – Decoy

Decoy by Eoin O'Hare DVD + Gimmick

Once in a while, a miracle hits the market. One that is visual, simple, yet practical. We believe DECOY is one of those effects. Eoin O’Hare’s DECOY, the most visual and deceptive diminishing deck ever conceived.

In-depth training, handling, and routines by Zach Mueller.

Decoy features 40 minutes of instruction with one of the most creative minds in magic, Zach Mueller, covering every single aspect of the effect. No stone left unturned. No detail left untouched. Perform from 0 to 60 in just MINUTES. In addition, TWO powerful routines are taught right out of Zach Mueller’s own repertoire with bonus tips, tricks, and ideas.

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Dove Worker by CY

Interested in dove magic? Do you want to bring yours to the next level? Introducing a revolutionary DVD to teach you modern stage magic with doves.

From the basic controls and sequences to advanced presentations that will make your magic look as miraculous and visual as it can get, CY shares some of his most valued knowledge regarding stage magic. Dove Worker also deals with parlor settings for magic using doves, and all the critical details on performing with doves.

– Detailed lecture on costumes when performing magic with doves
– 11 routines and sequences
– CY’s variations on modern dove magic
– Guidance on making your own props
– 9 load grips for doves
– Presentation tips on performing magic with doves for parlor-size stages

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