Chain Gain by Rouis Yamagishi

Impossible to Win the game?

Chain Monte without Table…

Magician makes two loops with a chain, between two hands.

Now the magician asks the spectator to play the game.

The rule is very simple.
#1. Ask the spectator to insert their finger into one of the loops.

#2. If the chain is tangled up with their finger — It means the spectator WINS the game.

#3. If the chain is slipped out of their finger — It means the spectator loses the game.

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Peter Eggink – Mintalist

A precision engineered mint box becomes your secret weapon!

Here are some KILLER routines that can be done with “Mintalist”:

* Mintal Connection:
At any time you take out your mint box and ask your spectator to pour out ANY amount of mints in her hand BEHIND her back…Instantly you tell her the EXACT amount of mints taken! If you want, you can even PREDICT the amount of mints taken by your spectator. Different outcome every single time!
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Mint Box by Daniel Garcia

Mint Box by Daniel Garcia You’ll fool yourself, it’s that good. Powerful, visual and practically self-working. A new magic device you’ll NEVER leave home without

The most highly anticipated magic trick of the year is here!

A device that creates MIRACLES, built into a mini tin of Altoid mints. You will NEVER leave home without Mint Box by Danny Garcia.

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