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You Test – Jerome Sauloup | Stevens Magic Emporium

Check out the performance video on our website! You introduce 12 QR Cards all with positive signs (+) on them, no matter which card is selected by the volunteer it is shown to have a negative (-). This is a simple but visually effective powerful way to blow people’s minds. Come up with your OWN test – that’s the beauty of this product is a creative springboard for customization. The application of this method will allow you to easily think up your own creative ways to incorporate this effect. Just some of the applications of This can be used in many ways including love tests, IQ test, or even a COVID test! Also includes a “Out of this world” Routine.

  • No Forces
  • Easy to Perform *
  • Can perform anywhere
  • Many Different Applications

After the Best Seller Choice and Switch Cup, Jérôme Sauloup is back with YouTest! Based on the fact that in 2022 QR codes are everywhere and can even define us or give us access to certain places, Jérôme preferred to have fun with them and created YouTest. You receive 12 cards and a marker and that’s all you need to do real mentalism routines that are both funny and surprising.

Without ever turning over the QR cards, the spectator will be able to guess which ones have a positive symbol (+) and which ones have a negative symbol (-)! Everything is in front of the spectators, you never have to hide or add anything, your gestures are natural! This trick is perfect for beginners and workers alike! Simply by using your intuition, your audience manages not only to separate the + from the – without looking at the back, but also to find the only negative symbol among 12 cards. Of course everything is under the control of the mentalist magician.

Your presentation is totally free as the possibilities are so numerous: Love test (compatibility test of the latest trendy app), School test (admitted / not admitted), Medical test (blood group, covid, etc.), rating on social networks or for a restaurant (positive or negative), etc. The ingenious method is simple and effective, everything is included so that you can quickly get to grips with YouTest and make it one of your classics. The QR theme and therefore the original medium that YouTest offers will certainly ensure that your audience laughs and pays attention and will allow you to vary your effects in your repertoire.

Strong points :

  • Easy to do
  • The method is diabolical
  • Quick reset
  • Modern and up-to-date support
  • Different versions explained in detail

You will receive :

  • 12 specially printed QR code cards
  • 1 gimmick
  • 1 explanatory video in English

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